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  1. Larry P

    Any plans to release Poltergeist Trilogy SE

    Okay now, how does MGM still hold home video rights for Poltergeist II, a film released in May 1986? I thought WB/Turner now owned all MGM films released prior to 1987. I think the reason Poltergeist II doesn't work is that it just can't top (or even match) the scenes in the first one, which...
  2. Larry P

    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    Okay, obviously the majority of people here despise Superman II and loved Donner's Superman and want all of his footage to replace Lester's. You guys go right ahead and fight the power! But let me speak for the people who grew up with, and always enjoyed Superman II for the movie it is...
  3. Larry P

    Discs coming filthy, even when brand new??

    I received a couple of discs with fingerprints on them from a well known online discount e-tailer. They were single disc movies from MGM and Universal. They had all of their security labels attatched. The one wasn't too bad, but the other seems to be imprinted with some kind of grease or...
  4. Larry P


    It's situations like this that show that Disney really does have some major problems. This just should not be happening in the year 2005. I hope this information is wrong. Disney should just go back to producing VHS if they want to do this! There aren't all that many adventure/fantasy films...
  5. Larry P

    The HitchHiker HBO -series coming to DVD!!!

    The Episode List for the Canadian "Season 3" seems to be the United States Season 5 that aired on USA. I bought this set thinking it was the U.S. Season 3, hoping to find the Virginia Madsen episode "Perfect Order" which actually seems to be part of Season 4, the only season Koch doesn't own...
  6. Larry P

    Gamestop selling damaged "new" games; not accepting returns

    It was the last copy they had, but maybe they'd give me a store credit. Do they accept returns at different stores? --thanks
  7. Larry P

    Gamestop selling damaged "new" games; not accepting returns

    As you know Gamestop is no longer accepting returns of new games, as discussed here: Well, I got screwed. I bought a "new" X-box game at my Lake Mary Florida Gamestop, and when I got it home and looked at it, it had scratches all over it...
  8. Larry P

    Happy Birthday to Me cover art...Columbia Strikes Again

    I don't understand why they had to use a photo of a chick who isn't even in the movie when there are a few good looking women who actually star in the movie. Obviously none of the execs at CTHV have ever actually seen this movie. However, I knew there was no way they would use the original...
  9. Larry P

    I'm Depressed.Can you recommend a good comedy DVD to cheer me up

    SCARY MOVIE 3. It hits all the marks that the original Naked Gun hit, or at least came close, IMO. Funny as hell, but very cheerful and emotionally honest, and never mean spirited.
  10. Larry P

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Disney Treasures - On The Front Lines, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    At this moment, it seems to be back in stock there. Great price!
  11. Larry P

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Disney Treasures - On The Front Lines, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Thanks for the review, it's always great to see stuff like this getting it's due respect. These are probably more timeless than many of the war movies from the 40's and 50's, as many of those appear so dated by today's standards. Some of these get you to thinking what Disney could have done if...
  12. Larry P

    Anyone know if Disney's DVD of The Black Hole will be Anamorphic, or even Widescreen?

    This movie needs to have a great anamorphic widescreen print, expecially since the only thing it really has going for it is the incredible model work of the Cygnus ship. Wow, they don't build them like that anymore kiddies. The detail on this thing really far surpases any of the Star Destroyers...
  13. Larry P

    Details: Ella Enchanted (Fullscreen only!)

    Doesn't Harvey Weinstein have any say in this matter? He seems to complain about everything else Disney does these days; yet here is a campaign he should really get behind, and something most people would agree with.
  14. Larry P

    Night of the Comet

    I think there would be interest in this from people who enjoyed "Dawn of the Dead". MGM could do a sweet photoshop rip off cover of the DOTD remake poster and be set. I enjoyed this movie in the 80's because it tied into people's interest in real life space-happenings of the day, sort of...
  15. Larry P

    HTF REVIEW: "Club Dread" (with screenshots)

    This was simply one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I actually felt like I was watching a slasher film from the late 70's/early 80's; but this one is on crack! The great thing about many of those films was that they were fun and at the same time amazingly violent and scary. I really...
  16. Larry P

    The Ongoing Wal-Mart $4.88/$5.50/$5.88 Bargain Bin Thread

    Saw Mel Gibson's What Women Want today, but there was only one and I didn't look at it so maybe it was a refugee. If true, though, I'm sure these would go fast. It's always nice to see a Paramount title in there; I couldn't bring myself to pay the 19 bucks for Timeline today.
  17. Larry P

    Showgirls V.I.P. Special Edition due July 27th! Ha!

