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  1. J

    Weekly Round-Up 4-14-2020

    Police Squad! and V: The Final Battle for me. Thanks once again, Mike!
  2. J

    Weekly RoundUp 4-7-2020

    Cats for me.
  3. J

    Weekly RoundUp 3-3-2020

    Up and Wall-E at some point, but since they are proactive 4K upgrades they can wait. Thanks!
  4. J

    Press Release BVHE Press Release: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    I can't be the only one annoyed that the artwork for TRoS doesn't match the scheme for the other 10 movies.
  5. J

    Weekly RoundUp 2-18-2020

    There was one at my Walmart.
  6. J

    Weekly RoundUp 1-28-2020

    Fail-Safe for me, but I'm going to wait for the Criterion sale at B&N or a flash sale.
  7. J

    International Police Squad: The Complete Series

    Crossing my fingers that this will be region-free...
  8. J

    Weekly RoundUp 11-19-2019

    Handmaid's Tale S3 for me. (Amazon has reduced the price to $19.99)
  9. J

    Monty Python's Flying Circus Restored for Blu Ray

    I count myself lucky that my set arrived intact and undamaged. I'm enjoying the pristine quality of the episodes. Worth every penny.
  10. J

    Weekly RoundUp 10-29-2019

    Amazon has bumped The Wizard of Oz 4K up to $22.96. It's that and It's a Wonderful Life for me.
  11. J

    Weekly RoundUp 7-23-2019

    1984 at Barnes and Noble as part of the Criterion sale. ($19.99 Blu).
  12. J

    Weekly RoundUp 12-4-2018

    I'm going to have to space out purchases from this week's releases: Handmaid's Tale S2, Atomic Cafe, Westworld S2 and Doctor Who Davison S1... Probably picking up Handmaid's Tale this week. Thanks again for the prices!
  13. J

    Weekly RoundUp 7-24-2018

    X-Files season 11 is postponed to September 18, per The Bits.
  14. J

    Weekly RoundUp 1-9-2018

    Happy Anniversary! Unfortunately, Doctor Who: Shada has been postponed to September 4.
  15. J

    Weekly RoundUp 7-5-2016

    House of Cards S4 from Target and Dr. Strangelove from the B&N sale. Thanks again, Mike!
  16. J

    HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time Nov/Dec 2015 Release Announcements

    I'm in for Nineteen Eighty-Four, but i wonder which soundtrack it has, the Eurythmics or the full Dominic Muldowney score.
  17. J

    Weekly RoundUp 8-4-2015

    Orphan Black 3 and I Love Lucy 2 for me this week (my local Fry's broke street date on this and priced it at $89). Thanks, Mike!
  18. J

    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    I'd like to see "The Handmaid's Tale" and "1984" (Hurt/Burton), preferably with both soundtracks.
  19. J

    Any insight into The Story of English on DVD?

    I loved that show. I think Ambrose would be the best bet to bring this out. Wouldn't hurt to drop them a note requesting it.
  20. J

    Weekly RoundUp 6-16-2015

    Best Buy has the DVD for $19.99 and the Bluray for $24.99. (EDIT: and it looks like Amazon has matched this price.)
  21. J

    Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown and Bon Voyage Charlie Brown coming in 2015!

    They are the exact same discs as the previous releases. No upgrade at all.
  22. J

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    I will probably spring for the German set once it's confirmed to be region-free. The all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips gift set packaging is nice,but not shelf-friendly.
  23. J

    New Retro TV Channel - Decades

    It'll be on a subchannel of WBBM in Chicago, as CBS O&Os will have first priority to carry it.
  24. J

    WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series Review (See Posts #218 & 356 for Info)

    If you have time for another spot check, I would really appreciate knowing if "Daydreams" is intact. The syndicated version cuts out Bailey's daydream altogether. Thanks! (I can wait till you get to it. This was the one episode I was most curious about.)
  25. J

    On the Beach (1959) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Thanks, Ron! Pre-ordered!
  26. J

    Weekly RoundUp 5-20-2014

    Came out February 11, with episodes 1 and 3 animated.
  27. J


    I heard "Break it up, you punks! Now cut it out!"
  28. J

    American Shows That Were Completely Released In the UK, but not R1

    Two Guys and a Girl (and sometimes a Pizza Place).
  29. J

    Weekly RoundUp 3-25-2014

    Amazon has lowered the prices of Continuum Season 2 on DVD to $26.99 and on Blu-ray to $29.99 to match Best Buy.