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  1. Skyler

    Circuit City(in store) has Oldboy for $12.99

    Yes, confirmed last week in D/FW @ $12.99. GREAT deal.
  2. Skyler

    WTB a Parasound HCA-1000A

    I need one for my rears in a 7.1 setup. PM if you got one!
  3. Skyler

    Denon DVD-2900 Universal DVD

    I do still have it, great player as well.
  4. Skyler

    Denon DVD-2900 Universal DVD

    Denon DVD-2900 Universal DVD - $500 delivered. Around 4 months old. I got it directly from Denon as a replacement for another unit. Black. No scratches, dings, or operational issues.
  5. Skyler

    looking to get a 1080p LCD, what are my choices?

    Sharp Aquos & Westinghouse are it for now. The BenQ 37" at Crutchfield should be out soon.
  6. Skyler

    LOADS of good stuff!

    Rotel 1075 is SOLD
  7. Skyler

    LOADS of good stuff!

    UPDATE! Rotel 1066 is SOLD RMB 1075 is pending
  8. Skyler

    LOADS of good stuff!

    All mail replied. Last bump! I'm going to put it all on ebay & let the masses duke it out.
  9. Skyler

    LOADS of good stuff!

  10. Skyler

    LOADS of good stuff!

    Bump before feebay! The 2900 is pending. Dropped the XBR to $4700. These Rotel separates for $1,500 represent an unreal value! They are incredible for music, as well as movies. $1,500 DELIVERED. Zeniths are $160 each! HK to $350! Cmon, Cmon! I don't want to move all this stuff
  11. Skyler

    LOADS of good stuff!

    I am in the process of relocating from San Antonio to Dallas / Ft Worth area. All this stuff was purchased from authorized dealers, and is not refurb or B-stock. Assume everything is in perfect working & cosmetic condition unless otherwise noted. All boxes, manuals, & remotes included. I will...
  12. Skyler


    LOL, I'm just playing. It was $600 yesterday. It's a mighty good player.
  13. Skyler


    Ron, where are you getting $600 from?
  14. Skyler


    Secret Looks like a good player, but not the best.
  15. Skyler


    It's the best DVD player, but it's a secret? Who says?
  16. Skyler

    Yamaha LPX-500

    I saw those at Bjorn's last week. Good price. What stopped me was the fact that the DVI is NOT HDCP compliant. Major deal breaker. It's actually made by Epson (TW100).
  17. Skyler

    FS: FREE Home Theater Set-up w/purchase of my House.

    You guys are killing me with the taxes! My taxes are $15K on one, and $5K on the other! We don't have state income tax in Texas though.
  18. Skyler

    WTB Rotel 1075 amp

  19. Skyler

    Zenith DVB-318 remote Control

    Maybe the guy you sold the player to?
  20. Skyler

    Frequency waterfall charts of a few familiar favourites

    I love this thread! I will have to get I, Robot & Day after tommorrow next PVD sale. I'm surprised you haven't charted Spiderman 2 yet. I was watching the Superbit DTS track, and I thought my SVS PB2+ was getting a decent workout. There are some excellent bass moments in that disc!
  21. Skyler

    Weekly RoundUp 12/7/04

    Leon and The Proffesional are 2 different DVD's. The Professional is the cheaper one. Leon is available as an uncut international edition & a Superbit. There is a new SE coming in January that has an MSRP of $20. That's the one to get. I'll be getting Bourne & The White Stripes DVD.
  22. Skyler

    Does anyone own a portable DVD player

    I bought 2 of these players for my Kids to watch in the back of my Sequoia. They are 7" "tablet" style players, and come with vehicle headrest bag/harness & car cord. They also have wireless IR audio & video IN-OUT (for a PS2). They were each $184 AR. The battery folds down to act as an...
  23. Skyler

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Bourne Supremacy (Highly Recommended!)

    It's a must buy for me. I have the Bourne Identity CE, and it's an excellent DVD. I bought it as soon as I saw the specs for the "explosive edition (no DTS). I highly doubdt there will be DTS on the SE. On another note, I am so sick of the Bond & Mission Impossible franchise. Bourne is so much...
  24. Skyler

    "Eyes Wide Shut" unaltered to come to US

    Kubrick Superbits. Hmm...
  25. Skyler

    Edited and altered films on DVD

    ET replaced the policemans pistols with friggin WALKIE TALKIES. LAME.
  26. Skyler

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Resident Evil: Deluxe Edition

    Wow, I wonder why. It is a film BASED on a video game. What's funny is the music in the game is better than the music in the movie. Creepy.
  27. Skyler

    FS: Parasound HCA 1500A

  28. Skyler

    B&K 307 won't read Sony 400-CD/MP3 players MP3 files!

    I had a Sony megachanger that did the EXACT SAME THING. I returned it to the Sony Outlet for a full refund. It's a known defect with the Sony. Sucks.
  29. Skyler

    Our Burden Is Light: Or The Case Of The Semi-Existing DVD