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  1. Andy Hardin

    Sat. Radio Audio Level

    It probably has to do with how your FM modulator is sending the signal. I've got two cars, one I'm using an FM modulator for my XM radio and one XM is built into the head unit. On my FM modulated signal I have the *exact* same issue as you do. I think it is just a part of the game. The signal...
  2. Andy Hardin

    Fear Factory Fans Rejoice

    Great news, can't wait!
  3. Andy Hardin

    Newbie Subwoofer Question

    This usually happens in car audio more than Home Theater (since car amps *do* lose their power, newer amps have "anti-pooping technology"). It never caused too much of a problem though. This could cause damage over a very long period of time, but I wouldn't be too worried about it. If you...
  4. Andy Hardin

    Is there a bargain Sub amp out there?

    I did that as we probably visit the same forum! I didn't know if the 600.1 had 1 or 2 inputs, but a good suggestion Sean.
  5. Andy Hardin

    Anyone here worked on BMWs?

    This might not be too helpful but I had an '89 525i that had a similiar setup sound setup to yours (internal amp and 8 speakers). This was before I did all of the work myself but the shop I worked with recommened that I just remove all of the BMW stuff and rewire the entire vehicle for the...
  6. Andy Hardin

    Is there a bargain Sub amp out there?

    I've got the 1200.1 (big brother of the 600.1) and couldn't be happier with it. I've had it for about 3 years now, hasn't missed a beat. I'm running it at 2 ohms and never had had a heat issue. Moral of the story: They are really nice amps
  7. Andy Hardin

    Kudos to TCU

    I don't believe this had anything to do with the final exam schedule. TCU believed they should play on a bigger stage then they were invited to. Now they can play Boise State on ESPN2. (as a side note, I'm a huge College FB fan, and am excited to see what Dinwiddie can do against that D).
  8. Andy Hardin

    going to grad school....have a few questions

    I got my MBA rather untraditionally, as I continued straight from undergrad, but I did have some good experience (including working overseas, that helped). First off (this is all my own opinion of course) is that the only reason you would want to get an PhD after an MBA is to teach. The...
  9. Andy Hardin

    Anyone mat their doors?

    Anyone that says the stuff is unneccessary is just plain *wrong*. Disregard anything else those people have told you about car audio. I honestly believe it is the number one improvement you can make in your vehicle. How good does a 3K system sound like if you get constant rattles? No better...
  10. Andy Hardin

    Anyone mat their doors?

    Sean I love the SS. A performance upgrade would be nice, but. to tell you the truth, for my daily driver the bone stock engine is more than enough! As far as the doors go, doing a custom baffle was really easy. I have never done one before but found a template at and made...
  11. Andy Hardin

    Anyone mat their doors?

    I used Fat Mat off of ebay, did the doors and trunk so far. Unbelievable amount of difference. I think where it helped the most was the back side of the door skins. This prevented the plastic from "rattling" which I've always had a problem with. I need to go the extra step and do it on the...
  12. Andy Hardin

    Car repairs due to bass?

    On the cars where the alternator went, one had a cap, the other didn't. I'm not sold on them. I must say I'm much happier with the 140 amp alternator on my "new" 96 Impala SS. I'm going to upgrade that to the 200 amp version shortly and be done with it.
  13. Andy Hardin

    Windows NT to Windows 98 NTSC vs. FAT32

    Thanks, my acronyms were not working right when I posted in the morning. Good thing I'm not in the military.
  14. Andy Hardin

    Front left speaker sounds very different from front right speaker

    Dave, Sounds like it is miswired (i.e. positive and negative is switched) I would check that. Might be hard to change inside the door, you could change it at the amp as well.
  15. Andy Hardin

    Windows NT to Windows 98 NTSC vs. FAT32

    One of my hobbies are emulation and M.A.M.E. machines, and I've got a new project. I bought one of those bartop cabinets that you see trivia games and whanot in and I'm converting it to a MAME cabinet to give to my nephews for Christmas (they come over to play my fullsize all of the time, but...
  16. Andy Hardin

    Does home depot sell Plexi-glass? And cut it for you?

