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  1. BridgetJZ

    Hard Candy (2005)

    I have this on my Netflix and have heard so many differing things about it, I'll likely just check it out because I'm curious.
  2. BridgetJZ

    West Wing: The Complete Series Collection

    Sheesh $200+ ... so much money. I've been watching the reruns, if I get into the show a bit more, I might consider buying.
  3. BridgetJZ


    I think that Jay's right - I loved my EZ pass when I was driving b/w DC and NYC on a regular basis. Easily cut 45 minutes off the trip. I hear that DC's going to start integrating tolls in 395/95 soon - so it might be a wise investment for anyone who travels through that area.
  4. BridgetJZ


    ditto on that. I'm not a big fan on how its now acceptable to release 15 versions of the same movie, but I'm a sucker. I loan all 15 versions of the LOTR DVDs that came out. and when they do release the ultimate 3,000 disc set, I'll buy that too....
  5. BridgetJZ

    Freddie Mercury biopic in the works

    ick! I'm not too sure that this is such a fantastic idea...
  6. BridgetJZ

    New Scifi channel pilot "Eureka"...

    Eureka pulled some of the highest ratings ever when it premiered. So, yes it definately has a home at SciFi. As far as Puck being hurt, I don't think he died or anything. I just thought that Putnam fired him from the production.
  7. BridgetJZ

    Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

    Major Victory makes this show for me as well. His character is absolutely hilarious. I love the moves he was doing while he was running. He has the Superhero thing down. The first episode is also available for free DL on iTunes.
  8. BridgetJZ

    BT - "This Binary Universe" CD / DVD

    I haven't known BT to be big on vocals.
  9. BridgetJZ

    Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

    Comic Book geeks unite! Anyone catch this last week? $10 says that Creature and Major Victory hook up by the end of the season...
  10. BridgetJZ

    Transformers (2007)

    I heard that Frank Welker is also in talks to be added to the voice cast as well. That would be awesome!
  11. BridgetJZ

    Transformers (2007)

    I know one thing, a few changes aren't going to dissuade me from seeing this. Its an adaptation...the directors have the right to make some changes. Such being said, I am glad that they didn't change Optimus Prime's voice! wheee!
  12. BridgetJZ

    *** Official PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Man's Chest Discussion Thread

    Loved, loved this movie. I thought that it deserved every penny that it earned on Friday. Such being said, I agree with the above posters thoughts on resolution. I like the way that it ended though, because its just open ended enough for the next one.
  13. BridgetJZ

    Little Man - The Wayans Brothers Next Film

    I recently caught a commercial for that movie Little Man that comes out on Friday. Looks kinda funny, if not completely rediculous. Might check it out. I think it looks better than You, Me and Dupree....
  14. BridgetJZ

    Can anyone provide their experiences using

    Well, it'll be nice to get a feel for the portal they use and that sort of thing before I commit myself. I really like that they have a reasonable (about $10) one-at-a-time plan. How's their selection as compared to Blockbuster or something?
  15. BridgetJZ

    jury duty

    That's crazy. I once got called to jury duty during the busiest time ever for my PR firm. When they interviewed them i told them that i could tell guilt just by looking at someone. I never had to serve.
  16. BridgetJZ

    Cooking shows?

    I watched Hell's Kitchen at a friend's house last night, pretty good, but seemed more like a game show. Take Home Chef seems more up my alley...maybe I'll like Good Eats though.
  17. BridgetJZ

    GameShow Appreciation Thread....

    wow that would be great to see Plinko in HD:)
  18. BridgetJZ

    Entourage season 3 (Parts 1 and 2)

    James Woods was definitely funny. So i was chatting and commented that I thought this was the first espidoe in HDTV, i guess I was right. Are the DVDs in widescreen? I know with Six Feet Under, it took at least 3 seasons before they put it in widescreen and HDTV.
  19. BridgetJZ

    Cooking shows?

    My mom would be so proud. After finally getting some cool cooking stuff (waffle maker, nice full range skillet, etc), I'm starting to get into cooking. Right now I kind of feel like the robot in Short Circuit wanting more input though. Does anyone have any cooking shows they would suggest for...
  20. BridgetJZ

    Nacho Libre

    Mike White?? What has he done?? I'm not too familiar with the name. Dude, WWE has a profile up for Ignacio on their Smackdown site - BRILLIANT!!
  21. BridgetJZ

    'GHOST HUNTERS' Season 2 on Sci-Fi.

    Yeah, they had been calling these past few seasons "the Back 9." I kind of like it this way -- we have less time to wait until Season 3. Anyway - what did you guys think of the finale?? I thought that going to such a recognizable site was a great way to end the season.
  22. BridgetJZ

    Can anyone provide their experiences using

    I know that this is an old thread, but I'd thought that I'd revive it. I'm a relatively new gamer, having never had the time to really devote to gaming until recently. Having played xbox 360, and really enjoying the experience, I was a little put off because the games were so frickin...
  23. BridgetJZ

    My Super Ex-Girlfriend

    God, I dunno. Looks kind of dumb. I like superhero flicks I can dig a good romantic comedy but I don't know that the two of them really need to be put together.
  24. BridgetJZ

    Russian Movies

    I'm kind of ashamed to say this, but I think that Night Watch is probably one of the only Russian films I've ever seen. I agree with you that while it is not LOTR or the Matrix, it was still highly enjoyable.
  25. BridgetJZ

    Nacho Libre

    Even though I saw and really liked Napoleon Dynamite (I caught it before all the hype), Nacho Libre really doesn't seem to imitate that style at all. The humor was much less deadpan than ND's humor was. Regardless, I think we can count on this guy to deliver an original, slightly...
  26. BridgetJZ

    2006 at the Box Office

    Yeah. Totally. Hanks has a lot going on...he does a lot of work behind the scenes w/ a variety of projects. Anyway, I have not yet gotten around to seeing Da Vinci, but i don't understand why sony would NOT want to cash in on that.
  27. BridgetJZ

    Nacho Libre

    What movie theaters have you been going to?? Heh. Anyway - the guys over at Latino Review have a pretty comprehensive list of stills, video confessionals, etc. Just ran into it today.
  28. BridgetJZ

    'GHOST HUNTERS' Season 2 on Sci-Fi.

    I agree. The Lighthouse was among the best of the season. As far as believing in ghosts or not -- I'm still kind of on the fence about that one. Such being said, it doesn't hinder my enjoyment of the show. I think that it's been great regardless. Did anyone watch last night's episode...
  29. BridgetJZ

    Whatever happened to: All the King's Men?

    I remember them bumping the release date to late, late this year or early last year a few months ago.
  30. BridgetJZ

    Nacho Libre

    The trailers say June 2nd?? Really?? THe official site says June 16th - so I'm guessing that'll be it.