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  1. DavidEC

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    Nine+2 speakers in a home entertainment set up, maybe the USGS would report an earthquake at my location!
  2. DavidEC

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    Why do I want this new receiver.. simply put... INPUTS INPUTS INPUTS.. INPUTS INPUTS INPUTS.. INPUTS INPUTS INPUTS..
  3. DavidEC

    Dragonfly Squadron Contest: Win A Copy on Blu-Ray

    I can only vote for one?!? It would have to be (1) "Hugo" Then followed by: (2) Avatar (3) TRON: Legacy (4) BAIT (5) Pacific Rim 3D
  4. DavidEC

    Ultraviolet keeps moving forward. Have you used it yet?

    I have read where ""SOME"" Wal-Marts are accepting the "HD-DVD"s for conversion to the "VUDU" "Cloud" movie collections for the $2 each price? Has anybody here been able to do this and on the "VUDU" site there has been no ''OFFICIAL'' comment or policy. :David
  5. DavidEC

    Blu-ray Review Tower Heist Blu-ray Review

    I tried to purchase the PPV via DirecTV.. but thanks to a storm I paid but was unable to watch so I really would like to see the full movie!:D
  6. DavidEC

    3D Blu-ray Review Cars 2: THE HTF 3D ADDICT REVIEW

    Cars 2 3D Playback Error I have titled this new Disney/Pixar issue "time warp". As the disc will play forward and then at random points jump back to a point that it had already played and then play forward by passing the point it had jumped backwards from, playing along forwards for a few...
  7. DavidEC

    Panasonic DMP-BD605 <club version, retail verison is: DMP-BD60>

    WB, Universal & Sony disc's are all working now.. I had tried five times to enter in the DNS server that my cable modem used over two days before posting and it never seemed to of fixed the troubles.. __BUT__ Tonight I have tested 'WB', Universal & Sony disc's and they are all working.. too...
  8. DavidEC

    Panasonic DMP-BD605 <club version, retail verison is: DMP-BD60>

    Online sent me an email telling me to call the tech support center which I call at 15mins till 9pm EST when they close (7:45pm cst), and got a message that the call center was already closed! --David
  9. DavidEC

    Panasonic DMP-BD605 <club version, retail verison is: DMP-BD60>

    ''_U_P_D_A_T_E_!! See message: " Brand new Panasonic DMP-BD605 W/ 2GB of 60X SD Memory Installed, Connects to the "NET" just fine as I am able to access the "YouTube" using the "VIERA CAST" feature. Discs With Play Back / BD-Live...
  10. DavidEC

    Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player

    Side Note: Finally got throught to level 2 support and it seems that I am not the only person calling about 'Kung Fu Panda' not working as I was told that the level 2 techs were testing the disc/machine combo as I was calling and hope to call be back with an answer... --David
  11. DavidEC

    Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player

    Thanks for your reply..!! I am starting to think that it is a firmware issue as I loaned my disc to a co-worker that has a PS3 and he stated the BD-LIVE loaded right up for him. --David
  12. DavidEC

    Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray Player

    If you have a 'S350' can you confirm for me that the "BD-LIVE" feature is being seen on the disc "Kung Fu Panda".... I have a "BX1" which everybody claims to be the same machine but packaged for the "CLUBS" and this is the only disc out of seven "BD-LIVE" discs that will not see the drive is...
  13. DavidEC

    "Stretch-O-Vision"!! online petition??

    It seems that most all messages in DirecTV's own tech support forum having to do with ""Original Aspect Ratio"" are being deleted?! Does this mean that DirecTV is supporting this practice of "Stretch-O-Vision" so that they can claim programing as HD which really is not? As of 04:09am CST...
  14. DavidEC

    Welcome to "Torchwood"

    Torchwood is also being shown unedited on DirecTV: HDNet --David
  15. DavidEC

    HTF DVD Review: Jericho - The First Season (Recommended)

    I live in Kansas where the show is taking place. I grew up in a small town much like "Jericho" and it could of even been used to of shot the street scenes at, and I could of walked down the main street and pointed out living people just like in the show alive today! I mailed in "NUTS" The...
  16. DavidEC

    "Stretch-O-Vision"!! online petition??

    Stretch-O-Vision Petition Online This petition is for the content providers (Cox, Comcast, DirecTV, ect,) network executives (ABC, A&E, TBS, ect), program producers (Joss Whedon, David E. Kelley, Mark Burnett, Jerry Bruckheimer, Donald Bellisario, ect) and program providers (Viacom, King...
  17. DavidEC down?

    I feel that I need to speak up here... I have been a "DVD Profiler" user for a number of years and the site has been down at times for as long as fifteen days one time in the past due to a number of different reasons. [1] ".... remote administration ...." This would mean that somebody would...
  18. DavidEC

    Columbia TriStar DVD's and Warning Message

    I have a RCA DRS700N Scenium Progressive Scan DVD player. And the last two releases ['Darkness Falls' and 'Tears Of The Sun'] that I have purchased that were "Columbia TriStar" releases will not start playing the movie from the main menu.. When I select "Play Movie" from the main menu I...
  19. DavidEC

    007 - Die Another Day "Free DVD's"

    What is the difference between the "FREE" DVD's that 'Best Buy' and 'Circuit City' Are offering to customers if purchased in stores?? --David
  20. DavidEC

    "Signs": Vista Error? and Glitches?

    ?Widescreen miss-frame? I just got done watching "Signs" and the one questions that I have to ask... Were not the titles of the "TV NEWS" broadcasts readable in the theater release? On the DVD these titles are cut off?
  21. DavidEC

    XXX Superbit?

    If you even think that you would like this movie {an updated 'Super Spy' {aka: an American James Bond for the '00 crowd }] If you are just waiting for the "Superbit" release then you might be missing out... My copy of x-X-x came with a coupon for a free movie from CTHE for only shipping...
  22. DavidEC

    Spider-Man - free DVD offer?

    Can anybody here give me a contact number / email for the fulfillment companies customer service dept.?? None listed on the coupon!?! I found that the check that should of been stuffed inside of the request to be sitting on the floor of my office under my desk... so the only thing that I can...
  23. DavidEC

    Funny story, ... Angry VHS Soccer Mom

    While I am on my fourth set-top DVD player... Untill the price of DVD Burners such as the Panasonic with a built-in harddrive for time shift TV recording comes down in price... I hope that I can still purchase a VHS tape deck.
  24. DavidEC

    DVD board game!?!?!? "Scene It" seems very nice!

    This reminds me of all the VHS+Board games from the mid-'81's where you would "FAST FORWARD" the tape to watch a scene to make your next move in the game.. While many of these games were fun.. it just took forever to play because you were always waiting for the tape to get to the next...
  25. DavidEC

    DVD Player Test Disc?

    OK I know of a number of different home system set-up disc's... But does anybody sell a DVD Drive (computer or set-top) test disc? I have been having trouble with a few disc's that I have purchased of late.. but not all disc's ..and would like some way to test the drive and see if the...
  26. DavidEC

    Is Total Movie Dead?

    While I hate to see any magazine fold and leave its subscribers hanging... I would of at least liked to of gotten "Species II" before they folded! Even if is was "FULLSCREEN".... --David
  27. DavidEC

    Casino Royale?

    Casino Royale - Layer Change? Can anybody tell me at what point the layer change in the 'MGM' release of "Casino Royale" takes place?? I have a copy which seems to be having a bit of playback troubles around chapter 19 through 21. It will playback correctly on my computers DVD-ROM drive but...