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  1. BrianS

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Blu-ray Disc 9/30

    This is one of my favorite horror films and I look forward to the BD release but I unfortunately just bought the Steelbook from DD right before I bought a PS3 and didn't have time to cancel it. Should I still keep the steelbook or just try to dump it in anticipation for the coming BD release...
  2. BrianS

    Is there such a thing as a 4:3 TV with HDMI?

    Dumb question but was curious. I have a weird situation that kinda warrants it but I don't think it exists.
  3. BrianS

    Need help on picking acoustic ceiling tiles...

    My home theater is in my basement and we recently moved my son into a room above it (not directly but close enough to probably bother him). My basement is pretty much split into two open rooms. The ceiling is approx 8 feet up where the sound equipment & TV is and the room my son is above (it...
  4. BrianS

    Quick lighting question for home theater room...

    Kevin...sounds interesting. Do the lights get hot or make the TV hot?
  5. BrianS

    Quick lighting question for home theater room...

    I have a small room devoted to my home theater and had a couple of lighting questions. (Moderator, if this is the wrong forum or if there is a better forum for this question, please move this thread. Thanks.) I did a search but could not find an answer. My room is approx 15' wide X 16'...
  6. BrianS

    Why am I getting a scrambled picture for Fable?

    Looks like I might be affected as well. I got my game in today from a trade & popped it in to see if it worked okay. I am getting a picture but it seems to be very bright all over. Is the first area just like this or is this a picture problem. It doesn't appear to be natural looking. My...
  7. BrianS

    Why am I getting a scrambled picture for Fable?

    I have Fable coming in a trade in the next couple of days so I will check this out since I have my Xbox hooked up thru component.
  8. BrianS

    THE PIRATE MOVIE - Director Ken Annakin Wants Another Shot If It Ever Comes Out

    Cool, I was just about to copy my full-frame vhs tape to dvd b/c I had given up hope on this one being released. I am also a fan of this film from HBO's numerous showings of this as a kid in the early 80's. (Count Robin Williams' Popeye in there as well.) Beleive it or not...I even have the 2...
  9. BrianS

    "Eyes Wide Shut" unaltered to come to US

    I just recorded this last night on Cinemax-HD (courtesy of Voom) and was surprised to see that the aspect ratio was 1.78:1 (or 1.85:1). Anyway, it filled my 16X9 screen beautifully and did not appear to be zoomed in as some movies do (ala Scarface on Encore-HD which makes the 2.35:1 film a 16X9...
  10. BrianS

    Best price on a decent HDMI to DVI cable?

    Thanks for the links & opinions! I went ahead & ordered the $20 gold plated cable from since some of you mention good reviews. $20 is much easier to swallow than $150!
  11. BrianS

    Best price on a decent HDMI to DVI cable?

    Oops...Sorry but I did not see the "Tweaking, Connections" section until it was too late. Moderator, please move if necessary. Thanks!
  12. BrianS

    Best price on a decent HDMI to DVI cable?

    I was looking to connect my new Voom box to my smaller HD with HDMI to DVI since the Voom only has DVI. I was looking at Best Buy and was shocked to see these cable going for around 150 big ones! They only carry the Monster brand so I know a lot of that price is the name. Anyone had any luck...
  13. BrianS


    Well, I am still waiting to join you Voomers. My install appt was set for this Tuesday but the guy came out & advised that I have a bad line of sight problem due to trees in my yard & also my neighbor's yard. Voom points SE and there are quite a few limbs & leaves in the way. Of course I...
  14. BrianS


    Looks like I will finally join you Voom users. I had signed up for it way back in December or January but decided against it after all the problems I was reading on installs, software, etc. It was a bit too pricey then to dump $1200 into. With the promised DVR coming I was trying to hold...
  15. BrianS

    Can 5.1 be recorded to a DVD Reorder?

    What is the release date for the 740? I tried to find it but have had no luck.
  16. BrianS

    30 inch tube HDTVs: Samsung (DVI) Vs. Philips (HDMI) questions

    I was looking into putting an extra HDTV in the upstairs living room & was looking at the Samsung 30 inch TX-P3064W (roughly $850)and the Philips 30 inch 30PW8402 (roughly $750). I was trying to decide between the two (Sears has them on sale) and I could get them for a little cheaper than the...
  17. BrianS

    House of the Dead: Worst film ever?

    Well...that's a good point. How about Popeye or Flash Gordon as examples?
  18. BrianS

    House of the Dead: Worst film ever?

    I rented this movie over the weekend and I can't believe this movie isn't getting more love. Mark my words...this movie will be a cult favorite like Evil Dead 2 or Return of the Living Dead in about 10 to 15 years. The script is terrible, the acting is bad, the zombies are bad, there is no...
  19. BrianS

    Queen/Beyonce/Britney/Pink in Pepsi promo

    Exactly. May & Taylor should be ashamed of themselves. I hope this commercial bombs. Once again Miss Spears shows that she can't sing worth a lick & is severly outvoiced by Beyonce & Pink.
  20. BrianS

    Bitchin', new rock SA-CD alert, get The Thorns

    I love this album but only have a DVD-A player. I thought I had heard a rumor that this might come to DVD-A as well. Anyone heard anything like that?
  21. BrianS

    Nifty wireless adapter

  22. BrianS

    Nifty wireless adapter

    I have a question about this Linksys product...I read somewhere that you can buy two of them & hook one up to your exisitng router (since my current one is not wireless) and hook a second one up to your Xbox & thus play on LIVE like that. Has anyone tried that or knows if that could work? I...
  23. BrianS

    NEW HomeTheaterForum Xbox Live Gametag List

    If you would, pleae add me to the list. Gamertag - SPIDERBITE Current LIVE games: Crimson Skies & Outlaw Volleyball Thanks!
  24. BrianS

    Any reviews of the Flaming Lips DVD Audio?

    Well, I got my copy in yesterday. Damn...what an album! This is music. Maybe if I could find more stuff like this, I would get excited about music again. I have never listened to The Flaming Lips so all of this was new to me. I will definitely have to check out some of their other stuff...
  25. BrianS


    I watched the first disc of this set this weekend. I came away with mixed feelings. The behind the scenes stuff is very interesting. It was cool to see Kiss rehearsing with the symphony & you can see that it is just not coming together in the beginning. After after tweaking it & more...
  26. BrianS

    Can you identify this rock group/solo artist?

    In my opinion, this was their best radio hit! You can't help but sing along.
  27. BrianS

    XBOX GTA Vice City/ 80's songs Soundtrack

    I recently bought a new collection of Jan Hammer's music called Miami Vice: The Complete Collection from DDcd. It is a two CD set and it is all instrumental Miami Vice creamy-goodness. (I also have both Miami Vice soundtracks & Jan Hammer's Escape From Television on my Xbox as well.) I guess...