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  1. Jeff D.

    Disassemble Hitachi CRT RPTV (FX500)

    I have a friend who wants me to clean out his Hitachi CRT RPTV. Just wondering if anyone has insight on how to get into these sets... Is it nice and easy like Toshiba, which I've done before? Or a nightmare like Sony, which I've also done, but yeesh... Thanks,
  2. Jeff D.

    FS: Anthem AVM 30 Pre/Pro

    ^bump^ Still available...
  3. Jeff D.

    An American Haunting out August 15th?

    I just watched this having rented it at Blockbuster. Was disappointed in the DVD...widescreen, but not anamorphic...seemed to have a ratio of 1.66...then I check and the movie has an OAR of this another botched Canadian release??
  4. Jeff D.

    FS: Anthem AVM 30 Pre/Pro

    Just like the title says... Unit is 13 months old in as-new shape. Comes from smoke/pet free home. Silver in color. Have all original packaging and accessories. Asking US$1950.00, buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking.
  5. Jeff D.

    The Wailin' Jennys

    So glad to see someone mention The Jenny's... I live in their hometown, Winnipeg. I feel privileged to have attended their first performance where they announced the name for the group. It was in a small local guitar shop and was a wonderful, very intimate evening. The highlight of the night...
  6. Jeff D.

    FS: Xbox w/HD pack and 6 games

    A near-mint Xbox - still has the protective plastic on the front panel. Hardly used. Includes: 2 'S' controllers HD pack (component video and optical digital out) 6 games: Tomb Raider: Legend Morrowind Soul Calibur II Super Monkey Ball Deluxe PGR PGR2 Original packaging for all...
  7. Jeff D.

    FS: Dell Latitude D610 Centrino Notebook

    Bought this unit in February of this year. Used only on my desktop, so outer case is mint. Inside in excellent condition - only signs of wear are on keys and trackpad. Even the Centrino and Windows XP stickers are mint. Specs: 1.73Ghz Pentium M Centrino (with wireless, of course) 1Gb RAM...
  8. Jeff D.

    Toshiba 50HX70 problem

    Does the problem occur on all sources, ie. from the ComCast box, from DVD player, etc. If it occurs on all sources, then the problem is no doubt with the TV itself. At that point, follow Michael's advice...check for bad cables. If it is in the set, perhaps there is a cold-solder problem...
  9. Jeff D.

    Choosing between Marantz receivers

    From a pure sound quality perspective, the 7200 and 6400 are the superior units, by far. I work for a Marantz dealer and have sold many units from all these series. Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in swaying you any way, since we don't sell online. Anyway, there is no denying the...
  10. Jeff D.

    Marantz 7300 OSE noise - is there a fix?

    Good to hear you got the OSE fixed Chris. It was definitely a gem in the Marantz catalog, much like the x000 series before it. Enjoy!
  11. Jeff D.

    Marantz SR 7400 owners and heat?

    Chris; We've had no complaints of heat issues with any of the x400 series. Our demo 7400, which was often placed in situations of less than adequate ventilation, never seemed unduly warm and operated a-ok. Jeff.
  12. Jeff D.

    Mixing recievers with speakers

    Very simply, the impedance rating (or ohm rating) of a speaker measures its resistance to the power fed to it by the receiver. The higher the impedance, the higher the resistance. Therefore, a 4 ohm speaker draws twice as much power from a receiver as an 8 ohm speaker. One sidenote: despite...
  13. Jeff D.

    You Subwoofer Thoughts Requested!

    Martin: You may want to read the review over at Secrets on the new Seismic 12: Seismic 12 Review It is an absolutely incredible performer - I personally feel it outdoes the Servo 15. Jeff.
  14. Jeff D.

    How many years are CD players good for??

    That is exactly what it is - an industry average. I was disappointed when I saw that figure, because I for one expect more than five years out of my CD players. :) Jeff.
  15. Jeff D.

    How many years are CD players good for??

    Kevin: The sonic performance of a CD player, as Lewis has said, will not degrade - either it works or it doesn't. But as long as it is still functional, a CD player will sound just as good as the day it was purchased. Functional performance, however, can degrade. For example, if either the...
  16. Jeff D.

    Paradigm v.3 40's - where to purchase?

