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  1. Jim Barg

    Del Toro's PACIFIC RIM (Plot Details)

    It is indeed. I bet good money there's a Godzilla teaser attached, as well.
  2. Jim Barg

    Disney buys LucasFilms for $4.05 billion

    Dunno how legit this is, but saw this on another forum (one that Josh upthread frequents) regarding the condition of OT prints: Quote: Hasn't Robert Harris more or less said they exist (from other sources, I think)?
  3. Jim Barg

    The First Avenger : Captain America May 6th, 2011

    I think they made a reference to the Super Soldier Serum in Hulk, maybe? Anyway, this was fantastic. At least as good as Iron Man, if not more so.
  4. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    I gotta think it's a style thing. Good Kosinski interview from Collider (43 minutes in IMAX, holy crap!) Spoilery, as well.
  5. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    No, the film ignores Tron 2.0 completely. And so do the games (supposedly). Joe: I agree. However, I'd figure that we haven't seen the last of Tron. Tron: Redemption, perhaps?
  6. Jim Barg

    Lost footage of 2001: A Space Odyssey found

    Man, that trailer... why in the world would the Kubrick estate cancel another 2001 documentary? Ugh. Anyway, as incidental as that footage is, it's still worthy of public viewing.
  7. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    The Nokia Ovi player, available outside of the US. You can find the track online if you're willing to search. I have to figure that Disney's going to release some sort of uber-edition next year, considering the chart success so far.
  8. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    True 3D. There's about 10-15 minutes of converted IMAX footage if you see the film that way.
  9. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    The eye candy and the ear candy were both fantastic. See it in IMAX, if you can. Spoilery stuff for Doug: I read an interview with Boxleitner where he mentioned that the ENCOM stuff was part of the reshoots that were done, so maybe Murphy was added at the last minute? If there's a...
  10. Jim Barg

    2010 at the Box Office

    There was a Hollywood Reporter article last week that had Tron's tracking at $35m for opening weekend, which would be disastrous even with the holiday bump. Realistically, Disney couldn't have expected another Pirates, could they? I'm as big a fanboy for Tron as anything, but $200m was my...
  11. Jim Barg

    "True Grit" remake by Coen Brothers

    Second trailer. This looks fantastic.
  12. Jim Barg

    Roger Ebert on Oprah and his Oscar predicitons

    I posted a YouTube clip of his appearance on Facebook and got a rather snarky response from one of my classmates. (I'm currently taking a master's degree in journalism at Goldsmiths College in London. I'm the only American and none of my classmates are film geeks by any stretch of the...
  13. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    Avatar Day style event on Saturday. Got my ticket!
  14. Jim Barg

    The Tonight Show w/Conan O'Brien

    That was completely worth getting up at 4 am London time to watch.
  15. Jim Barg

    2009 at the Box Office

    Greg, Alice in Wonderland is scheduled for March 5, but it'll be interesting should Avatar win a bunch of Oscars on March 7.
  16. Jim Barg

    Clash of the Titans trailer

    A new trailer is floating around YouTube (having problems linking to it). Gladiator with monsters sounds like a reasonable description.
  17. Jim Barg

    Tron Legacy

    We have a trailer! It's last year's Comic-Con footage...
  18. Jim Barg

    new punisher movie....

  19. Jim Barg

    new punisher movie....

    I really had no interest in this whatsoever, and then I read the reviews over at CHUD and AICN. I figured it was worth taking a chance on for five bucks. Hoo boy, was it fun. Dumb? Yeah. But they nailed the hyperviolent cartoonishness of the Ennis run on the character, it veers into camp and...
  20. Jim Barg

    Lionsgate Press Release: RAMBO Special Editions (DVD/Blu-ray)

    I actually traded in the set. Now I'm just hoping the extras are reasonably similar.
  21. Jim Barg

    Lionsgate Press Release: RAMBO Special Editions (DVD/Blu-ray)

    If they port over the featurettes from the 2002 release (the tin box) on that bonus disc, then I'll pick it up. Otherwise, I'll just get Rambo and call it a day.
  22. Jim Barg

    Warner Bros., any plans for an anamorphic "2010"

    Throw my name in, too. Would be neat to get a Hyams/Clarke commentary.
  23. Jim Barg

    New Indiana Jones SEs Coming?

    I'm more than happy to wait until the holidays and get the you-know-it's-coming four-movie set. If there are good quality extras for the originals, I can always pawn the 2003 set off onto my brother or my parents. If not, I'll just pick up Indy IV and be done with it. That would be wonderful...
  24. Jim Barg

    2008 at the Box Office

    No problem, Terry, you've earned it. Quite a few of us at work figured that the film would be better geared for a release on the weekend of the 14th, since that's February recess for local schools and colleges (and I assume most cities across the country do the same for President's Day)...
  25. Jim Barg

    2008 at the Box Office

    Word came down from Disney to my theater's management Friday afternoon that they were adding another week to the run... after that, isn't Spiderwick Chronicles supposed to be taking most of those digital/IMAX screens on the 14th? Also, I don't know if they track this, but would this be the...
  26. Jim Barg

    In the Name of the King

    There's nothing wrong with that... heh. Course, I should mention that I haven't PAID for any of the good doctor's films. The only benefit of working at a theatre, naturally. So, my friends and I are going to take in a Wednesday night screening (on my birthday, no less) this week. We've got...
  27. Jim Barg

    In the Name of the King

    Or better yet, get a bunch of your smartass buddies together and reenact an episode of MST3K. Works great for House of the Dead, Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark. (For the record, we've been waiting two years for this, after the trailer was attached to Bloodrayne...)
  28. Jim Barg

    Terry Gilliam's Adventures of Baron Munchausen 2-disc SE - 04/088

    That trailer is fantastic, I saw it just once on E! in the spring of 1989 and spent the next two months hoping that it would play in Rochester. My hopes were dashed. If you've ever read Andrew Yule's Losing the Light, which is a pretty candid take on the Munchausen production, he goes into...
  29. Jim Barg

    Terry Gilliam's Adventures of Baron Munchausen 2-disc SE - 04/088

    Yes! As I was saying to a coworker today raving about the Blade Runner set, 'I can't think of the next DVD purchase I'm going to make'. Looks like I just found it! I hope they include the trailer, as it was a thing of insane beauty, much like the film. Could The Fisher King be far behind?
  30. Jim Barg

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Of course! Monday felt like Christmas Eve. Got my set at 9:45 am Tuesday at BB (where they had a bunch of the briefcases, was worried walking in and there was no display). I've finished the Final Cut (it just feels like a different film now) and am about 2/3 through Dangerous Days. All I...