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  1. BobHaymond

    Distance to picture?

    I have a Sony 36XBR mounted into a wall. I am considering a set of theater seats: three curved in back and two in front. Can some one tell me (or point me to a referance) some general rules as to distancing these seats from the screen? TIA for any help.
  2. BobHaymond

    Tivo status

    I have constructed my HT with mucho help from this forum. It has been in operation for everal months. In fact, it has been so successful that I have not tuned in to the forum in about that much time. I'm around to some details that I hope to get advice on. I have intended to get a...
  3. BobHaymond

    breaking in equipment??

    Thanx for replies. John: in this part of the country a "war" is the copper and silver things you run to the speakers. I can't say it well but I believe other folks call them Wy-ers. I'm having a ball in any case. BH Clemson, SC
  4. BobHaymond

    breaking in equipment??

    I have used these post over several months to put together HT. Things are mostly going well but there are a couple of glitches that I'd seek opinions on. I have a Sony 36XBR450 recessed into a wall; CSW MC-300 7.1; Onkyo DS-989; Toshiba SD-3755. Everything has been beautifully installed (not a...
  5. BobHaymond

    Where to buy large dark curtains?

    Sorry if I my buget was too high -- I was a married grad student MANY semesters ago. See if this does better: :D The black out cloth is exactly what I was suggesting; so make the drapes yourself. The black out is $3 a yd. [I don't think you'll be successful without this]; get the cheapest...
  6. BobHaymond

    Newbie question about which side speakers go on?

    I had to ask the same a month or so ago! I have my setup finished now and right is right and left is left. It is knock down georgeous! I don't have enough brains to run the Onkyo 989 yet but Rome was not in a day constructed. Good luck!
  7. BobHaymond

    Where to buy large dark curtains?

    I'm having mine made in a small drapery shop. Finding a dark paisley corduroy @ $8.00 / yd 54" wide. So $150 for 18 yds. and $90 for construction. I also got black-out lining for $45 [it's white BTW ]. This is 10 x 8 feet of thoroughly darkening drapes for $300. I believe that's cheaper than you...
  8. BobHaymond


    I have a CSW Newton speaker system that I am just setting up. There are L/C/R, subwoofer,2 side surrounds, and 2 back surrounds. The surrounds have switches to select bipole-monopole-dipole. Seems I read somewhere that the backs should be set on dipole and the sides on bipole. I could not make...
  9. BobHaymond


    I have been posting for a couple of months; much good info -- which is hard to come by out here in the country. My HT/remodeling is comming along scrumptiously! Damn near finished. One problem. My wife has difficulty hearing and is interested in trying earphones to aid in hearing the dialog...
  10. BobHaymond

    Formatting WideScreen

    My Sony 36XBR450 is listed as "widescreen enhanced". Do any of yawl know what happens, in practice, to the various screen formats? One sees 1:33, 1:66, 1:85, 2:35. Also, what does "anamorphic" mean? My HT is still in construction; men are painting as we speak; drapes are being made. The room...
  11. BobHaymond

    Dumb mathematician's question.

    It took my spaces out of my diagram?
  12. BobHaymond

    Dumb mathematician's question.

    :D It probably takes a mathematician to get into this hole but have to make sure on what is right and what is left? Me and my builder decided very early on that L/C/R were determined as I look at the TV. This was important as we are remodeling the room BEHIND the HT as well--at which point...
  13. BobHaymond

    DVD help and experience, please

    I am close to finishing my remodeling which includes HT. Equipment [so far] Sony 38XBR450 Onkyo 989 Cambrige Soundworks MC300 Yoshiba Progressive Scan DVD This is being installed in a wall with only the TV and speakers showing--Hot Spot allows hidden components...
  14. BobHaymond


    I have been posting for a month or so and making continuous progress on my HT and PC workstation wall. The cabinets have been completed, wiring installed, dimable lights and wllboard replaced. Should have a premier in a month. Some ticker problems necessitate my using a motorized recliner in...
  15. BobHaymond

    Speaker wire

    Depending on how much you need, HD has 12AWG @ $63 for 250 feet. It allowed me to be somewhat liberal when trying to get wires into walls.
  16. BobHaymond

    Sub hookup glitch??

