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  1. Danny R

    HTF 2004-2005 Fantasy Football League

    I'll pass this year. I've already got committments for other leagues, and haven't been as active in this forum lately. I was in League II.
  2. Danny R

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Been catching up: Of course, I had "the world is round" issues with the whole thing - doesn't a straight line between Fred and this spot in the UK mostly flow underground? Yeah, but my feeling is that the damage would happen as they moved the casket. After reading over all of this...
  3. Danny R

    Album database?

    Is there a website simular to IMDB that covers music? At worst something that perhaps lists all the american released albums in the past four decades? In particular I'd like to have the ability to sort music by genre and year, getting a list of artists that had hit songs during that time...
  4. Danny R

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Ack! Atlanta's WB-36 (WATL) is airing Angel in zoomed mode to fill the screen. There are no bars on the top and bottom, and the WB logo has just its very left edge visible on the right side of the screen. I thought this was just a formatting error last week, but twice in a row spells trouble...
  5. Danny R

    Problem with Sony 53HS10

    Connecter problems (usually where the connecter is soldered to the boards) tend to be intermittent and easily disturbed by vibration or tapping on them lightly with a non-conductive prob Interesting that you said this, because this morning the TV magically started working properly again...
  6. Danny R

    Problem with Sony 53HS10

    Ok, no bites yet. I did a little searching, and found a repair website that listed a simular problem: Problem: Severe horizontal lines in video from Composite, tuner and S-video input modes. Component video is fine. Picture and picture are normal when using composite, tuner or S-video...
  7. Danny R

    Problem with Sony 53HS10

    Our Sony 53HS10 RPTV has suddenly developed a problem. I was hoping someone here might be able to help diagnose what it is before I start looking for repair options (and I'm praying that perhaps there is some sort of home repair I might do to avoid the cost - I'm comfortable disassembling...
  8. Danny R

    Best credit cards that earn points/rewards?

    Paypal offers both credit and debit cards. I don't know about the credit version, but Paypal's debit card gives ~1% interest for balances held in their accounts as if it were a money market account, and 1.5% cashback for all credit type payments. On the cashback, you don't have to wait for...
  9. Danny R

    Wheel of Time #10 released today

    Yup. New Spring is a short story that first appeared in the Legends collection. Its basically the early story of how Moiraine and Lan get together.
  10. Danny R

    Wheel of Time #10 released today

    AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just found out that Robert Jordan hasn't been spending the time since finishing Crossroads of Twilight on the next book in the series, what will be #11. Instead, he has been fleshing out his short story "New Spring" into a full novel. Jordan writes:
  11. Danny R

    Air Force One uses odd 2-sided labeling?

    As long as you know which side is which, I don't see how this is an issue for you if you got a mislabeled copy. Not a real issue... just a small irritation to have the movie start with the rant about being resized for my television when I was expecting widescreen. :/
  12. Danny R

    Air Force One uses odd 2-sided labeling?

    Just curious, but does anyone else have a copy of Air Force One (one side is P&S, the other Widescreen) that can check something? Usually on these two sided disks, the label around the ring describes what is on the opposite side of the disk, just as if the disk were one sided with a...
  13. Danny R

    The coming (space) storm...

    Keep a silica packet in your pocket, and all will be ok.
  14. Danny R

    What to do with used antifreeze

    If you don't like your significant others, you could always put the antifreeze in their drink as this lady in Georgia apparently did to two of hers: Georgia Antifreeze Murders
  15. Danny R

    LOTR: FOTR and TTT Extended Editions to be shown in theaters in December!

    Oh crap. Atlanta's Regal 24 has already sold out.
  16. Danny R

    What do those little silica packets do?

    Yep, gotta watch out for that explosive re-humidification. No worries there... just toss in another silica packet from time to time. But this does make me wonder if there is a limit to how many silica packets can be present in any given location, or if, like plutonium or other heavy...
  17. Danny R

    Bad to wait until fuel light come on before refueling?

    Your local gas is only $1.15???????? Someone must have been reading this post and said, "Well, we can't let Atlanta get away with THAT!" Gas prices jumped up to $1.29 last night. Yikes.
  18. Danny R

    Atlanta - A city without a soul?

    I've been here since 1988. In general I think what makes Atlanta the best is its great combination of big-city and small town. Because we are sprawled out (a good thing in my opinion, although others disagree), there are lots of small-town pockets right in the heart of the city. Thus I can go to...
  19. Danny R

    Bad to wait until fuel light come on before refueling?

    Don't you know that the E on the guage stands for excitement... ;) I always run my 96 civic down below the empty guage and have never had a problem. I refuse to buy gas in town (10 cents higher) so I am always pushing it to get to the local station ($1.15 currently)
  20. Danny R

    using my new checking card?

    I've had three problems with debit cards, all of which could also happen with a standard credit card, but when combined with your primary checking account made a problem... The first was that after purchasing something at Radio Shack, somehow the person after me rang up a $200 part or such...
  21. Danny R

    Get your Windows 2000/XP patched up

    This virus is absolutely flooding our network. I turned on a machine today that had been off for the past two weeks. I verified it was clean and started to install the patch. Prior to finishing, it had already been infected, less than 5 minutes of uptime. Wow. Luckily I was able to kill the...
  22. Danny R

    CD Drive doesn't work unless a CD is inserted during login

    I'm pretty certain it is either an operating system issue with XP or perhaps a hardware issue with the controller on the motherboard. I can boot all day long from the CD and run it fine (and again, the drive works PERFECTLY if a CD is present during login). I've already done a boot from CD and...
  23. Danny R

    CD Drive doesn't work unless a CD is inserted during login

    I've got a really weird problem. My CD drive doesn't seem to work unless a CD is inserted when you login to XP. It doesn't matter what CD you insert, just so long as one is present. After login you can switch cd's normally and they work fine. On the other hand, if you don't have one, then...
  24. Danny R

    Anyone else a boardgame nut?

    Chess, Scrabble, and Risk are my favorite board games. Our family even has an ongoing joke about playing "a short game of Risk". We all decided to play a game one saturday night. It was to be just a short game... However in our house we don't use the cards, and we also apply the limit of 12...
  25. Danny R

    Anyone Get Their Child Tax Credit Refund Yet ?

    So much for it being used on your kids When the kids pay their own taxes they can get their own money back. ;) I don't have kids, but I have noticed that the withholding portion of the tax bill is also in effect, as I'm getting about $15 more per check. $15 x 26 checks remaining this year...
  26. Danny R

    An Ebay Question?

    I think Patrick Sun has had problems with people stealing his ebay account a few times.
  27. Danny R

    Help me plan Orlando (Disney) Vacation

    Since you will be doing a LOT of walking, wear very comfortable shoes that have already been broken in, and apply some powder to prevent chaffing. ;)
  28. Danny R

    BB Gun? Yikes!

    What would you use this for? I never really got the BB gun thing. Are they used for sport hunting? No, you don't hunt with BB guns. They don't have enough power usually to kill anything. As I kid I remember we had to put a bird down because a friend plinked it with a BB gun and broke its...
  29. Danny R

    Muggle Alert: Who's Ready For "HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX"?

    What was the significance of the Veil that Sirius passes through? Is it a doorway to the afterlife? Was Sirius killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, or did he die when he slid through the veil and into the afterlife? Yes, its a window into the afterlife. My impression is that you aren't supposed...
  30. Danny R

    Stargate SG:1 - Season 7

    which focuses around finding the Ancients and the Lost City Doh... guess that means they don't find it this season... or perhaps more likely find it and then lose it again.