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  1. Phu Vo

    Twilight Zone 1985...are any other episodes as good as the pilot?

    Not sure if this was a 80's Twilight Zone ep. or an Amazing Stories ep., and my details aren't very clear but the plot of the story revolved around having to cry into a jar and filling it up and once filled, the person that did the filling would never again have reason to cry and was happy...
  2. Phu Vo

    Digital bits sinks to new low

    Heh, I find the topic and intent of this thread to be quite absurd.
  3. Phu Vo

    26 Movies for trade. All must go! Some CC's, mostly A-List titles

    I almost forgot out this thread too if it wasn't for Paul's email. Anyway, those titles are still available. Right now I am only looking for Xbox and PS2 games.
  4. Phu Vo

    WTB: Steel Battalion

    If you have Steel Battalion, want to get rid of it, and don't to deal with Ebay. Please send me an email. I am on the good traders list. Thanks, -Phu
  5. Phu Vo

    Custom Star Wars DVD covers (original trilogy)...

    John_Berger, Your probably right. No more talk of it here. -Phu
  6. Phu Vo

    Custom Star Wars DVD covers (original trilogy)...

    A couple of people have emailed me asking for instructions on transferring LDs to anamorphic DVD-R. A few others have emailed me asking for copies of my work. Well, the answer to the second question is no. But I am thinking of starting a thread in the HTPC section that will list the steps that I...
  7. Phu Vo

    Custom Star Wars DVD covers (original trilogy)...

    Mark, The first Star Wars Trilogy has never been released on DVD officially. They will be released no later than end of 2006 after Episode 3 is released. Hopefully sooner if George Lucas allows it.
  8. Phu Vo

    Custom Star Wars DVD covers (original trilogy)...

    Ric, I too am working on transferring my LDs of the SE and OT to DVD. Mine will be anamorphic and the SE's will have DD 5.1! Thanks for those covers. They look great. I also recently bought an Epson 960 printer that can do CD printing. Know of any good premade labels? My next project...
  9. Phu Vo

    Which Italian DVDs should I buy???

    Malena and Cinema Paradiso.
  10. Phu Vo

    Children of Dune 5/20

    I wasn't knocking John Harrison. I am just saying that CoD is, so far, better than the original series. Which is a compliment to the director. I had my misgivings after hearing CoD would be helmed by a new director. Thankfully, everything came into place. Actually, thank god for John Harrison...
  11. Phu Vo

    Children of Dune 5/20

    I watched the first episode last night and I must say, it was damn good. I can't wait to get home to watch the second episode. The director that they got to helm the CoD project has done great job. Much better than original Dune series. CoD is presented in a much grander stage, looks like a...
  12. Phu Vo

    Please recommend me Top 10 Shaw Bros. DVDs

    I don't have 10, but one that you must have is Avenging Eagle! Unfortunately, the DVD release of this great flick is terrible, but even so, the movie's wonder shines through. Check out and for some of the most comprehensive info on the genre anywhere on the web.
  13. Phu Vo

    DVD release date for Ying xiong "Hero" with Jet Li & Zhang Ziyi ?

    There is a counter on this website: Less than 20 days and counting so far until the official R3 DVD is releasesed. By the way, that site has the most comprehensive information about Hero that you can find anywhere. I am definitely going to import this sucker...
  14. Phu Vo

    Memorable film scores on DVD?

    I started a thread like this about a year back. Seems the question comes up in a thread every now and again and becomes very popular. Here are some of my favorites from lesser known movies. Of course everyone knows about the Elfman, Horner, and Williams scores, but these ones absolutely can't be...
  15. Phu Vo

    Would you recommend "Simone" for a blind purchase?

    This movie is a rental. Even those that will buy this DVD, I can hardly see any one of them going back for repeated views of this flick. It is sort of billed as a Sci Fi drama comedy movie. But falls short on all that it is going for. Lighted hearted comedy at best.
  16. Phu Vo

    Miramax and Hong Kong Films, a response from Harvey Weinstein

    .............actually, Tai Seng is getting a little better.
  17. Phu Vo

    Miramax and Hong Kong Films, a response from Harvey Weinstein

    Man. That sucks. Can some other studio besides Miramax, Tai Seng, and Disney pick up Asian movies for distro in the US please??!!
  18. Phu Vo

    DVDs--DTS vs. extras

    IMHO, the only must have DTS title listed there is Dragonheart. Some very directional surround audio on that disc, not to mention the score for Dragonheart is like one of the all time greats. Apollo 13 is a maybe title as I wasn't too impressed with the mix over the DD version. It could have...
  19. Phu Vo

    Master Trader wants PS2 or other DVDs. Many DVDs for Trade. All must go!

    Here is my list: Mint: The 6th Day Armeggedon Criterion Collection Blood the Last Vampire Dinosaur Double Jeopardy Empire of the Sun Final Fantasy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Kiss the Girls Mission to Mars Romeo Must Die Silence of the Lambs CC Snatch Spriggan Street...
  20. Phu Vo


    YGM on the PS2!
  21. Phu Vo

    Why do people like subtitles over dubs?

    The emotional hold of movies tends to be lost in dubs. Unless of course, the dub is done for comic effect, then you will be laughing your ass off. While for me, I prefer subs. Subs make up for my lack of understanding the original language by allowing me to use my imagination to in place of the...
  22. Phu Vo

    Anyone tried those personal video goggles?

    I tried the model that is in that link. It is a novelty at best. Their analogy of the goggles it that is is like seeing a 10ft screen 8ft away. It is more like seeing a 1 inch sceen half an inch away. Those goggles are a joke. But, I hear the Sony ones are better.
  23. Phu Vo

    Final Fantasy movie -- Do you use it for demo?

    Audio on the DVD is quite good. The imagery in the movie itself is spectacular. Alas, where this DVD fails is in the compression to MPEG2. Edge enhancement galore. EE doesn't really bother me as much as others, but on this DVD it did. Afterall, it should have been a digital to digital transfer...
  24. Phu Vo

    WTB: Sega Dreamcast System

    I have closed the deal with a fellow forum member. Big thank you to all that made me offers.
  25. Phu Vo

    WTB: Sega Dreamcast System

    Hello all. I want to purchase a Sega Dreamcast System for $75 shipped. Must be in perfect working order. Bare system only. Additional accessories and games are a plus (especially 1st party controllers). All offers considered. Please email me offers.
  26. Phu Vo

    FS: X-Files Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4

    Damn! Great deal. Can't believe no one is jumping on this. I already have the good, otherwise, I would be all over this.
  27. Phu Vo

    Buying floor-model DLP RPTV: about to take the plunge

    That is a good deal! Maybe next year when the 3200 goes down to the same price, I will get back into front projection. But to answer your question, DLPs don't suffer from burn-in. They do suffer from stuck mirrors. This is not as common as the dead pixel phenomonen in LCD units, but isn't...
  28. Phu Vo

    FS: NEC LT150 DLP XGA Projector

    I have some pictures of my DIY screen. Check them out here: Link Removed The deal for the unit has been done. Just pending the transaction which will happen this weekend. Thanks to all for their interest in my beloved LT150.