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  1. John Desmond

    ACI Sapphire III LE

    I owned Sapphire IIIs fo quite awhile until moving up to ACI Jaguars last year. The Sapphire III is a really amazing speaker. Musical and refined, non-fatiguing, gutsy and they image like crazy. Like ACI products in general, they perform far beyond their price. I'll also mention that ACI is one...
  2. John Desmond

    noisy subwoofer

    Sure sounds like your volume control. Giving it a spray of electrical cleaner couldn't hurt. Give it a shot:)
  3. John Desmond

    Speakers around the $4500 range

    Lots of fine speakers in this range. Myself, I'd want to listen to ACI Talismans. Very cool.
  4. John Desmond

    5 Same-sized speakers

    A friend of mine uses five identical ACI Emeralds in his HT. The 5.1 imaging is among the best I've heard at any price. Really fun to listen to soundtracks in his setup. In this scenario, the only difference in tonality comes from room placement issues. Really an excellent way to go if you can...
  5. John Desmond

    Good SUB review sites ??

    The more places you look, the better. I think you want to get as many opinions from as many sources as possible. I'd add audioasylum to the list of forums to search. Take your time and read carefully no matter where you find the info.
  6. John Desmond

    ACI Sapphire III LE - What Speaker Stands?

    Greg, the stands I had under my Sapphires were from Atlantis, they were called Match. They weren't particularly heavy until I filled them with sand. Just about all stands need to be filled with sand or steel shot or a combination. The Match were well made and looked and worked well. I know ACI...
  7. John Desmond

    ACI Sapphire III LE - What Speaker Stands?

    ACI has at least 4 or 5 suitable stands from about $100-$300. I had a set of the Atlantis $175 stands with my Sapphires. A good combination visually and sonically. Whatever stand you get, make sure to fill with something heavy like dried sand or steel shot. I believe you need a stand about...
  8. John Desmond

    Setting the sub woofer phase control

    I think you can do it either way with pretty much the same results. It is true that many people are better able to sense the minimum output than the max output. I think I'm just the opposite on this, then again, some of my friend's say I'm sort of backward:) If you use a meter, either way will...
  9. John Desmond

    in-wall speakers/wire recommendations

    I'd say 14 gauge should be more than adequate for the length you need. Check out the inwall speakers that ACI sells. Very good sound for not a lot of money.
  10. John Desmond

    Setting the sub woofer phase control

    Yep, that will work. OR, even easier. DON"T swap the leads on your mains. Just adjust the phase until you have the MAX bass output at the crossover frequency. Same thing, one less step:)
  11. John Desmond

    anybody familiar with aci jaguar / lfm setup?

    Kevin, the reason you haven't seen much on the Jaguar/LFM combo is that the new Jaguars JUST started shipping and the LFMs still haven't started shipping. I own a pair of Jaguar 2000s and Titan II subs and it is a simply phenominal system. I personally plan to upgrade to the new Jaguars and LFM...
  12. John Desmond

    looking for new speakers

    There are SO many choices. It highly depends on your priorities/tastes. This summer I put together a second system with a pair of ACI Emeralds/ Force sub. In your price range. Very musically satisfying to say the least. Great looking hand crafting as well.
  13. John Desmond

    Best sub Period.

    Best commercial sub I've heard yet = Aerial SW12.
  14. John Desmond

    Sapphire III LE.....first impressions from a newbie

    Craig, the longer you have them, the more you'll appreciate them. Every ACI model that I've heard sounds better the more you listen. They don't jump at you, but boy do they grow on you. I'd still have my Sapphires if I hadn't moved up to Jaguars. "velvety/smokey smooth", I like that...
  15. John Desmond

    SURVEY: Are you willing to sacrifice A LITTLE sound quality for MUCH BETTER looks?

