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  1. Bry_DD

    Weekly RoundUp 4-14-2009

    no one for 8Mile? :D
  2. Bry_DD

    Is this a good system?

    that's what i thought, cuz last time i mess with those settings was when i put my system together back in 2001 and i replaced my tv and add Blu player and didn't even adjust those settings. and also still running my good old denon 3801 and axiom, svs, b&w surrounds..
  3. Bry_DD

    Is this a good system?

    i was just wondering why would you "constantly" mess with the settings? who in here mess with these settings when watching or doing something else with there set up?
  4. Bry_DD

    How to make a Denon 2808 child proff?

    I only have wii and it's hooked up video and audio on the extra input of my tv (mitsu).
  5. Bry_DD

    Circuit City closing down 150+ stores in midwest (and now all of the stores)

    anyone know when will they start liquidating their stuff? looks like all CC in AZ are closing.
  6. Bry_DD

    open box Onkyo

    welp, as much as i like this receiver i'm not gonna get it instead i might get the 705. fry's has that receiver new in a box for $375. what do you guys think? it'll be hook up to a 52 mitsu lcd, samsung 1400, pioneer dvd sacd/dvd-a, Wii, and dish 211 and it'll run axiom m60, vp150 and b&w lm1 on...
  7. Bry_DD

    open box Onkyo

    i was at a local Fry's elec this afternoon and saw an open box silver Onkyo 805 for $449. no box no manual just the receiver and remote for that price. same manufacture warranty as a new one and have a 30 day money back to fry's. anyone here bought and open box receiver before? anyone opinion is...
  8. Bry_DD

    wiring a sub

  9. Bry_DD

    wiring a sub

    here is the deal, my cousin bought a new house and had the family room prewired for 5.1 speakers. so went to their new house to help things around installing fans and things like that. then look at the wiring to hook up to the reciever, opened the plate to see the wires that are not labeled and...
  10. Bry_DD

    Best new pair of bookshelfs $250 shipped can buy

    also check out the Axiom..
  11. Bry_DD

    Weird geometry problem with old Mits. HDTV...please help!

    my 46805 started doing this the other day.. anyone have a copy of that step by step on how to re solder whatever you have to do on the convergence board? thanks
  12. Bry_DD

    My Home Theater Project...

    pretty nice work...
  13. Bry_DD

    Thinking of building a HT PC....

    you can try bestbuy if they still have the Dynex with 500w psu for 20 bux for your case.. built my first ht of of that..
  14. Bry_DD

    How Much Did You Spend on Your 5.1 Speaker Sysyem?

    i have 7.1 set up ran by my aging Denon 3801. Axiom M60 and VP150 $1400 side & rear B&W LM1 $ 700 SVS + amp $ 600 total $2700
  15. Bry_DD

    Center Channel Placement

    this is what i use when i needed to aim my center and it works pretty good and in black of course.. you'll be able to find these at a dollar store.
  16. Bry_DD

    Universal Remote suggestion needed.

    i went and got the 880 from amazon for $144 shipped. thanks for everyones input. happy new year to all...
  17. Bry_DD

    Need help with codes for my Aquos.

    Just got done installing this for my bedroom and there is no codes to control my dish 211 from the tv remote. anyone knows the code for the dish box? thanks
  18. Bry_DD

    Universal Remote suggestion needed.

    anyone has any experience with the 880 and what do you guys think of $144 from Amazon? thanks
  19. Bry_DD

    Universal Remote suggestion needed.

    time for me to get a universal remote for less than $120. it will control my new mits LT-52133, Denon 3801, DN 811, my 2 dvd player Sammy 1400 and pioneer. thank you and Merry Christmas.
  20. Bry_DD

    ? with 720p vs 1080p

    ok, i've been out of the loop for about ht for quite sometime. last equipment i bought was my dvd-a/sacd player. i'm eying on the 50 inch 1080p panasonic and the 58 inch 720p panasonic and both from costco and both are plasma. question is, is there a big difference when playing hd-dvd toshiba...
  21. Bry_DD

    need comment with this mitsu set.. just need some opinion on this particular set if this is good deal and a good set. i'm thinking of replacing my 46805. thanks
  22. Bry_DD

    Help with Mt46805

    the bars on the sides on my tv uneven. anyone know how to even them up? i've done it before i just threw away all the papers i had to mess with this tv and now i don't even remember the service menu code. anyone know please help me out. thanks, Bry
  23. Bry_DD

    What kind of sunglasses are these?

    this one looks like a Rayban becuase if you can see on the on the top right lens that's rayban's signature.. hope that helps..
  24. Bry_DD

    Hunter Fan thermostats

    Honeywell is much better i think. i had mine for almost 4 years and no problem plus it's easy to program.
  25. Bry_DD

    The ultimate iPod accessory...definitely NOT portable

    i have to admit but that's cool though.. but i aint spending that much for that. my $39 dock and $6 rca works just fine and prolly sounds better than that. :D
  26. Bry_DD

    Replace component cables for DVD player?

    i say if it aint broke, why fix it? :D save you money.
  27. Bry_DD

    Imagine You're In a Foxhole...

    I'll pick the A-Team :D now if they're not available Angelina Jolie will do. then i wouldn't worry about getting out.. :b
  28. Bry_DD

    Culture clash - middle eastern coworker

    i'm sure she meant something else like your son is small or thin. how does your coworker know your son is weak? did she saw your son try to do some push ups and couldn't? if now she's a dumbass aight.. :D
  29. Bry_DD

    Nissan Murano

    test drove it then test drove the pathfinder then test drove the Armada.. i ended up getting the armada. but the murano has better handling of them all. i pick the armada just because it's roomier than the other 2 choices i had and also of the engine -->V8.:D
  30. Bry_DD

    pic of my car audio.

    good day all