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  1. Rodrick

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Picked up finally in store Wrestlemania 25 and The Randy Macho Man savage DVD.
  2. Rodrick

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    at Walmart got the bundle 60's and 70's cartoons finally. Some dude told me at Walmart the discs were doublesided. WRONG WRONG. Yes they were both all singled. Good. I was worried for a minute. Also I notice no index card on inside to tell me what episode on what disc. Also the StarTrek...
  3. Rodrick

    Saturday Morning TV from 60's and 70's by Warner Bros

    I was correct from my post that where I live neither sets came out til May 29th. I managed to find a store that bundled the 2 sets together. It cost me $40 for the bundle. Im enjoying the 70's dvd. Yes I noticed some mistakes and no episode guide. I never looked in the 60's set yet...
  4. Rodrick

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century The Complete Series (Re-Release)

    Hay. Well lookit the Gilligan's Island all 3 seasons all doublesided. Couldn't they fix the mistake from the first season? I'll buy Gilligan again if they come in a single sided.
  5. Rodrick

    Successful Movies based on Tv Shows.

    Thanks. I didn't know Land of the Lost was a movie first. In fact someone said it was a TV show first. NOW this summer its a totally different way in the movie.
  6. Rodrick

    classic Cartoons - 1972-1976

    Yeah The Banana Splits. I never saw an episode cause never shown in Canada. I think I caught something in stores about Banana's in Pajamas. But someone said Im way off. Im curious to know more on this. Im anxious now on getting 60's and 70's cartoons. I so far only have The Scooby Doo sets of...
  7. Rodrick

    Saturday Morning TV from 60's and 70's by Warner Bros

    That guy who insisted its out today. Well son. Its not. One store I asked they said Only the 60's and its not even out til next month. Thats where I live in Vancouver BC Canada Other stores weren't even considering to carry that. I want both myself. I can wait. I just went on BestBuy...
  8. Rodrick

    Successful Movies based on Tv Shows.

    I can only think of Star Trek, INcredible Hulk, Planet of the Apes.
  9. Rodrick

    Saturday Morning TV from 60's and 70's by Warner Bros

    All this talk is making me want both sets when they come out end of May. I checked at Best Buy, Future Shop and Real Canadian Superstore. They will be out at these stores May 29th cause in Vancouver Canada they hit shelves end of the week all new releases. Not Tuesday like the USA and other...
  10. Rodrick

    What's the Most Expensive Box Sets you've ever had?

    Mine are Gilligans Island boxset Brady Shag Seinfeld Box StarTrek TNG box Will n Grace Box Yes indeed They were all quite expensive. I like the packaging for Alias, Everybody Loves Raymond or FullHouse. May add those.
  11. Rodrick

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Finally THe Dana Carvey Show only one season.
  12. Rodrick

    Rhino's Land of the Lost extras vs New ones?

    I have the classic set already. I wish I would've waited I never heard of a new boxset til way later. I'd say if you don't have the old just get the new one. I guess the classic extras of course would be the same wouldn't it.
  13. Rodrick

    Star Trek Packaging

    Yeah I went to Amazon to look at the Next Generation boxset. My god for someone like me to order that series would be almost $500 after shipping and all. And wow its just green plastic trays, on some nice Trekkie case to hold them all. EWWWWWWW. Im maybe gonna wait to see if they come on bluray.
  14. Rodrick

    Star Trek the Next Generation

    I was majorly upset when I saw the BOXSet of SG1 and Next Generation on sale. Now Next Generation is priced as the most expensive boxset in the world. It goes almost $400 Canadian dollars. When they were on sale seasons 1 to 5 only were $19.99 at Costco.
  15. Rodrick

    List Your Unfinished TV Shows on DVD Collection!

    NOBODY SAID Mad about You also Drew Carey Blossom, Silver Spoons, Love Boat, Night Court,
  16. Rodrick

    Successful TV Shows Based On Movies?

    The Bob n Doug Mackenzie cartoon in Canada. Based on the Movie from Bob n Doug Mackenzie.
  17. Rodrick

    Saturday Morning TV from 60's and 70's by Warner Bros

    Yes I do like some cartoons coming out. I don't like how you only get one episode of a few. Speed Buggy I enjoyed and JabberJaw someone pointed out. I wonder if they'll have the Theme song b4 each episode that I'd enjoy. One Hanna Barbera show thats not showing I think is THE HAIR BEAR...
  18. Rodrick

    Saturday Morning TV from 60's and 70's by Warner Bros

    GUYS GUYS GUYS There are 2 of these sets coming out. One is a 60's and one is a 70's set. Tvondvd say both sets are out this Tuesday. And other sites call for the 60's set out for the 26th.
  19. Rodrick

    Did anyone get the new DS

    My friend bought it. But his R4 game won't work on The new DSI. If people have those things they won't take it. He kept it cause he likes that its got a nice cover matte finish. no fingerprints etc....... and he likes the black. And the option to take photos. He has alot of games he...
  20. Rodrick

    List Your Unfinished TV Shows on DVD Collection!

    I don't know if I will on this THE LOVE BOAT I have all of season 1 and vol 1 of season 2. I can't go on the way The Love Boat is going with this Hmmmmm I guess 7th Heaven. I stopped after season 6. But a few more seasons to go if I want to finish collecting them.
  21. Rodrick

    Withdrawal Symptoms: Have You Suffered?

    No, Only real series I completed was Son of the Beach, once I finished it, I wish there was a 3rd season.
  22. Rodrick

    Nintendo DS

    I have the original DS and a R4 that can have upto 40 games on a cart. The problem is many newer games like Grand Theft Auto, or Monsters vs Aliens etc.... won't work so have to buy those games. I like the original better than the DSL or DSI, cause GBA games don't stick out like a sore thumb...
  23. Rodrick

    Did anyone get the new DS

    Im a huge Nintendo fan but I will say DSI is sooooooooo bad it doesn't play GBA games, which I think is not good but the DSL should've let all GB games work on the DSL. I didn't like it. THe original DS is fine. The DSLite all it was was a brighter screen.
  24. Rodrick

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Thanks Amazon.CA Canada. I got my FULL HOUSE boxset. Its awesome, all the seasons are in Thin double packs 2 each per season. I like how these series boxsets have those instead of those cardboard slots the dvds are in. They can be scratched easily.
  25. Rodrick

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    I so much want that Full House Set. Just preordered it on Amazon Canada. Tempted to get the StarTrek TNG boxset but I see that series is the most expensive one to get.
  26. Rodrick

    Will We see Step By Step on DVD

    WHAT what Tv Favorites Disc? What, Who, was and what shows were on it.
  27. Rodrick

    What to do with old systems?

    All my systems were terrible. I had a Vectrex, and also a Thing called Pong with 8 games. That are still in my possession I also had virtual boy which right away got returned back to the store, and got a Sega GameGear. Later that got sold for $50 with 12 games. seen many people go thru so...
  28. Rodrick

    Will We see Step By Step on DVD

    WE haven't heard anything on this yet. I can't believe not one season of this has been talked about
  29. Rodrick

    2009 Tv on DVD Predictions

    HEY How about Step by Step, with Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy. I wanna get season 2 of Drew Carey. Come on one season bring out more.
  30. Rodrick

    #1 Factor in buying TV DVD's?

    shows that I enjoyed seeing when there wasn't vcr's to record your shows you miss cause of school, bedtime etc....... whether or not the seasons are in tact almost all come out.