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  1. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-5-2019

    Bet you're wrong. ;-) Thanks, as always, for the great work on the list, Mike. In days past, you got the best deals during release week. Now, you are just going to get hosed, and thanks to Disney now owning about everything, you can count on waiting six months to a year after release to get a...
  2. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 8-22-2017

    Thanks, as usual, Mike! It's worth noting the link, and price in the table above for Ash Vs Evil Dead s2 on Amazon above is actually from the s1 set. The actual Amazon price for s2 is $25.99...
  3. Sigwolf

    Weekly Roundup 1-26-2016

    Boy, it seems like Amazon isn't even trying any more with the prices. I'm very afraid to see what the prices will be like if Best Buy goes under... I want to pick up Da Vinci's Demons s3 on Blu, expecting that Amazon will match Best Buy's price as they did with the DVD version. The price has...
  4. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 1-5-2016

    Sicario when the price comes down to a reasonable level. I'm really pissed they're releasing The Last Kingdom on DVD only... wanted that one on Blu.
  5. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 10-20-2015

    I went through chat today, as well. Rather than give me a gift code or promotional credit, the rep I had said I would get the $5 credit on my credit card. It would appear they don't even have a uniform way to handle when they screw up a promotion that should have happened automatically...
  6. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 10-20-2015

    Same thing here. I got the shipping notice and no gc e-mail.
  7. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 10-20-2015

    I would guess so, but it seems no one is really sure right now since there was no mention of it in the order confirmation. Hopefully when the order ships you'll get an email with the info on the gift card.
  8. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 10-20-2015

    FWIW, since I started this mess... I ordered the regular Blu, and it showed up as $19.98 in my cart. There was no mention of the gift card during checkout or in the confirmation, so I guess I'm just hoping for the e-mail when it ships. I hope it goes correctly, because it will likely be a...
  9. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 10-20-2015

    Thanks, Mike! It may be worth noting that Amazon is offering a $5 gift card with Jurassic World if you preorder before midnight (pacific time) today. (Saturday)
  10. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 7-14-2015

    On several recent ones they've eventually matched the price, but not until late in the release week.
  11. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 6-2-2015

    Very disappointed to see, yet again, two new studio releases (Focus and Jupiter Ascending) sold for a reasonable price on DVD, and a ridiculous price on Blu. Since American Sniper was just released in the same fashion, it appears to be a trend, and one that means I won't be buying much at...
  12. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-3-2015

    It can't be stated enough what a great service you provide, Mike. It's been a while since your medical scare put you out of commission for a little while, but during those weeks I felt lost without your release threads. I've really come to rely on them to keep me up to date on new releases...
  13. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 8-19-2014

    Two things... is showing the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu combo for $17.99. [...and they've already fixed it, shows $19.99 now] The picture above for Jarhead 2 shows the cast of the original Jarhead, absolutely none of which are in the sequel. ;)
  14. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 6-3-2014

    Additionally, Target is still showing the blu ray as a pre-order with a release date of 6-10, and says it's not available in stores.
  15. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-4-2014

    Thank you for making us a part of your rehabilitation. You have been, and are still going through a very traumatic experience. Understand that what may be therapeutic to you makes life easier for a lot of people that may have taken this information for granted. If this helps you at this point...
  16. Sigwolf

    Sign the card! The Official "GET WELL SOON" thread for Mike Frezon!

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!
  17. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 1-28-2014- The Get Well Soon, Mike Edition

    Thanks again for the updates, Ric. I am so used to checking this forum once a week for new dvd prices. Now I am checking it a few times a day for these updates and hoping for more good news.
  18. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 1-28-2014- The Get Well Soon, Mike Edition

    That just breaks my heart. I so hope he can pull through this. He has given so much to this forum, and he and his family are in my thoughts with all the positive energy I can possibly muster.
  19. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 1-21-2014

    Not sure if I missed an announcement, but, DVD's aside, does anyone know if Mike is OK?
  20. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-26-2013

    I wouldn't worry too much. I don't remember which title, but I had one just a few weeks ago that they didn't match until a few days later. I just got an e-mail, and a credit back to my account without having to do anything.
  21. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-26-2013

    Prices a bit high for a 10 episode first season, but I may pick up Continuum... Things look great this week, Mike. Thanks for the continued hard work every week. :)
  22. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-19-2013

    I don't understand why some people are posting that there is no problem with the tables... I'm getting no tables at all, just a compressed list of titles/numbers. SD-DVD TITLE AmazonBestBuyTarget All Together $26.96 $24.99 Angus Buchan's Ordinary People $19.54 $19.99 Bachelorette $12.96 $14.99...
  23. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 1-8-2013

    Tony - The review you linked is over 2 years old, and the DVD of My Dog Tulip has been available since August 2011... is there a new release planned?
  24. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 9-11-2012

    I guess the ABC TV coupons were limited in number. I tried to get one for Castle s4 yesterday, and the only one that came up was 'Canada only', along with US and Canada coupons for Private Practice and last weeks coupons. I thought it might be a glitch they would fix after the weekend, but...
  25. Sigwolf

    Farscape The Complete Series Coming Soon From A&E Home Entertainment

    I'm glad I bought this years ago and didn't have to wait...
  26. Sigwolf

    Buck Rogers in the 21st Century

    Umm, just say no to drugs? Can anyone else formulate a reply to this?
  27. Sigwolf

    Battlestar Galactica: The Classic Series

    I don't really think you can draw any comparisons to the price for the Vice set, since that was five seasons versus eight for Magnum.
  28. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 3-18-2008

    I just wanted to add another note of appreciation for the work that goes into the roundup every week. It is always the first thing I check when looking for new releases.
  29. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 12-25-2007

    Thank *you* for the great work in these threads. I've been reading for quite some time, but finally decided to register.
  30. Sigwolf

    Weekly RoundUp 12-25-2007

    Just a reminder that I was surprised to see no one mention here... Universal Studios bumped up the release date on their titles to today, 12/23. So The Kingdom, the American Pie Presents movies, Eastern Promises, Intimate Affairs, and Galatica 1980 are all available today instead of Wednesday. I...