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  1. Ken Beck

    Recievers to go with Klispch Reference Speakers

    I use the Klipsch Reference 7's with my 49tx - nice clean sound.
  2. Ken Beck

    Queen DVD - is DTS version much better?

    According to the DTS website, the new Queen "Night at the Opera" disk uses DTS 96/24 which would be better - only a couple of receivers can process it though e.g. the Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX. Supposed to be available at Best buy on the 14th of December.
  3. Ken Beck

    Pioneer Elite Recievers

    The VSX-49TX has an RS-232C port which according to the manual "...has the possibility on inputting and/or outputting information to/from the receiver." What did you want to do with the port?
  4. Ken Beck

    How come there's no love for Pioneer Elite receivers on this forum ?

    Pretty popular with me - just got a new 49TX - it's great.
  5. Ken Beck

    Speakers 6&7 In the ceiling Yes/No???

    I'm thinking about doing the same thing but more like 3 feet back - looking at the Klipsch RCR-5 which has a rotating horn.
  6. Ken Beck

    Does the component switching on Pioneer Elites allow for full bandwidth?

    The Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX component video frequency response is 5 Hz to 40 MHz +0 -3 dB.
  7. Ken Beck

    progressive-scan dvd/xxxx-audio players

    You should post this in the "Home Theater Hardware" area.
  8. Ken Beck

    Apex SACD and DVD-A???

    My guess is that a player in this price range must convert the SACD DSD format to PCM (ala DVD-Audio), thus not taking advantage of the audio qualities of SACD (see ). Since there are more SACD titles available (though almost all stereo)...