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  1. David Rogers

    Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (Oct 06)

    I did. It was powerful emotion, reading those words. Because when Adama says it, you believe. You believe he'll come right through hell if that's what it takes to make it, and that's why you believe. Tear drop! ;)
  2. David Rogers

    Survivor: Cook Islands

    Cao Boi is an instant classic, I love that guy. His tribemate's reaction was the best I've seen in a long long time. "Well, I don't have a headache any more, but now I have a red mark on my forhead." And yes, Survivor is "rigged" in that the producers don't pick the contestants and then...
  3. David Rogers

    Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (Oct 06)

    I think any possible, however tiny, fears I may have had about Season 3 have already been addressed; so far the Websodes are hitting the good notes, addressing real themes I feel need to be focused on during an occupation by a hostile force. We've seen some humans organizing (carefully...
  4. David Rogers

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    The newest CHUD review seems to confirm what I've feared ever since I heard Singer'd left the project. It's a real shame it seems Ratner converted X3 into a Mortal Kombat style comic/game movie, rather than continuing the highly effective and successful comic/game movie model shown to audiences...
  5. David Rogers

    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    I have to admit, I didn't get why AJ was giving him money either, unless he was a drug connection who was owed cash or something.
  6. David Rogers

    New Sci-fi channel show "Snap"....

    This sounds kind of interesting. If they handle the writing in a realistic manner, minimize the technobabble, and keep the characters interesting ... could be seriously cool.
  7. David Rogers

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    I think it's a great idea. There's obviously a lot of fertile ground for stories showing not only Caprican life prior to the First Cylon War, but the steps and actions that led to the first Cylon achieving sentience and deciding to turn against humanity. Putting it fifty years back places us...
  8. David Rogers

    Star Trek future movies?

    There has never been a good Klingon movie (i.e. one that gets into their culture I agree a Klingon movie would rock, but I doubt we'd get one until at least two back-to-back-success Trek flicks come out. Particularly if they get someone like Ron Moore involved with these two hopefully...
  9. David Rogers

    Shazam! (2019)

    Honestly, going comedic (not slapstick, but rather with a heavy hand of humor throughout) is probably the best thing they could do for this property. Superman is considered serious, both as a hero and in tone. The easiest way to distinguish Shazam from Superman would be to dial up the humor and...
  10. David Rogers

    Star Trek future movies?

    While I doubt it'd happen, I have to admit Billy Zane would be intriguing as Spock. The more rumors that hit, the more it sounds like Paramount has decided to dial the franchise down and try it a little lower than they have been pursuing for the last fifteen years or so. Same 'brands' (i.e...
  11. David Rogers

    SOPRANOS Season 6: Season Finally!!!.. Episode 12: "KAISHA"

    I agree with the comments about Artie cooking. Just as he got going, they ended it. I was kinda looking forward to seeing him present the dish and having a moment of pureness, back to the roots. Nothing's wrong with being a fabu cook, nothing at all. Especially with this crowd, you cook up a...
  12. David Rogers

    Star Trek future movies?

    Continunity aside, it seems mostly safe to say two of the films often picked as favorites are Kahn and First Contact. I think many fans feel those two films work exceptionally well, and both also were successful at the ticket counter.
  13. David Rogers

    Star Trek future movies?

    If they wanted, they could set it as a parallel prequel; i.e., within the TOS or TNG universe, but not using those characters. The fanboy hook in that case would be the *occasional* mention of something either Enterprise might have been doing at the time that was known across Starfleet or the...
  14. David Rogers

    Star Trek future movies?

    If this really means Berman's not involved, I think we may just have to break out the champagne!
  15. David Rogers

    Wonder Woman (2017)

    Based on Underworld I and II, I'd say Beckinsale is a good choice and should do well under Whendon's direction. His dialog is usually sharp and witty, and we know she can handle the action elements. Sounds good.
  16. David Rogers

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread Speech to Game Developers Conference by Ron Moore.
  17. David Rogers

    'Mission: Impossible 3' On A Mission Again

    However whacked Cruise is in real life (and he's pretty whack), he's still cool on screen. Trailers and teasers have looked progressively better.
  18. David Rogers

    Ghost Rider...can you believe this?

    Ghost Rider was somewhat more about his demonic and cool look than his super/anti-hero abilty. I mean, come on! His head is a flaming skull, and his bike has fire for wheels. Pretty good imagery. But his powers were mostly like what you'd see in a horror film; takes staggering amounts of...
  19. David Rogers

    Star Trek future movies?

    SF: Academy Years is certainly something that's been tossed about for years. Fans have been discussing it for a while. The AICN script review sounds ok enough. What I really really really really don't like about what I read is the ship they go to save is the Enterprise. My suspension of...
  20. David Rogers

    *** Official A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE Discussion Thread

    Basically, after having looked through this thread, I think this film proves once again a significant chunk of audiences are incapable of enjoying, or perhaps accepting, "quiet" performances. Usually you notice this with specific actors people rail about (a quick example of this, which I don't...
  21. David Rogers

    Ultraviolet (merged)

    I was disappointed. No plot, and the CG was not photo-real. Too many cute "she just wiped them all out without showing the move used" bits; too much quick-cut to build and create the action. There were nice sequences, and a few good looking scenes (poses), and some of the effects were kinda...
  22. David Rogers

    Reese Witherspoon passes Julia Roberts...

    Since that much cash is going into the movies, I'd rather a lot of it go to the creative people who make it happen, rather than into studio bank accounts. If you take it from stars, it's not like it'll get handed out to the poor. It goes into year-end bonuses for executives, and that's way...
  23. David Rogers

    From Pixar in 2007: Ratatouille

    A more fair question would be if I'd let Burton work on a horror themed film after Planet of the Apes and the Superman fiascos... But this is about Pixar. They'll stumble sooner or later, everyone does. But they haven't yet.
  24. David Rogers

    From Pixar in 2007: Ratatouille

    Actually a Pixar film about skeletons or ghosts sounds like it'd be kinda cool. Even if they let Burton direct it, still sounds cool.
  25. David Rogers

    Ultraviolet (merged)

    No kidding. I didn't find out about Equilibrium until about two weeks before it, on a trailer the THEATER was showing since they were also going to have the flick... Mmmmmmm, Ultraviolet. Still looks awesome.
  26. David Rogers

    Reese Witherspoon passes Julia Roberts...

    According to the studios, about the time they can't be cast as a 20something girlfriend/wife.
  27. David Rogers

    Who of today's stars will be the icons of tomorrow?..

    Really I only think we have two stars who are likely to achieve the classic level of success the yesteryear stars have generated by now. Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks
  28. David Rogers

    Dragonlance movies?

    Thought I'd pop back in and mention the direct to DVD D&D sequel is tons better than the theatrically released first D&D movie. The first is ... bad. The second is a small movie that looks every bit as good as any of the Blizzard cutscenes we've seen from them over the years (and there is a fair...
  29. David Rogers

    Possible sequel to Clint Eastwood's "Firefox"

    it's been a long time since I read it, but I believe it starts with Firefox force-landing (soft crash) or running out of fuel.
  30. David Rogers

    Ultraviolet (merged)

    Until someone else can make a better movie than Equlibrium, I'm just fine with Wimmer making it over and over. That doesn't necessarily look like what he's doing though; both look like scifi action is all I can tell about Ultra. Definitely doesn't look cheesy. It looks cool.