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  1. JesseR

    WTB: old TEMPEST 15"

    Richard, I have an old Tempest, where are you located. I don't really want to ship. I'm the second owner, and its been sitting in my closet for the last 2 years, let me know if you have any interest and what price you want to pay.
  2. JesseR

    Dolby says...

    depends on the speaker pretty sure jbl says for the s-38s they need to be on stands 18-24 inches tall and the s-center is fine up on a tv..somethign about their tweeter..but it seems to work fine for me like that
  3. JesseR

    where to buy spikes

    I need to buy some spikes for the stands im almost finished building. I know i can get them from madisound or partsexpress and maybe a few other online dealers. I'd really prefer just to run out some day and buy them local because im going back to school before i coudl get them shipped home most...
  4. JesseR

    THX receivers: what are the least expensive?

    I really just meant by my post THX or no THX i liek the way my reciever sounds..and thats probably the best place to start
  5. JesseR

    THX receivers: what are the least expensive?

    i dont knw how much the thx stuff means. But the I really like my integra 7.2. Thx or no thx for less than 600 dollars it has very good features and the sound is fantastic
  6. JesseR

    Remanufactured Receivers

    I bought a cosmetic defect(which i cant find) integra 7.2 for 580. Having some remote problems but I have a warranty to take care of that
  7. JesseR

    THX receivers: what are the least expensive?

    A month ago i picked up an integra 7.2 thx select for 580
  8. JesseR

    rear surround speakers distance?

    shouldnt really matter unless its like hundreds of feet in difference
  9. JesseR

    $800 budget: 5 new speakers?

    ill third the jbl studio series. u can get s38s for 280 on free shipping and s26 for 159 and s center for 160 i think...excellent speakers for the money
  10. JesseR

    Can paradigm be purchased online?

    paradigm doesnt authorize any internet dealers. the only places you coudl get them online are places like ebay or audiogon or the for sale section of this page. Check their website for locations and names of dealers
  11. JesseR

    JBL s38 vs. Polk rt600i

    I own the s-center and the s38's...soudn terrific together. I really like them. Also the s38's sound great just for 2-channel music. I havent heard the polks though, except maybe at cricuit city for a few minutes.
  12. JesseR

    f/s pioneer vsx-710s

    anyone at all interested. Make an really needs to go to make room for a new reciever
  13. JesseR

    reciever dilema

    I could only find a few reviews for the previous model..the 7.1. Does anyone use this reciever, I listened today again at the store and it seems like a major improvement over the reciever I own
  14. JesseR

    reciever dilema

    About 4 months ago I got a pioneer 710s reciever. It works fairly well as my first reciever and I have been happy with it. Today when in my local audio shop the owner gave me an incredible deal. It was a factory refurbished(just cosmetic blemishes) integra 7.2 for 580. Since this reciever is...
  15. JesseR

    f/s pioneer vsx-710s

    Reciever is about 5 months old. In perfect condition, never abused or anything. 100w x 5, dd and dts. Works perfect and is in very good if not perfect cosmetic condition. Only reason I am selling it is because I just got an amazing deal on an integra 7.2 and need the money to be able to upgrade...
  16. JesseR

    Keeping foam surrounds from deteriorating?

    thanks for that tip on refoaming. Figure if its not to expensive I might as well fix them up... they are a nice little pair of bookshelves
  17. JesseR

    Best price on JBL S-Center has em for 180 free shipping..not the lowest price but they are an authorized dealer. might be lower
  18. JesseR

    What complete home theater system to get under $1000????

    if you just need speakers. Get jbl s38s in the front s center and s26 surrounds. I got a pair of s38s and an s center for under 500 after taxes 2 weeks ago
  19. JesseR

    Keeping foam surrounds from deteriorating?

    what if your foam pretty much disintergrates. Any products out there to repair it. I have an old pair of advents and this thread makes me curious
  20. JesseR

    Pioneer VSX-D811S Reciever--Opinions Please

    someone in the for sale forum had up a panasonic rp-56....excellent dvd/cd player for the money. I got one about 2 months ago and coudlnt be more pleased with it. I got it open box (no remote) for like 119 . Hasnt failed me yet. Good luck in the new hobby
  21. JesseR

    JBL N38 floor standing speakers......$200 delivered.

    although j and r was extremely rude to me last week when i tried to buy speakers from them. They have the s38's for 279 shipped. I got a stereo advantage store to price match them plus a little for the set i was getting.. Cant recommend them enough....great speakers jesse
  22. JesseR

    Anyone using JBL S38?

    I just got s38's last week. Excellent speakers. So far they are sitting on my older speakers which were about 2 feet tall....The store I bought them from was using a pair of stands they sold for about 80. I guess later on this summer I'll purchase either those stands or build some. The stands...
  23. JesseR

    WTB CHEAP: old prologic DD (or better) receiver

    Like reno im not sure what exactly cheap is but I have a 4 month old pioneer 710s i was hoping to get rid of so i could move up a little. I was thinkin about 180 for it. I have everythign except the box for it. Works great
  24. JesseR

    My first good speakers

    For the last six months I have been saving up(poor college student syndrome) and auditiong pretty much any speaker I could find in a store. I had it pretty much down the paradigm monitor series, but i was going to have to go to canada to get them. Then i started hearing a lot about the jbl s...
  25. JesseR

    NY AREA: FS/FT: 24" Sonosub; 2 Flared Ports; 15" Tempest; 17hz; 4FT Tall

    mapquest says ur about 4 hours from id guess closer to three just be straight up paying for it...i dont really have anythign to trade
  26. JesseR

    NY AREA: FS/FT: 24" Sonosub; 2 Flared Ports; 15" Tempest; 17hz; 4FT Tall

    where exactly are u located... I'm up in central new york...madison be very interested if its around in a few weeks...curious how far i would have to go to get it
  27. JesseR

    Just got a new system. What do you think?

    Just a suggestion for your possible upgrade to progessive scane. My dad has that same tv and i brought home my progressive scan player i had bought at big definatly look into getting one
  28. JesseR

    What is a good set of front and center speakers?

    Id say in that price range jbl n series are probably hard to beat....the n center is liek 100 or 150 and maybe a set of either n24 or n26 or n28 i think are all in ur range... also you may be able to find some of the version ones for cheaper since 2 just came out. Someone else might know a...
  29. JesseR

    what mains to match with boston center

    does anyone know if something like the vr 950 or vr 940s would work ok with them. I believe the tweeters are teh same size and the drivers are made of the same material.
  30. JesseR

    what mains to match with boston center

    About 2 years ago my father bought a center channel. Its a boston micro 90c center channel. Well i think ive finally talked him into retiring the old bose speakers from the front and replacing them with some better mains and getting a real subwoofer. My question is does anyone know what...