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  1. Gary_E

    Charlton Heston has died at 84!

    I attended a local book signing for In the Arena: An Autobiography when it was released. Not really being enamored by celebrities and never having attended a book signing before, I was unsure of what to expect. I arrived about an hour early and was amazed at the amount of people waiting in line...
  2. Gary_E

    American Idol - Season 6

    I thought She's Leaving Home was very good. In fact the whole Sgt. Pepper Medley was very good. -Gary
  3. Gary_E

    American Idol - Season 6

    Melinda's performance last night was one of the best I've ever seen on AI. Even the band seems to play better when she performs. Regards, -Gary
  4. Gary_E

    KMart - Olevia 232V LCD HDTV

    On sale for $499.99 Good reviews and good price for 32" LCD with built-in ATSC tuner and HDMI input. Only drawback, there is no Optical Audio Output. -Gary
  5. Gary_E

    Opinions:Simpletech 2.5 External Hard Drives

    Thanks Ken! I'm going to give it a try. -Gary
  6. Gary_E

    Opinions:Simpletech 2.5 External Hard Drives

    I was interested if anyone has any experience with Simpletech's 2.5 external USB 2.0 hard drives. I'm interested in archiving captured HD mpegs of this season of 24 on one of their 80 gig drives. I'm curious if HD playback performance would be impaired by connecting it to my desktop USB 2.0...
  7. Gary_E

    HTPC, necessary?

    Lee, I’ve been kicking around the same question for a year now and finally took the plunge. I just built my first HTPC. My knowledge of PCs is limited so I started with a stock PC HP Pavillion model A1616N (PC only) PentiumD 820 Dual Core 2.8 GHz 1 gig memory 300 watt power supply...
  8. Gary_E

    THE SOUND OF MUSIC presentation on Dec.23 ABC

    I began capturing The Sound Of Music and after two commercial breaks I stopped the process. It was painful to watch such careful framing destroyed by ABC's cropped version. The greatest disgrace came a bit later, while singing Do Re Me, two of the Von Trapp children were singing their...
  9. Gary_E

    Smallville season 6

    It was only fitting that last night's episode was season 6 episode 9 because it blew. -Gary
  10. Gary_E

    The Beatles on DVD-A

    After that the disc works correctly. Regards, -Gary
  11. Gary_E

    3 Pack 6 Ft HDMI Cables for $30.00 (was $18)

    Since the time I posted this, the deal has been changed to 3 cables for $30.00. Sorry for the confusion. -Gary
  12. Gary_E

    3 Pack 6 Ft HDMI Cables for $30.00 (was $18)

    SupermediaStore: 3 Pack 6 Ft HDMI High Definition Digital Multimedia Cable Male to Male Original Price: $51.97 Instant Savings: -$34.00 Sale Price: $17.97 - Free Ground Shipping -Gary
  13. Gary_E

    Dual Layer Media Deals

    Office Max: VERBATIM 2.4x DVD+R Double Layer 10-Pack REG.$26.99 SAVE $12 NOW $14.99 -Gary
  14. Gary_E

    coffee stains my teeth

    from the mind of Rodney Dangerfield: ...and my dentist is no bargin either, I told him, "Hey Doc, my teeth are all yellow." He told me to wear a brown necktie. -Gary
  15. Gary_E

    American Idol - Season 5

    My humble opinion: Taylor is the best entertainer Idol has spawned to date. If he doesn't get poisoned by unyielding record executives, I believe he will succeed to high levels because he appeals to many demographics. He can be a double threat both in the recording studio and more...
  16. Gary_E

    Juggling To The Beatles

    Incredible!!!! -Gary
  17. Gary_E

    American Idol - Season 5

    Hail to the Chief! :) -Gary
  18. Gary_E

    Tell me why I need dvd software on my pc...

    Kevin, As stated above, newer players will play most recordable media, including dual-layer media. Quality media is very important to insure good burns and compatible playback. There is plenty of up-to-date information available from media vendors regarding media/burner/player...
  19. Gary_E

    Smallville Season 5 thread

    I was disappointed with the lack of direction of SMALLVILLE last season. Now with this season's turn of events, SMALLVILLE is at a point where it can either play it safe or explore new ground. The Lana/Clark stuff has to end. I was watching an episode from season two and it was the same old...
  20. Gary_E

    Supernatural ongoing thread

    I agree, an excellent episode last night. I enjoy this show very much. -Gary
  21. Gary_E

    Dual Layer Media Deals

    Dave, I've burned many dual-layer discs with Nero 6 and just upgraded to Nero 7 and haven't had a failure yet. I've only used the Verbatim brand that have been on sale lately. I burned the first four episodes of 24 (sans commercials) using Ulead VideoStudio 9. The mpeg 2 files were...
  22. Gary_E

    Dual Layer Media Deals

    Verbatim DL discs back on sale at Office Max again this week. 10 pack spindle for $19.99 agenumber%3d3 -Gary
  23. Gary_E

    Current Upscaling over Component DVD Player choices?

    Barry, Best Buy has the LG brand model #LDA511 on sale for $151.00 inc/tax -$30.00 mail in rebate $121.00 net cost It can do what you're asking. Information on HOW to 'allow it to do what you need' is easily found. -Gary
  24. Gary_E

    Things erotic and HT related - (mostly)

    Europa by Gato Barberi -Gary
  25. Gary_E

    WB and UPN to merge into one network

    A SMALLVILLE/SUPERNATURAL night sounds like a good combination. It reminds me of the old SMALLVILLE/ANGEL Wednesday nights. A pair of HD shows, one bright and colorful; the other dark and moody. I hope it happens. -Gary
  26. Gary_E

    24 - Season 5 ongoing thread

    This back-handed comment is uncalled for. It should be deleted and the poster reprimanded. -Gary
  27. Gary_E

    Funniest joke ever!

    A man walking down the street saw a sign in a bar window that read - PIANO PLAYER WANTED So the man went into the bar and applied for the job. As part of the interview, the bar owner asked the man to play something on the piano for him. Obligingly, the man sat down at the piano and began to...
  28. Gary_E

    Dual Layer Media Deals

    Same deal as posted above from October: NewEgg: RiDATA 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL 25 Pack Cake Box Disc $29.99 + $4.00 shipping -Gary
  29. Gary_E

    Dual Layer Media Deals

    Memorex DVD+R 2.4X Double Layer Media 8.5GB (25 Pack) Spindle $56.99
  30. Gary_E

    Editing video and burning to DVD

    Steve, I’m not familiar with Beyond TV but I’ll assume you are capturing in MPEG-2 format, which is DVD compliant. If so, give TMPGEnc MPEG Editor a try. It is the fastest and smoothest MPEG editor I’ve ever used. As long as you capture in...