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  1. Larry Seno Jr.

    Why do americans allways keep their shoes on inside the house?

    Didn't he change into a KICKIN pair of white loafers once inside?
  2. Larry Seno Jr.

    Why do americans allways keep their shoes on inside the house?

    I was just confused as to what the Yakuza had to do with CARPET. And I don't believe the hype. John Gotti had everything on John Gottiyama ;)
  3. Larry Seno Jr.

    MAG-LEV Trains

    Was there talk of building an autobahn or a mag-lev train? Because the new Amtrak high speed train has been a MAJOR bust.
  4. Larry Seno Jr.

    Baseball - Daryl Kile found dead in hotel room

    While "dope" most likely wasn't related. Cigarette smoking is a MAJOR factor in contributing to heart disease and I know few people that smoke pot that ALSO don't smoke cigarettes.
  5. Larry Seno Jr.

    Homicide: Life On The Street

    I know Yaphet Kotto.
  6. Larry Seno Jr.

    My cousin almost got me killed Saturday night.

    I'd stop hanging out with him, it sounds like he's an alcoholic. When you drink to the point that you're acting like you don't want to, and your'e endangering your family, it's time to seek help. If that's the way he NORMALLY acts, then why are you hanging out with him in the first place?
  7. Larry Seno Jr.

    When is addiction serious?

    Help! I'm addicted to a video game and it's taking over my life, but not to the point where schoolwork is getting neglected. It's a game which can stay up on my desktop in a window, so I can do my schoolwork while I play. I am constantly playing it whenever I have any free time. Im guessing I...
  8. Larry Seno Jr.

    XBOX snowboarding game - need opinions

    Amped is pretty fun. It's pretty similar to tony hawk and has the added bonus of being able to use your own music, and the game already has a HUGE soundtrack.
  9. Larry Seno Jr.

    Why do americans allways keep their shoes on inside the house?

    I can't imagine how anal and uncool to hang around with some of you carpetnazis must be! Honestly unless yoru carpet is like $300 a square foot a la get shorty, I can't see a reason not to let someone walk around on it with their shoes. The type of person that is worried about the cleanliness of...
  10. Larry Seno Jr.

    MAG-LEV Trains

    Here's the thing. If there was some MILITARY reason for Trains to exist they would be here already. It took a HUGE government spending project for the highway system to get into gear, and it's reason is for troop transport should we get invaded. I LOVE trains, I love travelling in Europe, I...
  11. Larry Seno Jr.

    Ten Rules For Shopping At Best Buy

    The odds of a pimple faced 15 year old being able to actually PROVIDE help to me are SLIM anyway.
  12. Larry Seno Jr.

    Baseball - Daryl Kile found dead in hotel room

    Heart disease at age 33. It makes me want to examine my diet.
  13. Larry Seno Jr.

    I Just Figured Out The Name Mr. Belding From Saved By The Bell !!!

    The best was slater playing the drums. My friends and I always imitate that one.
  14. Larry Seno Jr.

    Help: Is This Guy on The Up-and-Up?

    Ike- No offense, but it's obvious that this isnt your area of expertise and you are getting fucked. Why you think that it's not going to happen again is beyond me. I have a little saying "Fuck me once, shame on you, fuck me twice, shame on me" You are going to get NOTHING close in terms...
  15. Larry Seno Jr.

    Late Late Show - Weird Natalie Portman Pic

    A)How can you guys POSSIBLY think she is hotter than Kirsten Dunst let alone Julia Stiles. B)She is having some MAJOR issues as she is playing with her ass TWICE.
  16. Larry Seno Jr.

    *** Official "MINORITY REPORT" Discussion Thread

    A)RE:Tom not going blind. Sure the plastic surgeon told him he would go blind, that doesn't mean it would happen. The Doctors told me that my wrists would heal in 2 weeks but they never did (After I broke them). It was just a precautionary measure, not to be taken literally. Just like telling...
  17. Larry Seno Jr.

    HDTV Receiver

    FYI the new Samsung OTA ONLY reciever has an MSRP of $350 and a MUCH better chip than the SIR150, I'd wait, as they supposedly street this month.
  18. Larry Seno Jr.

    Dont Forget this weekend is showtime free weekend. Catch the new shows....

    No porn yet :frowning: Queer as folk is fairly close to porn though. Although Im not down.
  19. Larry Seno Jr.

    Baseball - Daryl Kile found dead in hotel room

    If it's natural, it's very tragic. I mean he was only 33!