    I use different sizes and widths of plexy for the monitor bezel on the MAME cabinets I build. It is very easy to work with and I don't believe they will cut it for you. Right buy the plexy section is a $2.49 cutting tool. Using it with a straight edge of any sort will net you great results...
  17. Andy Hardin

    repairing headliner fabric in car

    Go to any Home Depot or hardware store and try the 3M spray adhesive. It won't look great but should hold it. Headliners are a *bear*. Ask any car restorer and he will always so to take it to a shop and let a pro do it. Your little repair won't need that but don't expect it to look brand new.
  18. Andy Hardin

    Car repairs due to bass?

    Alternators. In each of my last two cars I burned out an alternator (both GM's). I've got a stock alternator in a 96 Impala SS now but I've seen 200 amp ones online for $200. My max current draw on my system is about 130 amps so it will be a good buy when I get the scratch together.
  19. Andy Hardin

    mp3 capable units

    Here is my experience. I'm at work, and don't know the model# off my unit off the top of my head, but its a Sony in the $150 range online. My experiences. It'll play just about anything. I've got mp3 disks from back in 2000 I burned with no intention of worrying about how it would work...
  20. Andy Hardin

    Bag End EL-18 Driver Question

    I've got a possibility to pick up the a couple of the bare drivers from the Bag End Infrasub-18 subwoofer. I've never had the chance to audition these myself, but from what I can tell from a bit of research this is a very nice piece of hardware. The amp and crossover seem to have a good deal...
  21. Andy Hardin

    Overheated amp

    You might try repositioning the sub away from the amp, just to get some airflow there. Especially in the summer. You can also get a small 12v fan and mount it there to blow air over the amp if you really want to do some work. I would try moving the sub, getting some airflow, and see if that...
  22. Andy Hardin

    MP3 Question

    Luis Burn that CD as a DATA CD, Not a MUSIC CD. Nero is automatically converting those mp3's to a .wav (native compact disc) file, that you could play in any CD player. Back in the day (like a few years ago!) to create a music CD from .mp3's, you had to use a utility to convert mp3's to...
  23. Andy Hardin

    1996 Impala SS peeling/bubbling paint

    I have posted this on the various Impala SS forums as well, with about the same answers. I just wanted to get the response here as well. HTF has a really wide range of people that offer good advice on many non-HT areas as well, just want ed to see what you guys thought as well. I talked to...
  24. Andy Hardin

    Performance of Win XP on a PII 450MHz system

    I was fiddling with a machine for a specific use, 600 mhz originally with 64 mb ram. with 64 mb RAM it ran really poorly, I then upgraded to 192 mb (I know more than you have) and it runs quite respectably. I would say that machine will be a little slow but should be fine, if it is poor...
  25. Andy Hardin

    1996 Impala SS peeling/bubbling paint

    I'm on my way to a body shop as soon as I get a chance, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experiences like this. I've got a 1996 Impala SS that I bought used in June. Carfax said no history on it, but I'm getting a problem with the paint I haven't seen before. On the rear of the front...
  26. Andy Hardin

    Remote Procedure Call?

    I've had a problem show its ugly face on my main home PC lately. When I log on to the Internet (Net Zero dial-up) after a short period (1-5 minutes) I get a box that pops that says I am having a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) that cannot be executed, and my system will be shut down. I get a counter...
  27. Andy Hardin

    Buying a used car on Ebay.

    I've bought and sold cars on Ebay before. As for buying, have all of your questions answered before bidding. Make sure that there is some out if you get there, and the car isn't as described. Most honest sellers trying to move a decent car won't have a problem with that. The last car I sold, I...
  28. Andy Hardin

    Need a cheaper alternative to Photoshop for creating web page button icons, etc.

    Photoshop Elements. Its got about 95% of the full photoshop features for under $100
  29. Andy Hardin

    Dual Monitor Primer

    I'm working on a new project, and must admit am clueless when it comes to setting a PC up to run dual monitors. I'm setting up a mp3 jukebox using the Virtual Jukebox application that has just been updated to be compatitble with dual monitors...
  30. Andy Hardin

    A push up is now much in a bench press

    I've got to say its less than that even. I know I bench 305 lbs, and I can do 75 pushups (settled a bet I had with a friend recently). I would have to say more like 1/3 or 2/5 of your weight, but that is just an estimate.