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  1. Steven Hen

    WTB: Paradigm Ref ADP v2 or v3

    sent you a pm.
  2. Steven Hen

    What kind of amp does everybody have?

    Parasound HCA855 (85w x 5) Parasound HCA750 (75w x 2) Cayin TA-30 (30w x 2 or 4w x 2)depending on tube configuration
  3. Steven Hen

    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    Gene Krupa & Harry James Mosaic box @40% off from Borders Roland Kirk complete Mercury Recordings Miles Davis In Stockholm 1960 Complete Clifford Jordan - Glass Bead Games Horace Parlan - Speakin' My Piece
  4. Steven Hen

    HTF Jazz Club

    If anyone enjoys the b3 organ sound, you must check out: Organissimo - Waiting for the Boogaloo Sisters Lots of head bobbing and foot tapping on this cd. This is one of my favorites of the year! Available here
  5. Steven Hen

    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    It's been an expensive week for me: Sam Rivers - Mosaic Bennie Green - Mosaic Select Randy Weston - Mosaic Select Art Ensemble 1967/68 Box Jack Sheldon - Quartet/Quintet Dexter Gordon - The Tower Of Power (vicj) Cedar Walton - Spectrum (vicj) Bobby Timmons - Chun-King (vicj) Three...
  6. Steven Hen

    FS: PSB Alpha B

    how about $125.00 shipped within US?
  7. Steven Hen

    What other music forums do you visit?

    If you are into Jazz, these are good. Organissimo All About Jazz
  8. Steven Hen

    FS: PSB Alpha B

    They are black.
  9. Steven Hen

    FS: PSB Alpha B

    Looking to sell (1) pair of PSB Alpha B speakers. Purchased 6-02. Speakers are in mint condition, will be shipped in original box. Asking $150.00 shipped anywhere in the US. Will accept paypal account transfer or money order. Selling because I upgraded to Polk LSI-9...
  10. Steven Hen

    You Purchase Music!!? (Just Kidding, guys!) So, what did you get week of 7-12 April?

    Keith, The Muddy Waters SACD sounds great to me, but I have nothing to compare it to. The only other Muddy I have is the complete plantation recordings which sound, at times, worse than am radio.
  11. Steven Hen

    You Purchase Music!!? (Just Kidding, guys!) So, what did you get week of 7-12 April?

    Andrew Hill - Judgement, Smokestack Ike Quebec - It Might As Well Be Spring Donald Byrd - At The Half Note Cafe Floyd Dixon - Complete Aladdin Recordings Muddy Waters - Complete Plantation Recordings Kenny Dorham - Matador Duke Ellington - Money Jungle SACD Muddy Waters - Folk Singer
  12. Steven Hen

    Studio 40's vs LSI9's

    I have the studio 40's in veneer on my main system and the lsi9's on my second system. The 40's veneer is much nicer than the lsi9's and I like the looks of the 40's better. Both speakers I feel are very well made. Both sound great. The 40's I feel are more bright than the lsi9's. I end up...
  13. Steven Hen

    Does your BFD buzz?

    My BFD is 100% silent.
  14. Steven Hen

    So - What Music Did You Buy This Week?

    It was a SACD week for me: Pink Floyd - DSOTM...wish there were more sacd's for $12!! Beck - Sea Change John Pizzarelli with The George Shearing Quintet Michael Murray: Dupre - Franck - Widor The selection at BestBuy has grown greatly recently, actually running out of space on the shelf...
  15. Steven Hen

    FS: H/K TC1000 Remote Control

    Sold, Thanks Phil!
  16. Steven Hen

    FS: H/K TC1000 Remote Control

    Scott, What is a Truevision Vid I/O box? I still have the remote, I'd be willing to sell it for $40.00 shipped within US.
  17. Steven Hen

    Wayne Shorter: Which Albums?

    Wayne's RVG editions are must haves for me. JuJu Speak No Evil The all Seeing Eye
  18. Steven Hen

    BMG Music shipment problems

    Just wondering if anyone has had an order from bmg music lost? I had an order ship 12-6 and still haven't got it yet. Their website says to sit tight for 5 weeks. If it doesn't find it's way, does bmg replace it or am I SOL?
  19. Steven Hen

    Windows XP Pro Only $48.94 For MS Resellers

    Just got mine this week, ordered on October 23. Tim, I'm surprised I got mine and you got a sorry charlie email since I ordered after you did....go figure.
  20. Steven Hen

    Essential Albums

    My Jazz essentials Art Blakey - Moanin' Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else Mingus Ah Um Wes Montgomery - Full House Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus Miles Davis - Cookin' (SACD)---Keith, you get this one yet?
  21. Steven Hen

    4 Generations of Miles cd?

    Keith, I got it at Borders (use the 20% off coupon), it was in the Miles Davis section.
  22. Steven Hen

    Recommedation of SACD player

    The Sony ce775 is a great sacd player for $180 if you can find one. I've had mine for 3 months, just got it back from service-they had to replace the laser pickup but the warranty service was very fast. I also have a 555es which is a much better player for about $600.
  23. Steven Hen

    4 Generations of Miles cd?

    :D I just picked up 4 generations. Sounds great, especially for a live recording! They do 3 tunes from Kind of Blue, (Freddie Freeloader, Blue in Green and All Blues) sounds awesome, I am diggin Mike Stearn's electric guitar on these tracks. I highly recommend this disc, good job Chesky...
  24. Steven Hen

    4 Generations of Miles cd?

    Keith, ok, I'll cut you some slack since you already have 2 versions of Cookin'. But real men own the SACD :D :D Kevin, Let us know what you think of 4 generations once you receive it.
  25. Steven Hen

    4 Generations of Miles cd?

    Keith, If you are a real Miles fan and SACD aficionado, then you should really pick up Cookin'on Sacd now! There is no excuse! :D :D
  26. Steven Hen

    4 Generations of Miles cd?

    Has anyone heard this cd? I've been tempted to pick it up but haven't yet. Sure sounds interesting but I haven't heard anything about it. Just wondering if it's a worthwile purchase or not. 4 Generations of Miles - Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb, George Coleman & Mike Stern The night of May 12...
  27. Steven Hen

    Sony Sacd ce775 problems

    I'm happy now! Just got my 775 back and all is good. They replaced the laser pickup assembly.
  28. Steven Hen

    Paradigm: Studio ADP vs Studio 20 for surrounds

    I have Studio 40s front, CC center, ADPs on the side and atoms for the rear. Last weekend I decided to switch the ADPs to the rear and robbed my mini monitors from my second system for the sides. In my room (23'wide x 13'deep), the mini's work much better especially for sacd multichannel music...