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    International THE ALAMO (John Wayne's extended cut)

    I'm in the UK and received my "package" in the post on Monday - an empty Amazon cardboard mailer which had been torn open down the entirety of one side and the Alamo BD was long gone. are supposed to be sending a replacement, but it hasn't shipped yet.
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    What would you like to see from Twilight Time next?

    A couple of Sony titles that spring to mind: Only Angels Have Wings & Someone to Watch Over Me.
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    Pain & Gain Giveaway

    I'm in!
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Driver -- in Blu-ray

    Conversely, O'Neal is my main complaint with the film. Whilst I like him as a light leading man, I thought he was completely miscast in The Driver, and quite unconvincing. It's a role that cries out for Steve McQueen and his quiet, cool charisma IMO.
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    What's It Worth To You?

    The one film that sprang straight to mind for me is Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers. One of my all-time favourite movies, the current ropey old Republic DVD is from 1998, and there is no sign of a BD release anywhere on the horizon. I'd gladly pay $40 to see this classic in HD.
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    First thoughts on recently acquired Alien Anthology

    They could have used Carrie Henn again (had they wanted to). Just set Alien 3 a handful of years later, after Ripley, Hicks & Newt have safely returned to earth. Explains the aging of Weaver, Biehn and Henn (or whichever of them re-appeared), and allows for any number of fresh plot directions to...
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    Pick 3 Titles From Each Studio That You Would Like To See On Blu-Ray 2012-2013

    Hopefully I have all the films attributed to the correct studio .... FOX Laura Don't Say a Word Turistas MGM The Alamo (John Wayne's) Notorious Kill Me Again PARAMOUNT To Catch a Thief El Dorado Twilight (the Newman/Hackman/Sarandon neo-noir, not the teen...
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    Presumed Innocent/Frantic Blu-Ray - Double Feature Review

    James, well done for this! Great news. Frantic is one of my very favourite films, so here's hoping WB do finally fix it now.
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    Presumed Innocent/Frantic Blu-Ray - Double Feature Review

    James, that's excellent! Really hope you hear back from Polanski about this.
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    Star Trek TOS Blu Ray set insert ep listing

    Nelson, you're a star. This'll save me the hassle of looking up production order every time I go to watch the next ep. And it looks great. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Film Noir - LIST

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    Superman: The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

    Just checked disc 14; there are indeed 29 journal entries. Nothing else on the disc.
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    Superman: The Ultimate Collection DVD Set

    It is true, I'm afraid. As I posted in the STM audio thread, myself and at least 4 other posters at The DVD Forums have now received the R1 Ultimate Collection from different R1 etailers, and we've all got the wrong Superman III discs. Despite the disc art itself saying 'Deluxe Edition', it...
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    Myself and a few others at the dvd forums have now received the R1 Ultimate Collection, from at least 3 different etailers, and we've all got the old Superman III discs. Warners have screwed up big time.
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    'Miami Vice' Details

    The R1 release is coming December 5: Universal Studios Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Miami Vice for 5th December 2006 priced at $29.98 SRP. Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx star in director Michael Mann’s big-screen...
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    X3: X-Men The Last Stand DVD review

    Just one thing - you mixed up your titles. I think you mean X-Men III: The Last Stand, not X-Men United.:) (admin note - title fixed)
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    When's the new Black Rain (1989) DVD coming out? Looking forward to it myself.
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    I've really enjoyed WB's Noir vol 3 boxset: His Kind of Woman and On Dangerous Ground were the standouts for me, Lady in the Lake and The Racket decent but nothing special, and I have yet to watch Border Incident or the Bringing Darkness to Light documentary. So far I have absolutely no...
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    Film Noir - LIST

    I got the UK R2 Tight Spot a couple of weeks ago, released in a new Sony/Universal Ginger Rogers collection. It's 1.85:1 anamorphic and looks very nice indeed.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Romancing the Stone - Special Edition

    Just watched JotN, and enjoyed it a whole lot more than I remembered from years ago. And yeah, that trailer is on the disc.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Fox Film Noir 19 - VICKI

    Thanks for the review. I really enjoyed Vicki, despite only having seen I Wake Up Screaming a couple of months back (and still remembering all of the plot). Hopefully Fox will keep their Noir line going beyond 2006.
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    Film Noir - LIST

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    dupe post.
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    If you've got a multiregion player, the UK region 2 is anamorphic widescreen:
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    I've watched them both now. I Wake Up Screaming is, IMO, superior, but I still enjoyed Vicki. Richard Boone is a particularly interesting substitute for Laird Cregar in the cop role, and with Jean Peters and Jeanne Crain too :D it's worth a look. I also agree with Craig 100% - even though a...
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    20th Century Fox's 'Film Noir Classics' DVD Series

    I saw this recently as well, and I agree, it's a decent little film. I wouldn't place it in the Fox Noir series though - I don't think it's film noir at all. Maybe a candidate for their Studio Classics range?
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ronald Reagan: The Signature Collection (RECOMMENDED).

    I thought this was an excellent film, too. To my mind Reagan was solid, and Ginger Rogers excelled in the lead role. Agree with you about the way the KKK was portrayed though.
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    Full specs at DVD Times: Paul Newman Marlon Brando Gary Cooper
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Warner's Film Noir Classic Collection V3 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Because Universal owns the rights to The Blue Dahlia and The Glass Key, while Sony/Columbia has Affair In Trinidad and (I think) Woman in the Window. I'd love to see The Big Steal in a future WB noir set, though.