    IIRC, the problems were between Stone and Arnie on Total Recall.
  18. Larry P

    Showgirls V.I.P. Special Edition due July 27th! Ha!

    But those who have that spiffy Two Towers deluxe set up there are going to get lucky with the ladies every time. In any case, it's good to see MGM breaking out the fanfare for this. Showgirls was a Cinemax caliber idea/script done with A-list level talent and budget. We just haven't seen...
  19. Larry P

    Buena Vista Reports That Disposable DVD Test Successful

    Where do you go for 87 cent five night rentals? And how much of a selection do they have? Does anybody know who has the best rental deals in Florida? For the most part I see these Di$ney things competing with BlockBu$ter, at least here in Florida and if it causes BlockBuster to have to...
  20. Larry P

    The Barbarian Invasions in July

    Marie-Josée Croze is incredible. I can't wait untill Hollywood discovers her and casts her in something that is a little easier to consume for most Americans than the French films she's been in. Anyway, I'm glad that we will be getting a chance to see more of her work with this film.
  21. Larry P

    MGM Announces Robocop SE 6/8

    Too bad there is no supplemental material for Robo 2, a marvelous late 80's/early 90's all out, kick ass, pull-your spinal-cord-out, comic book film. Image or Vertigo Comics had nothing on this film. It was "The Passion of the Christ" of it's day, but without Jesus. Or theatergoers. A Frank...
  22. Larry P

    Monster Squad on 10/28

    So does anyone know who actually owns the rights to Night of the Comet?
  23. Larry P

    Why does MGM feel 2nd best is good enough?

    I think MGM has a bigger problem as a whole than just DVD. They are really lacking behind the other major studios as far as putting out big theatrical hits, as far as I can see. When they hype up Legally Blonde 2, and Barbershop 2 as their marquee titles, then you know they're having troubles...
  24. Larry P

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Alice in Wonderland (Highly Recommended!!!)

    Yes, I think it's "avant-garde" for a Disney film. It isn't quite as formulatic as most of the other Disney features, but I never understood how this was a bad thing. I think many of those early films were all different enough from each other in their own way. What makes the film work for me...
  25. Larry P

    A Few Words About A few words about Alice in Wonderland...

    Great to hear that you liked the colors. This is Disney's most colorful film, in my opinion; the little psychedelic moments are wonderful. The style of animation in Disney's late 40's/early 50's releases like Alice were so similar in style to their 1990's features that "dating" the film...
  26. Larry P

    MGM, Warner and Bond, oh my!

    Never Say Never Again isn't part of MGM's Bond collection. It doesn't even say "James Bond" or 007 anywhere on the cover. Even stranger is that the MGM logo isn't located anywhere on the packiging either. I think they got it when it became the property of the defunct Orion's catalog somehow...
  27. Larry P

    Twin Peaks Season 2: Artisan VS Paramount

    Do you think Paramount will re-release Season 1 with the Pilot after September '05 also?
  28. Larry P

    Duran Duran DVD, coming soon?

    How do you access the Serious edits and the View to A Kill and The Wild Boys interview Easter eggs? BTW, great disc set. A must for any fan of 1980's music videos. $24.99 at Circuit City.
  29. Larry P

    Pink Panther Film Collection 6-DVD (R2 Boxed Set) - WOW!

    Arrrggghhhh! Will Curse of the Pink Panther ever be released to DVD? Damnit, this was the Pink Panther film of the 1980's and most of us who grew up with it probably haven't seen it since the mid eighties when it played on HBO alot. Okay, Im not going to run my trap again about a film I...
  30. Larry P

    Any more Lions Gate Signature Series on the way?

    Just wondering if anybody has heard any rumors about another wave of Signature Series editions. Just wanted to add that I picked up the Monsters Ball Signature Series at Target for $9.44 today. It was marked down in a price cut with several other titles, though I didn't see any other...