    Louis: Go to the Paradigm site ( and use the dealer locator to find a dealer in your area. Paradigm speakers are not available for purchase online. I don't personally like the Yamaha/Paradigm combination. I'd go for a warmer, more detailed receiver from companies like Marantz...
  17. Jeff D.

    Anthem D1/AVM20/AVM30

    Randy: The AVM-30 should be sonically identical to the 20. What was changed: - a faster processor for better responsiveness in operations. - more onboard memory for broader support of future updates. - an additional two component inputs and one component output. - the display is...
  18. Jeff D.

    cd player question

    Of course it depends on the player, but any CD player I've come across outputs both digital and analog signals, so that would be the best bet and would yield better results than would a splitter. Jeff.
  19. Jeff D.

    How many years are CD players good for??

    Kevin: There was an industry survey conducted recently and the results stated that the _average_ lifespan of a CD player is currently 5 years. I forget where I read this, but it was in a trade publication (I work for a hifi store). Now, that is average. There are machines out there that...
  20. Jeff D.

    Speaker grills for paradigm monitor 7s

    Ryan; Contact your local Paradigm dealer...they should be able to bring them in for you. Jeff.
  21. Jeff D.

    Please help: Rotel 1056 or NAD T763

    In my opinion, the sonic qualities of the NAD are better suited to the Paradigm speakers than the Rotel, though both are solid products. If you can, try auditioning both for yourself and trust your ears. After all, whatever you think sounds best IS best. :) Jeff.
  22. Jeff D.

    Anthem D1/AVM20/AVM30

    Scott: The AVM-30 is listed at CDN$4,000. Jeff.
  23. Jeff D.

    Temporary replacement of SR 6200. SR 7000 vs SR 8000?

    Sorry Chris, didn't see you already got the 7000. :) The 7300 OSE is the closest you can get to the sound of those x000 receivers. In fact, the lineage of the OSE is similar to that of the 8000 - the 8000 is simply a tweaked out 7000, with the same tweaks found in the OSE - copper chassis...
  24. Jeff D.

    Temporary replacement of SR 6200. SR 7000 vs SR 8000?

    Chris: First off, either unit is excellent - the 7000 and 8000 come from a very fine pedigree of Marantz receivers. Now, bear in mind I am a bit biased as I am still a proud owner of an SR-8000. The 7000 was and still is one of the best sounding HT receivers in its price bracket. The 8000...
  25. Jeff D.

    Good banana's for bi-wiring?

    Chris: Without doubt the best banana plug I have come across is the Deltron Gold. This banana uses a spring mechanism, as opposed to the standard "umbrella" style. It ensures a tight fit even after multiple reinsertions. We use these in our store, where cables are probably shifted 30+ times a...
  26. Jeff D.

    Canadian Marantz dealers not on Marantz website?

    Chris: There is change afoot with Marantz in Canada. Lenbrook Industries was previously the distributor and service depot for the product, however they are now strictly an agent. Marantz Canada will now be taking over much of Lenbrook's previous duties. The switchover was to occur April 1st...
  27. Jeff D.

    Aside from Bose, speakers you would never buy?

    Of course the sentiments many have of Bose speakers. The problem with them is simply value - they are overpriced. At a 1/3rd of their cost, they would be decent speakers. They can also sound quite good in their way, if you've never heard a quality hi-fi speaker before. For many people, it isn't...
  28. Jeff D.

    Anybody with experiences of the Paradigm Micros?

    NickSo: The Micros are a decent speaker, but if you can afford the jump in $ to get to the Atoms (and it shouldn't be too much of a jump), then I'd go for the Atoms. The Atoms are absolutely remarkable given their size, and they have a fuller, lusher presentation when compared to the Atom...
  29. Jeff D.

    FS: Home Theater System. Marantz/Paradigm/Toshiba/Tara-Labs

    Hey everyone...just thought I'd chime in and vouch for this guy. He's a friend of mine and I encouraged him to sign up here to help him sell his gear. He's a trustworthy chap and the gear is all in great shape. Will be a good deal for someone! Jeff.
  30. Jeff D.

    Arcam dvd v. ?

    The upshot of it is that the Arcam's video performance is not particularly exciting. Yes, it does suffer from the chroma bug. In my opinion, while the bug is often blown out of proportion, it does have an effect on overall picture quality, not just on the few discs people look for it. After all...