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  1. Tim Jin

    Which 4k, Samsung or Vizio

    I need help at deciding which 4k tv to get. I narrowed it down to two model. Samsung UN55HU6840 Vizio P552ui-b2 Both tv's are 55" and 4k. Which tv should I get? I need to decide in a few days. Thanks!
  2. Tim Jin

    Smart Apps Audio

    Thank you. So, do you use a second HDMI cable for the audio to the receiver from the TV? What is your current setup for your Vizio 4k? I'm trying to figure out how I want to set everything up from receiver, Directv, PS3, and the audio from the apps.
  3. Tim Jin

    Smart Apps Audio

    Hi, I haven't post since my RPTV days and I still have the same RPTV almost 10 years now. I'm ready for an upgrade. I'm thinking about getting a Vizio 4k. How can I setup the smart apps audio to output to a 5.1 receiver? Here is my current setup. Directv to receiver, PS3 to receiver...
  4. Tim Jin

    Best Buy ISF Calibration?

    Which model of Panny did you get that came with ISF Calibration?
  5. Tim Jin

    Edge Lit or Back Lit

    Should I get a edge lit LED or a back lit LED? Which brands should I look into for 55' range? Thanks.
  6. Tim Jin

    Sony HX850

    Ahh, Thanks Gregg for remembering my [email protected]!!!! I will give you an email about calibration when I get the 850. I'm most interested in the 850 because of the Gorilla Glass because I've known to bump into my screens with my chair. How does 850 calibrate with your skills? Can we get it to shine :).
  7. Tim Jin

    Sony HX850

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the Sony HX850? I'm thinking of getting the 55".
  8. Tim Jin

    Looking for an new TV, after 6 years

    I'm thinking about in getting the new Sony LED dimming with the gorilla glass. Either for 46 or 55. How is the glare from the gorilla glass?
  9. Tim Jin

    Looking for an new TV, after 6 years

    Thanks! I plan to get the set ISF or THX calibrated also. As a calibrator, which brands do you prefer?
  10. Tim Jin

    Looking for an new TV, after 6 years

    Hi, I haven't post anything in a very long time. I'm thinking about replacing my beloved Panny 47 RPTV with a LCD LED panel, 55'-60" range. I need a matte screen because I get a lot of light in the room and the glare from the glass will drive me crazy. I would like to get your opinion on a Sharp...
  11. Tim Jin

    Fixing scratches in an LCD.. is it possible?

    Plasma is not the way to go because your son will touch the screen again and crack the glass and end up hurting himself. Stay away from plasma. They sell screen projectors for LCD and Plasma. TV Screen Protector - Protect your LCD or Plasma TV from damage TV Screen Protector - Protect...
  12. Tim Jin

    Samsung LN52B750 - red bars in background, need help

    Have you tried HDMI instead of Component?
  13. Tim Jin

    Is my warranty still valid?

    Why did your mom bought you a tv in the first place? You should be the one paying off the tv no matter who's credit card was used. You are old enough to type, then you are old enough to write a check.
  14. Tim Jin

    New TV, maybe soon

    Hey GL, I will be contacting you soon (3-6 mos) to calibrate my soon to be new tv. Maybe a Sharp.
  15. Tim Jin

    New TV, maybe soon

    Hi, I haven't been on HTF in a long time and don't remembered my last post. Back in the days, HTF was extremely helpful at helping me pick out a HDTV, which I still have and had it calibrated twice by Gregg. Due to the times, I want to take advantage of the bargains coming up, Black...
  16. Tim Jin

    The Office: Season Four

    The Office is by far still the best show. Are they going to keep the show an hour each week?
  17. Tim Jin

    Chuck season 1 thread

    This show is missing something big. I don't know, maybe I didn't liked the characters or the whole story line doesn't flow together, but after watching three weeks of Chuck, I just could handle it anymore. It looked promising, but I happen to loss interest quickly.
  18. Tim Jin

    Been awhile

    What is the price range on the 750 series?
  19. Tim Jin

    Been awhile

    Hi, It's been a really long time since I visited the forums. WOW, the layout sure has change!!! I think that I'm finally thinking about upgrading my Panny 47 RPTV to a 1080p set. By the way, Gregg calibrated my Panny twice and it still looks great. I would ike to get a flat panel...
  20. Tim Jin

    ISF Video Calibrations: New Eng Detroit Chicago NY OH MO KC, MN, Philly FL LA/SanDieg

    I want to know also because I'm ready for an upgrade. Please reply Gregg. See you at CES 07
  21. Tim Jin

    Anyone bought a Panasonic TH-PX60U from TV Authority?

    The price seems to be too good to be true. If you don't mind telling us, how much did you paid?
  22. Tim Jin

    Exactly what goes into an ISF calibration?

    ISF is a like a good set of headphones. I always see people using those cheap white thin earbuds that came with their $250-$400 player. At first they sound great as they blast out their ear drums, but once you listen to real headphones, you will hear the difference from what you have missed in...
  23. Tim Jin

    To Hire a Pro Calibrator or Not - HELP!

    I just had my Panny RPTV re calibrated again by Gregg and it looks awesome again. This was my second calibration from Gregg on the same set. It's well worth the extra money. Gregg, you're awesome. I will be calling you again on my next upgrade. See you in a few, at CES!!!
  24. Tim Jin

    Video Calibrations: Florida, Los Angeles, San Diego, Vegas, Austin, Houston, San Ant.

    I just booked my second calibration with Gregg. I can't wait for my TV to shine again. See you soon, Gregg!!
  25. Tim Jin

    ISF Video Calibrations: New Eng Detroit Chicago NY OH MO KC, MN, Philly FL LA/SanDieg

    Hi Gregg, Do you remembered me, Pizza, Pizza? You calibrated my Panny 47 a few years ago and so far, it looks good, but right now I'm seriously thinking about upgrading to a Plasma from Vizio. I would like to know your thoughts about it. I have read many reviews and many says that it...
  26. Tim Jin

    What About Brian?

    I tried to watched the first 30 minute of it and found myself asking WHY?? Series Cancelled on my DVR. I tried.
  27. Tim Jin

    What About Brian?

    I have it waiting on my DVR for tonight. I watched few minutes of it and really not sure that it's a keeper or not. After tonight, could be gone from my series recording, or new show. I never watched Felicity, Love Monkey or any shows like that. So, I don't know.
  28. Tim Jin

    Unsteady HD image on Panasonic RPTV

    How are you getting 1080i from? Via cable box or sat? You should check your cable box settings, making sure that it is outputting 1080i on HD channels. It sounds like a signal issue.
  29. Tim Jin

    Best 50" - 56" HDTV ???

    I've been candy shopping also for my next upgrade. My Panny 47" still looks great and works fine (knock on plastic), but I have a feeling in the next year or two, I be upgrading. The bulb life on these DLP's, LCD's, ILA's, worries me because I really don't want to deal at replaceing the bulb...
  30. Tim Jin

    Sony KDFE50A10 50" HDTV ?

    Bank card!