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  1. Steve_Knutzen

    30 Rock - Season 2

    Where can I get a copy of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah?
  2. Steve_Knutzen

    WEIRD SCIENCE - TV series coming to DVD

    Cover art: Too bad no Chet on the cover. Even if there are no other extras, I really hope they include the original promo before the show aired. It featured the cast singing a Weird Science song but not "Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo...
  3. Steve_Knutzen

    Heroes Season 2 thread

    "Sleep!" "Death!" Anybody else think a My Two Dads-esque spinoff starring Mohinder, Parkman and Molly would kick ass?
  4. Steve_Knutzen

    WEIRD SCIENCE - TV series coming to DVD

    Somebody pinch me I didn't think this would ever come out. Thank God I was wrong. It's probably a longshot and we're lucky just to be getting the show, but I hope some extras are put together. Now if only Paramount will put out Duckman I can recreate the ultimate USA Saturday night line-up
  5. Steve_Knutzen

    Van Halen: Here we go again! (tour on again!)

    Apparently the relationship with Mike and the Bros. Van Halen has been shaky at best since Sammy's first departure. Mike revealed a couple years back that he only played bass on a handful of tracks for VH III with Eddie doing the remainder and that he was paid significantly less on the reunion...
  6. Steve_Knutzen

    Steve Carell is...Maxwell Smart !

    Steve Carell + The Rock = I'm there
  7. Steve_Knutzen

    Upright Citizens Brigade: Season 2

    This is the best TV-DVD news I've heard in a while. I figured the show was done since we hadn't heard anything in over three years. Good to know Comedy Central hasn't forgotten about UCB. "Mogomra!"
  8. Steve_Knutzen

    Revenge of the Nerds: Special Edition + 4-Pack Gift Set

    I didn't see the boxset today at Best Buy just the SE of the original. Did the boxset get pulled?
  9. Steve_Knutzen

    The Office: Season 3

    Nice bouquet block by Ryan.
  10. Steve_Knutzen

    My Name Is Earl season 2 thread

    "Henry Cabot Lodge has a condom in her purse"
  11. Steve_Knutzen

    Tina Fey's "30 Rock" season 1 thread

    The conscience bit with Tracy and Kenneth's heads coming through the vents in the bathroom was genius. The Pretty Woman jewelry box parody was a nice touch too.
  12. Steve_Knutzen

    Tina Fey's "30 Rock" season 1 thread

    "The Bread Lobby keeps blocking my research!"
  13. Steve_Knutzen

    Re-Animator reissued by Anchor Bay

    I think that re-release of Bride is one of the worst travesties Lions Gate has committed (Along with the MAR Fright Night II they put out at the same time). Luckilly I picked up a copy of the Pioneer disc on eBay a few years back.
  14. Steve_Knutzen

    Re-Animator reissued by Anchor Bay

    I own the Elite Millennium Edition so it's gonna take more than a pen to make me buy it a third time (I owned the original Elite release too). Cover art does look cool though.
  15. Steve_Knutzen

    Wish List for 2007???

    1. Weird Science 2. Duckman 3. Spin City (Season Sets)
  16. Steve_Knutzen

    Beverly Hills Cop 4 ??

    No Judge Reinhold, no sale.
  17. Steve_Knutzen

    Revenge of the Nerds: Special Edition + 4-Pack Gift Set

    Awesome news. The first two are must-haves and I actually kind of like 3 as well.
  18. Steve_Knutzen

    Composer Shirley Walker - RIP

    Thanks for providing an essential part of some of my favorite shows. RIP
  19. Steve_Knutzen

    The WWE™

    I've been enjoying Smackdown a lot lately. They're up on match quality and quantity compared to Raw. I hope that Uncle Eric is back as a fulltime character. I've seen much too much of Vince this year. Big Duth seems to be the one candidate the WWE were pushing that didn't get the fans' approval...
  20. Steve_Knutzen

    South Park Season 10

    "Know this Timechild, I will crush your skull like a clam on my tummy!"
  21. Steve_Knutzen

    *** Official The Prestige Discussion Thread

    Amazing film. Spoiler below: The way Fallon was always in shadow and his face was obscured tipped me off they they were twins but I second guessed myself when Olivia made a point that the fingers of the other man in the trick were also missing, not realizing the lengths the brothers were...
  22. Steve_Knutzen

    South Park Season 10

    "That's bear mace bitch!"
  23. Steve_Knutzen

    Tina Fey's "30 Rock" season 1 thread

    They showed an actual commercial for the oven during one of the breaks too. I thought it was great especially every time Alec Baldwin spoke and Tracy's "AIDS in chicken nuggets" tirade.
  24. Steve_Knutzen

    My Name Is Earl season 2 thread

    "If you fall, I won't catch you. I won't be waitin'."
  25. Steve_Knutzen

    South Park Season 10

    Don't forget 'Fudge Dragon.'
  26. Steve_Knutzen

    Home Alone upgrade or SE coming?

  27. Steve_Knutzen

    The new & improved "What 5 tv shows do you want released on dvd?"

    Weird Science Duckman Spin City X-Men 3-South
  28. Steve_Knutzen

    watch *rock* concert DVDs?

    Eric Clapton - Crossroads Guitar Festival Hours of great music. Slow blues, heavy-shreddin, acoustic picking... this has it all. Billy Idol - Storytellers Worth it just to see Steve Stevens play White Wedding with one guitar(!)
  29. Steve_Knutzen

    New 2-Disc Region 1 NTSC DVD of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (1974) in the works!

    Can't wiat for this. Haven't owned TCM on DVD because of the lackluster transfers on the previous releases. It'll be nice to retire my LD. Don, with Paramount going re-release happy lately, have you thought about sending a feeler about working on new Friday discs?
  30. Steve_Knutzen

    Talladega Nights discussion and reviews....

    I can't believe nobody'd talking about this. A worthy follow-up to the funniest movie of 2004, Anchorman. Ferrel is at the top of his game and John C Reily has just as many good lines. Highlights include the dinner prayer and knife scene (which are way better than the trailer made them look). My...