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  1. eric_shepearl

    Why is there a HUGE lack of HDTV & Custom Sndtrk. Support for XBOX?

    Interesting point, James. I agree that higher the resolution, there's always a compromise in a fixed hardware platforms such as game consoles because it requires more memory bandwidth as well as more memory quanity. And current XBOX's 64MB of total memory with bandwidth of 6.4GB/s is far...
  2. eric_shepearl

    720p to 1080i converter

  3. eric_shepearl

    720p to 1080i converter

  4. eric_shepearl

    720p to 1080i converter

  5. eric_shepearl

    Could anyone tell me what's wrong with my XBOX ??

    I very much doubt your XBOXs are faulty. If your displays are fine, then, I think it is the ground loop problem. If you haven't tried to isolate ground loop issues, give it a try. If this doesn't fix the problem, it is most likely James's, and Bob's TV have faults. You could try another...
  6. eric_shepearl

    True & False about XBOX Live ?

    XBOX Live, and region seems to be very confusing. I'm based in London, UK. And I have a US XBOX which is not modded. It is a plain US NTSC machine. Please let me know if there're any false in the points below. #1. XBOX Live Starter Kit has regions. - So if you have US XBOX, and buy a...
  7. eric_shepearl

    DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball = 1st HD(720p, 1080i) title for XBOX ?

    Hi, folks. I've just been to Team XBOX site, and saw a preview for DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball. :) It says in the feature list that 5.1 Surround Sound 16:9 Widescreen HDTV Support XBOX Exclusive. Does anyone know wether the title's been...
  8. eric_shepearl

    X-Box or Gamecube...

    I'd definately recommend both GameCube, and XBOX. If you like console gaming, you should buy both of them. XBOX has fantastic games that won't be on GameCube such as HALO, JSRF, DOA3/volleyball...etc GameCube has well-known classic titles such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid...etc At the end of...
  9. eric_shepearl

    XBOX scratches discs ??

    Thanks for your input. :rolleyes I got answers from three different ppl in the other forum.
  10. eric_shepearl

    XBOX scratches discs ??

    Thanks for the input. :) But DVDs, PlayStation2, and GameCube titles do not have those circular scratches/patterns.
  11. eric_shepearl

    XBOX scratches discs ??

    Hi, folks. I think I have noticed circular scratchs on my game disks. I cannot see them in normal light, but when I shine a torch or a light on it, I see large and small circles on my discs. I've heard that those circles are not scraches caused by XBOX, but they're marks from...
  12. eric_shepearl

    What should I buy next?

    yeah, JSRF is a stunner. cel-shading beauty. :D But I don't think this game has much of a replay value. I got tired of it after about 4~5 days. I still think this game worth every penny for graphics/style and unique game-play.
  13. eric_shepearl

    Jet Set Radio Future

    gents, does anyone know how to get to the main title screen after you play JSRF ?? :confused: (not the dash-board of XBOX, but the title screen of JSRF.) pad-reset wouldn't work with JSRF, and it doesn't have any menu to go to title screen either.
  14. eric_shepearl

    2 questions about RESOLUTION.

    Hi, folks. For instance, a game called Virtua Striker3 on GameCube, it has an option to select screen aspect ratio. - 16x9 wide or 4x3 normal. And yes it does support 480p progressive. And DOA3 and Gunvalkyrie on XBOX supports 480p as well as 16x9 widescreen aspect ratio. My questions...
  15. eric_shepearl

    World Series Baseball (XBOX) & Home Run King (GameCube).

    I think I'm leaning towards WSB. :) I'll check out the review when it becomes available. Thanks for the advice, folks. :D
  16. eric_shepearl

    World Series Baseball (XBOX) & Home Run King (GameCube).

    World Series Baseball for XBOX is due out soon.(I think the release date is the 28th of May.) And I believe Home Run King for GameCube is out. I have both GameCube and XBOX. Could anyone tell me the major differeces between those two baseball games ? (They both are from SEGA !!!) I'm...
  17. eric_shepearl

    E3 Predictions Thread

    Maybe... Virtua Fighter 4.1 for XBOX !! God...I wish it happens.
  18. eric_shepearl

    The scoop on the Xbox S-Controller

    I have bought two controller S. For me.... the three most improved things from originals one are : 1. smaller size. 2. D-PAD. 3. A,B,X,Y button position. I don't have big hands like American, and European people, but I didn't find the original controller too big for my hands...
  19. eric_shepearl

    picture quality of consoles.

    Does anyone else find picture from XBOX a bit too dark ?? My display is SONY VPL-VW11HT front projector, and I've calibrated it with SMARTII+CC40R filter. If I feed 480p signal through Hi-Def Pack of XBOX, I always find the picture too dark compared to my DVD player and GameCube. My DVD...
  20. eric_shepearl

    Is XBOX big hyped console ??

    Hi. I'd love to know many peoples' opinion on XBOX as a hardware/console. Yes, there is no doubt that it is the most powerful console in the market. (I could figure this part out myself from owning Playstaion2, GameCube, and XBOX.) These days, I see a lot of people/media/reviews prasing how...
  21. eric_shepearl

    US XBOX output RGB signal ??

    Right... Thanks, Roy. :D
  22. eric_shepearl

    US XBOX output RGB signal ??

    Hello, folks. My 1st post in this forum. :) Does anyone know if US XBOX can output RGB signal ?? I live in UK, and own an US XBOX. wondering if I buy a RGB SCART cable for XBOX in UK, if it would work with my US XBOX. Could anyone clarify this please ? P.S. US/JPN GameCube does not...