    I'm still in the process of constructing my "wall"; HT(7.1) w/TiVo on one side and on the other side a PC w/printer, scanner, wired LAN, wireless LAN, palm sync, lable maker, USB hub, DSL gate, D-Link, telephones. My builder calls the wall "Swiss Cheese"! ANYHOW: I'm putting the sub about 1/3...
  17. BobHaymond

    On the ropes about hookup

    Thanks. I had begun suspecting some of this. As I'd bet there are others interested, I'll continue some questions if you have the time. Being a programmer by trade [not-with-standing that that I'm now retarded and not by trade] I figgered I'd be Prontoing in due course. Also, there's another...
  18. BobHaymond

    On the ropes about hookup

    :b I've placed several posts on hookup and gotten good answers; in fact, about a week ago I thought I thought that I understood how it was to be done. I can hook up what others are telling me and I'm sure it'll work, but I'd be a lot happier if some could help clear up the parts of the matter...
  19. BobHaymond

    Help ! No More Remotes !

    I'll certainly be looking into this in due course; I'm not quite far enough along in my construction for it yet. I did notice one on e-bay on a "Buy it now" for $179.:D
  20. BobHaymond

    speaker wire terminals

    I'm on thanx! BH
  21. BobHaymond

    speaker wire terminals

    :eek: I am in the process of constructing a HT setup; with much help from this forum. I have 12AWG stranded in the walls for a 7.1 system. I am somewhat daunted by how to terminate these wires. For trials sake, I got a couple of banana plugs at RadioShack; they seem to plug into the Onkyo but...
  22. BobHaymond

    What is horn loading?

    Mark: I'm a newbie at HT but can probably pull rank on most of the youngun's on these posts as far as number of semesters of longevity(circa 1931:D ). In the old days of HiFi the speakers in radios and record players (no TV) were awful! So they invented the phrase "high fidelity" to apply to to...
  23. BobHaymond

    Modifying Bill's Diagram

    Bill: Thanks so much for the reply. I do not know the answers to your questions. I have been studying the manual for the Sony and will do so some more with your queries in mind. The manual is poorly done in my opinion; for example they don't list any audio connection as digital. I can guess...
  24. BobHaymond

    I'm totally amazed at the ignorance . . .

    I'm new but have gotten advice here and have gotten ALL of my stuff on the internet. i stick with reputable on-line sellers even if a few $ more. I've gotten TV, DVD, A/V, speakers, AVIA disk, and am having cables made. I did go to HomeDepot for speaker wire but certainly did not ask them about...
  25. BobHaymond

    Modifying Bill's Diagram

    Here's what I get from several posts on cables for PIP/VCR with DirecTV Sat and modifying Bill Catherall's diagram: Symbols: RA RCA audio DA digital audio cV composite video SV S-video CV component video Cables: Sat...
  26. BobHaymond

    More HookUp Please

    :D Great replies. All. Quickly, it looks like I run 1 sat thru VCR to TV; #2 sat will route much like the earlier diagram. Without a HDTV reciever I won't get any HD. I don't intend to get premium channels and don't anticipate much pay-per-view. The recievers are $500-$800 which seems out of...
  27. BobHaymond

    More HookUp Please

    Ooops. Like the Grinche's heart, my TV grew two sizes that day! Read: 36XBR BH
  28. BobHaymond

    More HookUp Please

    ;) ;) I have had a couple of posts on hokup and have read thru the search on hookup -=- the answers have been VERY helpful! Thanx to all. I believe that I'm actually getting somewhere. I can GAR-ON-Tee that I and others have issues left over. If folks are willin', I'd like to review some things...
  29. BobHaymond

    Hookup help please.

    Bob: I'm getting pictures. This is the most gloriously complicated wall in history. My dear wife [48 aniv. 2/26] is an author and speaker; the back side of my HT wall is going to be her writing station w/ PC, printer. scanner and desk! I'm making doors on both sides to get to UNSEEN wires! A...
  30. BobHaymond

    Hookup help please.

    ;) Thank you Bob. This is the best I've had! We have a totally demolished wall and a few K$ into this project and are enjoying the @#$%^ out of it!