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  1. Carl:G

    Barnaby Jones - The Complete Series

    My auction for two uncut Barnaby episodes on 16mm ends this evening ("Murder once Removed" and "Shadow of Guilt") Other episodes will be listed over the next few weeks. Also, I should be able to post a summary of the cut scenes from season 2, ep 21 "Dark Legacy" later this week
  2. Carl:G

    Barnaby Jones - The Complete Series

    Longtime Barnaby fan here. Add me to the list of those here who were disappointed with the syndicated versions included in the DVD set. Years ago before there was a DVD set I purchased a 16mm projector and started buying Barnaby Jones episodes on 16mm which were uncut and unedited (along with...
  3. Carl:G

    Long time lurker and question

    Hello, My name is Carl from Colorado. It's hard to believe I have had a htf account since 2005 and only been reading forums but never posted before. I'm a long time tv and movie buff, with my focus being 60s to 80s. My basement was turned into a home theater about 10 years ago and includes: 50"...