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  1. Melson

    Advice to makers of documentary extras

    Good point! This was especially obvious with the long documentary about Sam Peckinpah on Criterion's Straw Dogs dvd. They couldn't license the clips from his other films, so they cut out those bits. The documentary flowed really well, until it came to the part about Straw Dogs. All of a sudden...
  2. Melson

    Do you invariably associate a studio logo/theme with a particular movie?

    New Line and LOTR, plus very much what Chris Minogue said re: Moulin Rouge.
  3. Melson

    DDD 20% Off Sale?

    Yes, same here. I placed my order the 11th, and the order status is still OPEN. Does anyone know if it's possible with DDD to add items to an open order? Because I can't believe I forgot to add The Fly SE to this list: Videodrome (Criterion) $23.00 Naked Lunch (SE/2D) (Criterion) $25.52...
  4. Melson

    Finally: The Fly (1986) and The Fly II (1989) Special Editions are coming in Fall of 2005!

    My god, that looks horrible. How can they even think of using a cover like that?
  5. Melson

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives...

    And the errors in the SPARTACUS chapter? We're all very curious here...
  6. Melson

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives...

    Robert, can you tell us what the error is?
  7. Melson

    Directors What are your favorite live concert DVDs?

    Cure - Trilogy Three of their best albums played live in one night. Brilliant sound and images.
  8. Melson


    Jack, do you have more info about these sources? They sound intriguing.
  9. Melson

    “But I think we pulled it off” and other DVD audio commentary inanities

    I was really excited to see that NIXON had two commentary tracks by Oliver Stone: one focusing on the historical aspects of the film, the other on the making of it. It turns out that both tracks are just edited from one track! When Stone speaks on track 1, he's silent on number 2 and vice...
  10. Melson


    Very intriguing, all those different specifications on the Regional Spy page of Davisdvd. Looks like DVD Beaver is going to have a hard time comparing all these versions
  11. Melson

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives...

    Doesn't Gary have it?
  12. Melson

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives...

    I'm spending next week on holiday in Prague. It will be SO NICE if this baby is waiting for me when I get back!!! BTW, Richard: where did you order it?
  13. Melson

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

  14. Melson

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

  15. Melson

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

    Wow... everything I was hoping for, and maybe more! I'm just a little disappointed that the deleted scenes won't be cut seamlessly into the movie. Just call it the Special Edition and let us enjoy the scenes without interruption. I mean, it worked great for The Abyss and Terminator 2, why not...
  16. Melson

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives...

    Has anyone received his/her copy yet? I ordered mine through, but it hasn't even dispatched yet.
  17. Melson

    MGM DVD Settlement

    Oops... I didn't know this had started in 2002. Please lock this thread; I feel stupid :b
  18. Melson

    MGM DVD Settlement

    From CHUD: This could be big... For more information, see mgmdvdsettlement . com
  19. Melson

    Merged Thread: LOTR: ROTK - Theatrical & EE Release Dates? & DVD Features

    Yes, the Symphony disc does have DTS 6.1 It's mainly long pieces from the symphony concert with some not-very-spontaneous sounding soundbites from Howard Shore in between. It's OK, but I'd rather have the whole concert on a 2DVD set.
  20. Melson

    Movies you liked but everyone else hated

    Michael, I'm not sure on the prequels, but I second AI. Also Pearl Harbor and Titanic!
  21. Melson

    Ever edited your own version of a movie?

    Wow, nice thread! I once made a very rough Back to the Future: The Saga from VHS to VHS by just removing the end credits for each film and sticking them together. I'd love to see a Matrix: Remixed someday, but I don't love the sequels enough to do it myself.
  22. Melson

    Full Details: Panic Room SE

    Ah, I see. Anyway, I can't wait for this set!
  23. Melson

    Full Details: Panic Room SE

    Did I miss anything, or is there no documentary on the editing of the film? How could this happen?
  24. Melson

    Good dvd shops in Rome (Italy)

    I hope this is the right place to post in, but I'm travelling to Rome in two weeks, and I'd love to buy a couple of Italian classics on dvd while I'm there. Does anyone know a couple of good dvd shops in Rome, plus some tips on which dvds to buy? I'm looking for Fellini, Visconti, etc., with...
  25. Melson

    “But I think we pulled it off” and other DVD audio commentary inanities

    I found out a great way to "listen" to boring commentaries. Lost of commentaries are subtitled these days (at least here in Europe), so I just turn on the subtitle track, press fast forward (double speed will do fine!) and watch an entire track in about 45 minutes to an hour. Works great, and...
  26. Melson

    Commentary Tracks -- who listens?

    I don't know of a site with transcriptions of commentary tracks, but there is a site called DVD Tracks, where you can upload your OWN tracks. Last time I looked they had only ten tracks, but the idea is pretty cool. And for the record: I love commentary tracks!