    I'll vote for BOTH. With the 100s of speaker companies and 1000s of models, the ideal fit should be somewhere!
  16. John Desmond

    Looking for speaker companies with best bang for buck values

    If you want a perfect example of "speaker of the month" go over to HarmonicDiscord and look at all the stuff on AvReality and their head honcho. I can't help but feel sorry for all those who bought into that hype. BTW, if you want ACI's kit products, they are getting out of the kit business at...
  17. John Desmond

    Reputable Audio Magazines:An Oxymoron???

    Take them ALL with a large grain of salt. Money talks. If you carefully read between the lines you can learn about equipment by reading a variety of mags. You have to learn the reviewers biases, but you'll never know the what the behind the scenes motivation is. The free trips from the...
  18. John Desmond

    Looking for speaker companies with best bang for buck values

    "OK how about a complete 5 speakers system for $2500 or less that sounds good? Hehehhehe. "" Five ACI Emeralds will set you back about $1800 or a little more depending on wood finished. Only thing is, they don't sound good, they sound great. Very musical, very real. Attractive, well built...
  19. John Desmond

    Looking for speaker companies with best bang for buck values

    ACI is the leader in speakers sold factory-direct. They've been doing it for 25 years, longer than most of the rest put together! Superb sonics and build quality.
  20. John Desmond

    The voices... THE VOICES... !

    Kevitra is right, with your center this close to the screen you shouldn't have a delay. However, aiming your center at your listening position is likely to improve the clarity and focus of your center image. Worth giving a try for that reason.
  21. John Desmond

    Adire Rava Review

    Arron, nicely written. Sounds like you have a real winner, enjoy!
  22. John Desmond

    I've Ordered My Speakers & Sub and Can't Stand The Wait!!

    Waiting can be hard! I decided I wanted ACI's new Jag LE/LFM setup months ago and the latest I've heard is that they won't be shipping until August! ALWAYS use a credit card for any major purchase. Hopefully, there won't be problems, but if there are, your credit card company can do a charge...
  23. John Desmond

    Just got a new system. What do you think?

    Jason, what we think is NOT important. What YOU think IS important:) My recommendation would be to just start listening to the system you have. Do some fiddling with setup to get the best out of it you can, (speaker placement is probably the single most important detail). Have fun, learn what...
  24. John Desmond

    Swans Divias: are they still the style/price/performance kings?

    "Style, price, performance kings" Wow, sounds exactly like my favorite: ACI, for 25 years they've set these exact standards. Well, frankly some of their styling has been a bit "old" in my opinion. But the new stuff all is very attractive to me. I also happen to like the fact that they're U.S...
  25. John Desmond

    Adire Audio Rava

    Why not audition them both and decide? They both have money-back guarantee. This way you'll KNOW you made the right choice. Get them both and see which is most satisfying to you! If you do, let us know how it turns out!
  26. John Desmond

    Is there a right way to measure a speaker?

    It would be great if there were some universal, standardized way of showing meaningful speaker tests. seems to me you'd need anechoic frequency response on axis to at least 45 degrees off. You'd also need response above and below the optimum listening height. Any you'd need some sort of "room...
  27. John Desmond

    How SQUARE is a SQUARE room?

    The closer you get to "square" the worse will be your problems. Same thing with multiple dimensions being multiples of each other. So a room that is 8*8*8 will be real bad. Since we're talking about long wavelengths, I would think the 8* 9*8 isn't going to be much better.
  28. John Desmond

    How to reduce birghtness?

    Often depends on the room. A room that is very "live", full of hard, reflective surfaces, will often sound very bright. Carpets, throw rugs, bookshelves, drapes, plants, furniture, etc., will all help absorb and diffuse some of the offending high frequency reflections.
  29. John Desmond

    fast and musical sub <= 1000?

    Here's a post by someone who's been checking out the Force: One of my friends has one on order so I'll be hearing it fairly soon myself. Frankly, I'll be shocked if it isn't extremely good:)
  30. John Desmond

    Down or Forward firing Subs

    There are great forward firing subs (like the Aerial) and great downfiring subs, (like REL, ACI, SVS). It is only one aspect of the design. The only advantage forward firing would have sonically would be if using a very high crossover point. Then it is more of a woofer than a sub anyway. Talking...