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  1. Art C

    PC trouble, am I in trouble here?

    Download and run microsoft antispy that will take care of anything trying to hijack ie
  2. Art C

    What Subwoofer Does Everybody Have?

  3. Art C

    Another thought about SVS...

    They can have my svs sub when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. :D :D :D
  4. Art C

    D\A converter question

    I belive that sacd output will only come through the analog outputs not the digital. So I would still hook up the optical cable then you can take avantage of dd+dts. I belive that they have seperate sections for cleaner sound. ART
  5. Art C

    New B.O.C. word WOW!

    Thanks for the info I will love to add this one to the collection. It is great to hear that B.O.C. is still kicking. ART :D
  6. Art C

    Songs that simply kick you in your....

    Many of mine are already listed. But one that still grabs my by the. Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla and pretty much everything that Pink Floyd ever did. ART:D
  7. Art C

    David Gilmour

    David Gilmour will be on vh1 classic tonight at 8o pm. They will be playing his new DVD. Just incase anyone is interested. ART :D
  8. Art C

    Is Pink Floyd Dead?

    Man I would love a copy of that.
  9. Art C

    got my svs 20-39 today

    I was not happy with my svs sub at first something was missing when it came to music. I almost like my one note wonder klipsch ksw-12 better. Untill two weeks ago I found some speaker wire and tried moving the sub around. Now it sits in a corner near the couch. There is a huge difference in...
  10. Art C

    Opinions On Music DVDs

    These are some of my favorites from my collection. All are recorded very well Ozzie Live and loud. Rodger Waters, In the flesh. Deep Purple, Total Abandon Steve Moorse rocks. Eric clapton, Live in Hyde park. Don Henley, Live inside job Eagles, Hell freezes over Pink Floyd, The Wall...
  11. Art C

    After all my auditioning.....Klipsch it is

    I own Klipsch KLF-20's had them for almost 3 years now and I am still impressed. I love that live sound that big fat thick like the band was in front of you sound. The one where a guitar string gets plucked and it becomes an event. I love how loud these speakers crank with only 50...
  12. Art C

    Bose teams up with Xbox. :(

    For Half that money you can perchase Klipsh promedias speakers that are 4.1 and 400 watts that will play at 110 decibles at listening at listening position with no problem. and slap any bose product in the face. That remark comes from my neighbors who owns one 123 system and the other bose...
  13. Art C

    what music and movies to test the SLAM factor

    For cd slam I recomend some rush Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta and my favorite La Villa Stangiato. every instrument has slam and will move things quite well. ART
  14. Art C

    They're building Empire!

    Queensrych has Operation live crime out on dvd. With many bonus features. Art
  15. Art C

    Anyone going to see Rush this summer?

    Add another person seeing them on friday. ART
  16. Art C

    What Is It Like Being In Love?

    :b Love is like getting hit upside the head with a brick.
  17. Art C

    They're building Empire!

    Queensryche has had a live dvd out for a while now called live evolution and it rocks. very good sound and picture ART
  18. Art C

    What happens when you turn it up?

    Horns baby!!!
  19. Art C

    Tears in my eyes

    I grabbed this from their website 940 WORDS FROM IAN ANDERSON ON THE LIVING WITH THE PAST DVD The various historical live recordings of Jethro Tull have been, as a rule, made for TV - as promotional freebies in return for advertising or to gain spin-off audio...
  20. Art C

    Tears in my eyes

    Ian coverd that in a small booklet in the case I guess allot of people said the same thing that he should do more than one dvd. His reply was that he don't have the time and who would pay much more for it. also choosing the songs was a very hard choice. I...
  21. Art C

    Tears in my eyes

    My wife went shopping today and i asked he to grab me a dvd. Well several hours later she came home with a big smile on her face and said reach into the bag. so I did pulled out Jethro tull living in the past dvd. I was floored I had no idea that tull...
  22. Art C

    Klipsch KLF series

    I have the klf-20's and they rock. I love them for music and movies. I belive that there is a big difference from the klf-10 to the klf-20. I know that the klf-30 has a litte more slam than the klf-20 and using two 12 inch woofers verses the the 20's using 10 inch...
  23. Art C

    How would audio output from xbox dvd player to a receiver sound compared to......

    The only problem I have with the xbox is the fan noise. I sit about 14 feet away and I can hear it during low parts of a movie. Other than that it works great. cd's sound better than all of my other cd players. ART
  24. Art C

    Name some good computing forums...

    check this one out.
  25. Art C

    Let's hear it!: What state has the most SVS users? Al., Tx, Va, Ca?? ect..

    Add another for massachusetts. live long and loud
  26. Art C

    Klipsch Speakers...Who has an opinion?

    Hey I'll post here count me in as a happy camper I have klipsch klf-20's in front and a c-7 as center with a onkyo reciver for about two years now and just gave my ksw-12 to a good pal of mine only to replace it with a svs sub. This set up rocks I know I will...
  27. Art C

    You have $1800, what speakers would you buy to listen to Pink Floyd & Zepplin?

    I got a pair of Klipsch klf-20's and would not trade them for anything I picked them up almost 2 years ago and they still knock my socks off. The first time I cranked them up they scared the crap out of me they are so freakin loud and crystal...
  28. Art C

    16-46CS+ or CS-Ultra?

    That must be sweet but I will only be ordering one sub due to room constaints. have you listend to only one sub yet and still get great output? Live long and Loud :D
  29. Art C

    16-46CS+ or CS-Ultra?

    I'm having the same problem I will be ordering on monday. I am just waiting on some reviews on the 16-46 I am sure we can't go wrong with any one that we choose but still hard to decide. Live long and loud :D
  30. Art C

    SVS Ron and Tom! What kind of systems do you guys have?

    Tom Why do you bother using a digital spl meter when you should be using a Seismograph. Just start taking readings at say 1000 yards then one mile then say 5 miles and so on. I think the nasa saturn 5 rockets were setting them off at like 2000...