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    NFL 2016-17 Regular Season Discussion

    The Lions will be 7-9 at best with greater potential, I just don't about that offense, plus, they are the Lions, they just can't ever be good.
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    2016 Vizio P, FALD, Dolby HDR, Google Cast remote, bang for the buck monster!

    Ok thanks! Everything we run is through the Xbox or PlayStation anyway, I just want the best picture I can get for my limited budget.
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    2016 Vizio P, FALD, Dolby HDR, Google Cast remote, bang for the buck monster!

    I have to learn what that is. I've been out of the game for a while, haven't even been on the forum in years, but trying to get back in it but make smart choices for my limited budget.
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    2016 Vizio P, FALD, Dolby HDR, Google Cast remote, bang for the buck monster!

    Are you still happy with the display? I am ready to buy now and it's all so confusing anymore. I have an Xbox one and a ps3 that need to look good.
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    Movie Scenes with no music only a bass line?

    I am having a very hard time recalling a particular scene, and I can't even tell you what movie it is, where it is quiet, but there is a bass line, almost like a heartbeat. It is driving me crazy. Any and all help would be deeply appreciated....
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    Paradigm Studio CC and ADP v2 Black

    Paypal preferred. Thank you.
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    Paradigm Studio CC and ADP v2 Black

    Hello all! I am forced to sell most of my home theater equipment and have to part with these. First I have have a Paradigm Studio CC v2 in black. The speaker was purchased new from a local home theater store and was powered by an Anthem amp that I recently sold. It is a beast of a speaker...
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    Top 5 stalled shows you want to see completed

    NYPD Blue. They stopped just as the show was reaching its peak IMHO. Please get it going again. PLEASE
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    Anthem MCA5 Black

    Sold on Ebay. Thanks for looking.
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    Anthem MCA5 Black

    I have an Anthem MCA5 in black that I am selling due to downgrade per the wife. It has been used to power my Paradigm stuff but it just isn't viable anymore. I really hate to get rid of it. It is in great working condition and has balanced and rca inputs. The amp is 200x5 and is a great amp...
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    Will the Onkyo TX-SR607 be enough to power my speakers?

    Sadly, my speakers have become mixed over the years, and I don't get to play them that loudly anymore due to the kids. I have some tower PSB speakers, then Paradigm Studio CC and ADPs. I just want to know if you guys think that this receiver will be enough that if I want to turn it up, it can...
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    NFL 2009 Offseason thread

    I hate, absolutely hate the Lions pick, especially the Pettigrue or however you spell it pick. I would have much rather had an OT than a TE. Don't even get me started on Stafford. I am fine with Delmas as he was the #1 rated safety and word is New England was pretty upset that the Lions took him...
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    What to do with old systems?

    One set of my Grandparents had a Colecovision, the other set had an Intellivision, both great fun in their day. I remember my Grandmother loved ladybug for the Coleco while my Grandfather on the other side loved Burgertime.
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    Need help naming classic arcade game

    It wasn't Ikari Warriors was it?
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    Streaming Problems with Netflix through Xbox 360???

    When its hooked up with the HDMI cable its all set for you, though I must admit for about the last week and a half to two weeks there have been no streaming issues, been nice.
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    Nibiru and Planet X....What's this all about?

    Yes, you got me, I did not phrase it correctly, my mistake.
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    Nibiru and Planet X....What's this all about?

    According to a NASA Astro-biologist, it is a non existent hoax. Search results Nibiru Ask an Astrobiologist NASA Astrobiology
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    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Warner will be in, I have no doubt about it. As far as the Lions go, while I agree getting a good LT would be nice, the problem is Backus. You can't move him to Guard, he would get plowed there, and you can't move him to RT since Gosder Cherilus is there and shows good potential. You can't...
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    Circuit City closing all stores -- watch for bargains coming soon

    I picked up Lego Batman for xbox 360 today for $30 and I got a stand my wife and I had been looking at for a couple of months. Prior to the going out of business anouncment it was 320 or so, we got it for 135 out the door. Other than that it was very picked over and not very good deals on...
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    Can anyone identify this tree?

    My parents are up from Punta Gorda visiting and Mom seems to think its an Orchid Tree. She isn't positive, but that is her gut feeling.
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    MLB Hot Stove 2008-2009

    If there is anyone in the sports world, aside from Matt Millen that I personally want to punch, its Bob Costas. It has been interesting to see the unsealed information from the Bonds case. I am very excited for the Tigers again this year, hopefully they won't disappoint the way they did...
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    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    I look at Fitz and see what Calvin Johnson will be in another year or two. They will probably be 1-2-3 in the league with Andre Johnson for the next few years. I mean, come on, look at Calvins numbers this year, tied for the league lead in TD's, fourth or fifth most yards, with who as his qb in...
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    Wii selling power begins to pay off

    It is? My new console, along with the two other consoles I purchased didn't have Wii Play with them, though they all did include Wii Sports. I would say that Wii Play is popular since it comes with a controller, or at least used to.
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    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Best halftime ever? Really? I respect Springsteen, and he had some good intesity, but he just doesn't sing well, IMHO. While everyone gave Prince a hard time about the whole shadow incident, I haven't heard anything about Bruce's mic between the legs while bending backwards opening. It was a...
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    TRANSFORMERS 2 Rumblings/Filming!

    Well I thought the first film kicked ass from an old Transformers fan from the 80's and am pretty pumped for the first one.
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    superbowl, and i don't care!

    I say let the team with the most Michigan players on it win. That would be the Cardinals, 5-2. I don't really care, but am sort of pulling for the Cards.
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    Your Next New Car

    I have a 99' Audi A4 quattro that has 124,000 miles on it. Haven't had to do anything to it other than regular maintenance. I did have a tie rod replaced that was 150$. I love the all wheel drive here in Michigan, and I even towed a guy out of a snow bank with it. I hope to have it another five...
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    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    The Lions are also the only team to lose money on 2007! Yay. Forbes: Lions lose money as well as games | | Detroit Free Press
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    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    IMHO the Lions should take Andre Smith OT with the first pick. If he is there Maaulaga or however you spell his name with the #20 pick, then another LB with the first pick in the second round. If they are going to take a QB I really think they should take the kid from Ball St. in the third or...