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  1. Hugh M

    What is your ethnic heritage or ancestory?

    my father's parents were from scotland and england my mother's parents are from ireland and germany, I'm from new jersey.
  2. Hugh M

    World Cup appreciation thread - games are on NOW!

    bring on Germany. After the US loss to Poland I figured they were out of it. I didn't even bother looking for a schedule or anything. And then to see that they beat Mexico tongight, I am amazed. I'm also outnumbered quite a bit in my town, by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Hope their not...
  3. Hugh M

    World Cup appreciation thread - games are on NOW!

    the game didn't start until 2AM out here. I fell asleep after the first half. I did see a very poor performance of Portugal's defense. And I understand that the number one player in the world, Figo(??), is quite injured actually. Would have loved to see Reyna in action though, I played...
  4. Hugh M

    Job Trouble: Anyone else feeling the heat?

    there are portions of the country where the economy is in an upstart I guess, but not here. in palm desert, ca. Home theater industry is pretty big out here, with many million-dollar plus homes, but those jobs are either being layed off, or locked in. my stocks are down over 50%, so I can't...
  5. Hugh M

    Why do NYers hate Newark Airport?

    hey that Minnesota airport was sort of cool. Especially watching a plane land right next to yours. (paralell runways)
  6. Hugh M

    Why do NYers hate Newark Airport?

    for the last few years, the traffic surrounding Newark has been unbelievably bad because they decided to rip up the whole airport at once. So when planning when to leave for the airport you had to allow alot more time, etc, even if you only lived 15 miles away. As far as cheaper, my experience...
  7. Hugh M

    Once in a lifetime

    I want to go to the moon and see if I can see the Great Wall.
  8. Hugh M

    Ever regretted not telling someone how you felt?

    just remember that telling and/or showing someone how you feel is real life. Not telling them, and the thought process that follows, is where you enter another dimension.
  9. Hugh M

    Is it okay to quit a job with no notice?

    if there is a reason you really don't want to work there, and you think its ok for you to just stop going, then leave. Not to mention the fact that it is usually important when in customer service related jobs to like your job, or do an excellent job of hiding the fact that you don't. but it is...
  10. Hugh M

    Most Embarrasing Momentts?

    somewhere around the age of 18, we went into NYC to drink at a little hole in the wall bar. The kind of place that doesn't even card kids that look like they are 16. Well, we all got quite drunk. We would park across the river in NJ and take the subway tubes into Manhattan. It took about an hour...
  11. Hugh M

    Types of birds you've seen in your yard?

    when I was very young, there were two peacocks in my backyard. My mother didn't believe me the first couple of times I tried to tell her. They had escaped from a local zoo in SoCal. In Colorado there were alot of magpies, which are scavengers, and are pretty strange looking birds with long...
  12. Hugh M

    College is not for everyone...

    somehow, if this makes sense, 18 can be too young for most people to attend college. other things which might get in the way are people who don't like to sit around, people who's sweaty hands curl anything paper-like in seconds, or people who don't know what they want to do, until they...
  13. Hugh M

    Who wants to take an "IQ test"?

    geesh, I scored 130 on the quick test, but that UK one is way too much for me to put up with. It must be designed to weed out the IQ posers or something.
  14. Hugh M

    Do you look like someone famous?

    alot of OLD people tell me I resemble Frank Sinatra when he was younger. Not only in looks but mannerisms. It trips them out. But I doubt they can see very far anyways. I'm still checking out that Ronstadt cover... :)
  15. Hugh M

    Why is New Jersey such a joke?

    yes, I have been to Utah several times. I love Zion National Park, canyonlands, and Moab, as well as Bridal Veil Falls and Provo Canyon. But there's something different about Utah. I won't go into it. :)
  16. Hugh M

    Time Warner Cable (Long Rant)

    just the fact that digital cable for time warner means only adding digital channels in digital format, is preventing me from ever paying them to subscribe to that service. They should let it be known that only the channels that you don't have with analog, will be digital.. satelite is all...
  17. Hugh M

    Looking to relocate...Where's the BEST place to live in the US??

    Ft. Collins, CO. beautiful town, university, mid-sized, booming. outdoors activities very nearby. winters aren't bad at all, summers can get around 100, but dry. traffic is getting sort of nerve-racking though because of poor-planning. one of the top-rated cities in the country for young...
  18. Hugh M

    Why is New Jersey such a joke?

    I grew up in NJ, and have lived all over the country in all sorts of different populations. Its nothing to be ashamed of, to be from NJ. It is very close to NYC, which is a very media-sensitive town. So, if you have heard of funny jokes about NJ, they are nothing compared to if, Indiana, or...
  19. Hugh M

    Best image from a dvd disc and digital projection

    I use zoomplayer with the cibneplayer filters (ATI DVD, same thing) and on my Panasonic AE-100 projector the results are wonderful. if you have an ATI video card you can use the ati DVD software which will allow zoom to use those filters for playback. They are also known...
  20. Hugh M

    Cable Modem Going Slow

    try searching for "cablenut" software. It does a couple of tweaks to your system according to your cable company you are using. it worked well for me to speed my connection up, which maxes out at 2Mb/s, which is somewhere around 256KB/s I think. you could also suspect your cable. if the...
  21. Hugh M

    New Mitsubishi's

    they are really heavy!!
  22. Hugh M

    $2500 to spend

    Vic, I think I've seen one of those philips sets with an RGB 15-pin connection. does that model have an RGB connection, in otherwords, would either of those models be suitable for HTPC use?
  23. Hugh M


    I think the 1000 is available for $100, but the 2000 is much more. I haven't heard about the new models, but the price difference is not as much as you describe.
  24. Hugh M

    Who uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

    no, I think it has its niche though. I hear about it every now and then. Sometime around '84-'87 I remember my dad had put a pretty rare IBM voice recognition and recording board in one of the PCs we had. We were able to do voice recognition, and use it as our answering machine as well...
  25. Hugh M

    What are my options for OverClocking...

    masood, great! but my paragraph was talking about the AMD heatsink mounting schemes, just looking at the contraption for the P4 I can tell it makes more sense. The screwdriver hovering over the motherboard pushing down on a small metal clip and a pair of pliers prying the metal clip out so...
  26. Hugh M

    Faster CPU or new graphics card for DVD's

    newer drivers should be DXVA compliant. hardware accel should help alot, but if you decode the multichannel audio you will be using alot for that. I'm not sure which uses more CPU cycles, downmixing 5.1 to 2 channels, or sending the full digital signal out to an external decoder. I guess...
  27. Hugh M

    For all those with the Soyo Dragon or any VIA chipset...

    you may also want to check out the specific motherboard sub-forums for the amd platform, at
  28. Hugh M

    What are my options for OverClocking...

    thats right, good one. also, the Rambus memory does have alot more potential, and overclocking those would be immensely rewarding. BUT, right now this whole northwood 1.6A, I845D overclocking bonanza is really big! I believe AMD has just lost many many users, including me. seems like a great...
  29. Hugh M

    For those waiting on the GeForce 4 Ti cards, I got a deal for you...

    I got a whole bunch of stuff. do a search here for gateway. not sure when my 4600 will arrive, but for me I consider it worth the extra $100 over the life of the card.