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  1. Jasoda

    Doctor Who Star quits!

    Don, It was on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting) last night and will be on next Tuesday at 8:00. I'm not sure if it will be the regular slot, but it should end up somewhere. I found it to be pretty good and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Maybe I'm just used to Baker and the others, but they...
  2. Jasoda

    What's currently the most prized item/s in your DVD collection and why ?

    Buffy Season 1 on. I love having them at my fingertips. Firefly. So glad it's on DVD!
  3. Jasoda

    Anyone seen the new Fritz Lang Discs?

    I actually saw Woman in the Moon at the Paramount in Seattle. The house organist played the score which made the movie for me. I looked everywhere locally for the disc but came up empty. Ended up ordering it online. The waiting beings.....
  4. Jasoda

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Popular Season 1 Land of the Lost Season 2
  5. Jasoda

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Land of the Lost Season 1
  6. Jasoda

    FIREFLY DVD Discussion Thread (Merged)

    I noticed it too. I had to crank the brightness on my TV to see the facial expressions and any other detail. I haven't been able to watch anything past the first episode so I'll have to see if it continues. I went to the Best Buy in Bellevue at 3:00pm on Tuesday and got the last copy of...
  7. Jasoda

    Directors What DVD is in your player right now?

    Doctor Who: Robots of Death. Classic Baker.
  8. Jasoda

    FT: Doomed Megalopolis

  9. Jasoda

    FT: Doomed Megalopolis

    I'm looking to trade 2-disc Doomed Megalopolis ADV films release (watched once) for Princess Mononoke or Castle in the Sky (2 disc Disney release). Gone. Thanks!
  10. Jasoda

    Next-Gen Magazine is dead.

    I'm as dissapointed as the NEXT guy. I really loved this magazine. I'm not sure what I will do for straight forward video game news anymore. I was unable to get to the Next Generation website but on ImagineMedia's website I found this link... It is a...
  11. Jasoda

    An unfortunate experience with DeepDiscountDVD

    Ben- Thanks for the comment. I guess I just think its sad that I had to call them at all or that resolving the situation fell into my lap. As you can see from their email they were not exactly straight with me and didn't seem to have a clue about what their stock levels were or what was being...
  12. Jasoda

    An unfortunate experience with DeepDiscountDVD

    I'm just posting this because I am disappointed with DeepDiscountDVDs service and how they handled this problem. I'm including the email correspondence. MY INITIAL EMAIL....... Hi- I'm concerned about an order that I placed last month. I received the following email after I placed the order...