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  1. Johnny Mac

    Coming, to a theater near you.

    For Ron/Tom I was curious as to whether SVS would be selling a box sub utilizing the PCi guts in the near future? And if so, would you be making just the cabinets available for those of us who might be interested in that sort of thing?
  2. Johnny Mac

    Denon, JBL- 1st Home Theater

    Yes. The PS2 controller can be used for all basic dvd player functions.
  3. Johnny Mac

    Let's take a tally: Who on the HTF is on the SVS PC+ preorder?

    LOL @ Jeffrey. I'm from the ATL and I hardly understand you. Oh well, feelin the SVS love is a different experience for everyone. Word to your moms. :D
  4. Johnny Mac

    Denon, JBL- 1st Home Theater

    I'll chime in on the PS2 as a DVD Player. It performs about as well as a very basic player but most of today's $99 models should stomp it in the performance dept. I use mine in the bedroom and dont have any PQ issues but it's a 20 inch set and we are about 12 feet away. As far as DTS is...
  5. Johnny Mac

    Laid-back speakers ...

    Try Polks. They are rather mellow sounding. I have Boston Acoustics CR series. They use a fabric tweeter and while they arent necessary a laid back sounding speaker, they don't have the shrill ring of a metal tweeter when combined with a Yamaha reciever.
  6. Johnny Mac

    Sub and Mains cancelling each other out! Help!

    Steve means actually pulling the speaker out of the cabinet and switching the positive and neagative leads. I had a nasty cancellation problem when I had my sub in a corner behind my right main. The remedy was to place it along the front wall. The dip in response disappeared and all I had to...
  7. Johnny Mac

    Monsters Inc.... bass at end of chapter 13.

    The sock explosion rocked as well. No bottoming here. 25-31pci set 6db hot.
  8. Johnny Mac

    Monsters Inc.... bass at end of chapter 13.

    It's the first scene where the lights go dim. Mike and Sulley are in Sulley's apartment and trying to figure out what to do with the little girl (Boo). Right after Mike falls in the trash can, the lights dim and a wave of bass hits. Made my backside tingle. :laugh:
  9. Johnny Mac

    Monsters Inc.... bass at end of chapter 13.

    What the heck was that?! Sounded like the end of the world to me. Yet I played it over and over and over until my wife made me stop. :D Anyone else play this scene at reference level? Also saw "I am Sam" this weekend. Pretty good flick with a very dynamic music mix. Mostly Beatles covers so...
  10. Johnny Mac

    SVS PC+ Sub Levels

    I have a PCi but may be able to offer some insight. I have to run mine about 6db hot before I get a good umph on the THX intro. Hope this helps.
  11. Johnny Mac

    Crossover Setting - Kenwood HTB 505

    Most tv broadcasts are in stereo or surround. I just leave mine in Pro Logic unless it sounds really bad. Most of the info will come out of the center channel in this mode. If you listen a 5.1 source, such as a DVD, in stereo, all the information will be directed to the main speakers. Glad...
  12. Johnny Mac

    Crossover Setting - Kenwood HTB 505

    If memory serves me correctly, the entry level Kenwoods cross over at 120 hz. Convention says that you should turn the crossover off on the sub and get its crossover out of the equation since you're already using the one on the reciever. Leave it off and make sure your speakers are set to small.
  13. Johnny Mac

    SVS is the PLUS worth an extra $200

    Tom and Ron, I think you should hire Dustin. SV needs a Canadian rep. :D
  14. Johnny Mac

    SVS 25-31PCi Arrives..!

    OOPs! That makes sense because I measured peaks upwards of 100db during the THX intro. I think I badly misinterpreted what Vince was saying Link Removed. So, to make sure I understand, the calibration tones are attenuated a certain amount (20 or 30db) but actual program material should peak...
  15. Johnny Mac

    SVS 25-31PCi Arrives..!

    Reference level, as we refer to it here, is actually a reference point -20 or -30 decibels from the movie theater reference level of 105db. For example, if you calibrate all of your speakers to 75db using Video Essentials and proceed to watch a movie at that level, you will actually be -30...
  16. Johnny Mac

    To SVS owners, do you really follow reference settings?

    Bout 80db (using VE) is usually plenty for me. I leave it there for all music/tv/movies.
  17. Johnny Mac

    SVS 25-31PCi Arrives..!

    Maybe those cradles could also be used if someone wanted to lay an SVS on its side. Just a thought. Manny, I wouldnt worry so much about the position of the gain. It's really a two part equation between the output level from your reciever and where you have to set the gain knob to achieve...
  18. Johnny Mac

    Are my Bose no good?

    No. If you like them, then they don't suck. Personally, I like the way some Bose speakers sound. A friend of mine has some 301's and they sound pretty good to me. You aren't gong to get the twinkly highs of a pure metal tweeter but some people don't care for that sound anyway.
  19. Johnny Mac

    Subwoofer for small room

    Third. Rava would also work well.
  20. Johnny Mac

    Conversion of Bose Acoustimass speakers

    Assuming you're using Bose 201's or 301's as rears, you should be just fine for the time being with your current speaker setup. I'm sure they can handle bass down around the crossover point with no trouble. In your price range, also be sure to check out recievers from Yamaha, Denon, and...
  21. Johnny Mac

    Conversion of Bose Acoustimass speakers

    The acoustimass unit should work as is for dolby digital. On a dolby digital reciever, just wire the bose unit as normal with the front left and right speakers passing through the bass module. Set the front speakers to large and select turn off the subwoofer. On most recievers, this is something...
  22. Johnny Mac

    HT Speakers w/ 1400 Budget here is Sound and Visions Pic. What’s yours?

    Edge Audio is now Aperion Audio. Same product though.
  23. Johnny Mac

    Help me troubleshoot my center channel

    Our Dish Network audio is all over the place. On really compressed channels, it sounds like the surrounds are underwater. As a wise man once said, "Crap in, crap out." :)
  24. Johnny Mac

    Advice on SVS subs

    Huge difference. The Sony is a nice sub but pretty boomy. The SVS will sound a lot less boomy, go a lot louder and deeper with less distortion. It will be weird at first because the response of the SV is so flat, you may percieve it as tame in comparison to the Sony. Throw in a good action movie...
  25. Johnny Mac

    Help me troubleshoot my center channel

    I doubt you have a damaged speaker if listening at those volumes. You're probably just noticing the crappy audio in some discs. It happens to us all. The Sorpranos discs are particularly nasty. Think about it. They put 4 hours of video and audio on one disc. Corners had to be cut somewhere. Ever...
  26. Johnny Mac

    Speaker Problem or TV Problem?

    Mu metal is used to make a "cap" for the driver's magnet. Shielded. Notice the silver cap for the magnet. Not shielded Cancellation, or bucking magnets, are sometimes used too. Just depends on the manufacturer. Still no response from Boston.
  27. Johnny Mac

    Speaker Problem or TV Problem?

    I think the question has been answered sufficiently for now. I'll post the Boston engineer's response when they get back with me.
  28. Johnny Mac

    Question on my Dayton 12" DVC..............

    One set of terminals for each voice coil. Most folks just use speaker wire to make a jumper between the terminals.
  29. Johnny Mac

    SVS and the TPM pod race... :(

    I'll agree with Ron on TS2. It's definitely right up there with LOTR. Made me giggle like a school girl before the movie even started. If you get it, watch the monsters inc. preview before the movie and crank it to at least -10 dbfr. When the big monster (John Goodman) knocks on the door, you...