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    What Blu-ray discs do you consider as "Reference Video Quality"

    Of all the Blu-Ray's that I own these are my favorite Video Transfers, keep in mind that I feel these transfers best replicate the appearance the film had during their theatrical presentations and are not limited to big-budget action spectacles. Batman Begins Any Pixar title currently availible...
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    Why I Collect

    This thread is really starting to make me feel like a loser.
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    Alien Movies what is the Directors Pref version ?

    Occording the the commentaries by Ridley Scott, James Cameron and Jean-Pierre Juenet on the SE DVD's The 1979 theatrical version of Scott's ALIEN is his actual Director's Cut, depsite the fact that Fox gave his 2003 re-release the "director's cut" moniker. The 1991 Special Edition of ALIENS is...
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    Why did John Hughes stop directing films?

    I friend of mine sent me a link to a blog from a genuine fan of John Hughes. It was posted a few hours after his untimley passing last week. I feel it will give all who ask the query that this thread posits a much better understanding of the late reclusive writer/director...
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    Premium glasses for 3D movies?

    That's a sweet deal. My local theater chain Carmike Cinemas have 3-D showings and charge $9 for a matinee and $12 for an evening show. Except on "Stimulus Tuesdays" where 3-D tickets are $7 for matinees and $9 for evening shows. I'm pretty sure the "Stimulus Tuesday" special is only availble...
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    Why I Collect

    Collecting movies for me is like a drug. About 6 years years ago I took this to a new extreme when a local video store started selling used DVD's for killer prices. This was especially tempting since it would allow me to check out smaller films that never made it to my local theaters. I...
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    The Abyss: the 20th Anniversary of the classic james cameron film August 9th, 1989

    I was 11 years old when I saw THE ABYSS in my local theater in Lexington, KY and I was tremendously swept up by it's underwater visuals and it's then-one-of-a-kind CGI effects. The story and characters hooked me in and during the sequence with Bud and the NTI's I wept and awed at the same time...
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    Tribute to Blondes

    I'm quite sure Stone's physic doesn't need that much photoshop./img/vbsmilies/htf/rolleyes.gif"> I need to post some proper pictures of Madonna to quell that disturbing image.
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    Most memorable experience in a movie theater

    Even though I never had the fortune of experiencing SenseSurround. I vividly remember the first movie that I heard in DTS. The theater I regularly attended in the mid-90's installed it one weekend without any publicity from the owners (not that that was a bad thing on their part, it just made...
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    Tribute to Redheads

    Despite the tepid word-of-mouth, I'll be checking out G.I. JOE this weekend. With Sienna Miller as Baroness and Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. Nichols...
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    Tribute to Blondes

    Sharon Stone recently shot some electrifying photos for a french publication called Paris Match. Some of the photos she shot are NSFW. But here are a couple that ARE safe (and sexy)./img/vbsmilies/htf/yum.gif">
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    Why the movie aren't in 16/9 (1.78:1)

    Once again FRLEV120 & drobbins, I will direct your attention to the Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV which was made available in the UK back in April. Check it out for yourself at this link:
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    Ebert & Roeper Move On / New Hosts Announced

    Of course. Sorry if I didnt make that clear.
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    Most memorable experience in a movie theater

    I had the fortune of attending the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. On the second night I made it to the Premiere of THE MATADOR with Pirece Brosnan & Greg Kinnear (outstanding flick). The auditorium I was in consisted of over 1000 seats and every one of them were filled. The audience was all...
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    Ebert & Roeper Move On / New Hosts Announced

    This is horrible. I can't stand Mankewicz, his voice is annoying and his taste in movies jaded and biased. Lyons isn't much better but he at least seems to have a more open interest in different styles of filmmaking. In the 90's I used to watch Siskel & Ebert every week. I even taped their...
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    Tribute to Redheads

    Christina Hendricks & Julie McNiven are magically delicious. But lest not forget another elegant redhead from MAD MEN: Darby Stanchfield. She played Betty's neighbor Helen Bishop.
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    Why the movie aren't in 16/9 (1.78:1)

    FRLEV120 should look into purchasing a Phillips Cinema 21:9 HDTV. That way you can watch a 2.35:1 feature and have it fill the entire screen. The TV functions the way that movie screens used to before the economic screens in multiplexes took over (which function like the current 16:9 screens).
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    I too was thinking she looked more like Amanda Peet from that photo."> I'm checking out the new acclaimed movie THE HURT LOCKER tonight. It's directed by foxy "guy flick" director Kathryn Bigelow.
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    What's your favorite Cancelled TV shows that you miss?

    LIFE was one of the few truly intriguing crime scene shows to come around in a while. Charlie Crews was a very rich character and Damian Lewis played him to perfection. Sadly, the second season's new characters & story arc could'nt sustain a full 22 episodes where as the first season (due to...
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    Tribute to Blondes

    Looks like I got beat to the punch on Naomi Watts. Perhaps some more images later, eh? How about some love for the adorable fox Ms. Judy Greer. She always plays second banana to often-lesser female co-stars in movies, when she's the one who should be starring as the lead.
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    Tribute to Redheads

    Lindy Booth Check her out in "Cry_Wolf": she is phenomonal. She'd also make a first rate Pepper Potts and /or Mary-Jane Watson.
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    Tribute to Brunettes

    ^^^My current avatar: QUANTUM OF SOLACE Bond girl Olga Kurylenko
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    Blu-ray Review HTF Blu-ray Review: LABOR PAINS

    Being a fan of Lohan's (sue me), I plan to check this out. Though I doubt it will be right away. Thanks for the review.
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    BLU-RAY Review: WAITING...

    This review was conducted with the following HD viewing equipment: Sharp AQUOS 52” LC-52SE94U 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV [via HDMI] Samsung BDP-5000 Dual-format BD/HD-DVD player (currently on Profile 1.4 firmware) w/ Ethernet input and ReonSD 1080p upconversion [via HDMI] Monster Cable Ultra 1000...
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    Project Greenlight: Season Three (merged)

    I just watched the HD DVD of FEAST for the first time this weekend. I loved every manic minute of it and I now want to see how it got made. I own the previous two seasons of Project Greenlight on DVD along with their respective feature films STOLEN SUMMER and THE BATTLE OF SHAKER HEIGHTS and...
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    I'm on the fence about purchasing the 7-Disc set with apprehensions of eventual double-dipping. I don't mind repurchasing the same movie more than once if it has all-new supplements (no repeated material); an alternate cut of the feature doesn't hurt either (e.g. Daredevil, Alien Quadrilogy...