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  1. Charles Ellis

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Lovers and Other Strangers - in Blu-ray

    I remember seeing this and felt sorry for Anne Jackson's character, the 'old maid' who's sleeping with the bride's father played by Gig Young, who's married to her best friend Cloris Leachman. Now as an adult, I'd probably tell her to 'grow a spine' and give an ultimatum to Gig and spill the...
  2. Charles Ellis

    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    If physical media is to fly off the shelves, the retailers should lower the prices! That would help things.
  3. Charles Ellis

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Becky Sharp - in Blu-ray

    I'd like to give a salute to the magnificent Miriam Hopkins, an actress who is all but forgotten today except by classic film fans. Her peak was in the pre-Code era (Design for Living, Trouble in Paradise, The Story of Temple Drake) but Becky Sharp is a wonderful showcase for her as both a...
  4. Charles Ellis

    Cable TV Productions on DVD

    I'm surprised that the early Showtime sitcom Brothers has yet to see a home video release! As for HBO, where are the season sets for Arliss and the entire run of Dream On? Also, why no DVD release for its late night documentary series Real Sex? Over the years Playboy TV (formerly the Playboy...
  5. Charles Ellis

    Soap operas

    Ken Roberts was the father of actor Tony Roberts.
  6. Charles Ellis

    What did you watch this week in classic TV on DVD(or Blu)?

    This past week: Dragnet 1970 (the final season)
  7. Charles Ellis

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    Blame Jack Webb- those loud horns!!!!
  8. Charles Ellis

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    When I watched the show on NBC as a kid, the opening title sequence had the theme blasting out loud- no dialogue! Apparently this was changed for syndication.
  9. Charles Ellis

    Soap operas

    There's been rumblings lately about ABC possibly reviving All My Children and One Life to Live. If it does happen, I think it would be in half-hour form to fit the current ABC schedule with the GMA spinoff and General Hospital. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  10. Charles Ellis

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    I agree on Laramie- the episodes shown on cable now are fully remastered with magnificent color.. By the way, that show contributed to TV history as it was the first to use the second (and longest lasting) version of the NBC peacock intro- and because of that, it's been referred to as 'The...
  11. Charles Ellis

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Far From Heaven - in Blu-ray

    I saw it in the theater and to this day I'm mad as hell that Dennis Quaid didn't get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination!
  12. Charles Ellis

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    No, just THAT one, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows about it!
  13. Charles Ellis

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    I'd add the 1991 primetime Dark Shadows (apparently put into a fake widescreen ratio when it was filmed fullscreen). Also, I'd love to see an ultimate Dragnet boxed set- perhaps a Complete Series set for the 1967-70 series with the 1966 2-hour pilot and the 1954 color feature film as a bonus...
  14. Charles Ellis

    Regarding the restoration of 'A Star is Born' (1954)

    There's been a rumor for years that a private collector has a pre-release print of the film with the missing scenes. Perhaps the folks at WB are waiting for him to 'kick the bucket' and reclaim their lost property......
  15. Charles Ellis

    Please FINISH Peyton Place on DVD! *Official Thread*

    So far, no plans to release part 6 yet- is it the fault of Fox or Shout Factory. Does anyone know what's going on?
  16. Charles Ellis

    FINALLY, Love Boat Season 4, Volumes 1 & 2 coming out on DVD on 10/2/2018...details below

    What's interesting that it has among its guest stars Hollywood legends (Olivia deHavilland, Van Johnson, Luise Rainer, Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., June Allyson), TV icons (Nanette Fabray, Donna Mills, Rick Nelson, Jimmie Walker, Suzanne Somers, Tina Louise, Della Reese...
  17. Charles Ellis

    Question for the people wanting the Warner detective shows.

    A few years ago I met Connie Stevens and asked her about "Hawaiian Eye" being put out on video, and she mentioned that some of those episodes were edited together to make feature length films for the foreign market. So I suppose in her eyes it may be a lack of proper source elements, but since...
  18. Charles Ellis

    You Might Be A Classic TV DVD Fan If

    Obviously this person isn't a real Classic TV fan because there is only ONE classic TV vampire: Barnabas Collins from "Dark Shadows"!!!!
  19. Charles Ellis

    TV on DVD news roundup

    I prefer a release of Just the Ten of Us, the Growing Pains spinoff.
  20. Charles Ellis

    Early Color TV Series (pre-1966): compiling a list

    The switch to color was even crazier for daytime TV. Early on in the 50s CBS would experiment with airing live colorcasts of some of their daytime shows. So, it was decided to air The Guiding Light in color one day, and the production staff was alerted. However creator/head writer Irna...
  21. Charles Ellis

    Any news of a DVD release for "A Christmas Memory" (1967) starring Geraldine Page?

    Eleven years and still no legit DVD/Blu-ray release! Why???? This remains my holiday Holy Grail. But in the meantime, there's YouTube. See for yourself why I am forever entranced by this film:
  22. Charles Ellis

    Ockeghem's All Things DARK SHADOWS (w/Spoilers)

    Plus, new fans will emerge, which inevitably leads to talk of another DS Festival....... :)
  23. Charles Ellis

    Anyone else disappointed in the 2018 Holiday Season TV shows on DVD & Blu Ray Announcements?

    OK I have a confession: I first thought this post was about Christmas programs and films being released this season. The opening poster should have made himself more clear. As for me, I just want more Peyton Place being released along with Gunsmoke and Petticoat Junction!
  24. Charles Ellis

    First word that comes into your head when I say....

    Phone (I guess that betrays my age!)
  25. Charles Ellis

    Pre-Order Mame (1974) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Reminds me when B-R had another ice cream made up to promote another musical disaster: Can't Stop the Music, the 'disco musical' starring The Village People. "Can't Stop the Nuts" was the new flavor, but it certainly has weird connotations when you consider the overly gay content in that film!
  26. Charles Ellis

    Obscure/Rare film you'd like that will never see the light of day?

    It has to do mostly with the source material for the film (a novel or play) and who owns the right to it. Sometimes a film company will have a limited period of access to that source material before the rights (including remake rights) revert to the owners of the original material. That's why...
  27. Charles Ellis

    Ockeghem's All Things DARK SHADOWS (w/Spoilers)

    Late this Saturday night, TCM will be showing the two MGM films based on the original series ( I have both on Blu-ray).
  28. Charles Ellis

    Obscure/Rare film you'd like that will never see the light of day?

    I read the original novel by Fred Mustard Stewart a few years before the film came out. Dudley Moore was hopelessly miscast- the role called for James Garner, Paul Newman, or Robert Redford. No wonder the film flopped!!! In recent years the Time Warner has used its lawyers to untangle legal...
  29. Charles Ellis

    Press Release New Twentieth Century Fox Television DVD Titles Coming Soon (September 20 2018)

    VERY disappointing- no vintage 50's-80s titles! What a bunch of cowards!!!!!!
  30. Charles Ellis

    What are Your Favorite Vintage Western Series?

    Gunsmoke, of course- it is the TV Western. Surprisingly, unlike other classis TV shows it has never been adapted for the big screen or subjected to a reboot. The TV-movies were basically sequels to the main series. Why hasn't CBS/Paramount considered a new version as either a film or series...