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  1. Alex J.

    Component Video Question

    that's true...maybe DVI and HDMI are what I need to jump to, to keep me compatible with the upcoming HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD formats as well.
  2. Alex J.

    Component Video Question

    thanks for your answer! :)
  3. Alex J.

    Component Video Question

    I am considering getting an HDTV and wondered if Component Inputs would suffice for 480p, 720p, and 1080i or do I need to get one with DVI or HDMI? Thanks in advance! :)
  4. Alex J.

    Samsung TXM2790F TV, calibration question

    I've got the same tv and I have one piece of advice for you: GET IT CALIBRATED! Gregg Loewen did a great job (from this forum) 6 months ago. I've never look at another tv in the same way again. It's THE definitive way to watch movies in all their colourful glory.:emoji_thumbsup: Trust me...
  5. Alex J.

    Region Free DVD player

    I know it's possible to take my dvd player to get "altered" to play all question is: does my tv need to be able to play PAL in order to watch a R2 movie? Has anyone done this and if so what are your experiences/reccommendations? thanks!
  6. Alex J.

    ISF Video Calibrations: Colorado, South CA, NY/NJ, LasVegas

    Here's another short review: Gregg arrived at my apt. in NY at 11:30am and got right to work on my Samsung TXL2791F. He's very friendly and knowlegeable so pay attention! He fixed the greyscale--which I learned is the most important thing since this is what color is added to. If this is...
  7. Alex J.

    dvd>a/v receiver>tv via component cables?

    thanks everyone for all your suggestions;) I can't wait to get 1) component cables (should be here soon: Canare) 2) ISF calibration!! Next week by Gregg Loewen TV: Samsung TXL2791F
  8. Alex J.

    dvd>a/v receiver>tv via component cables?

    Hello All, I was Just wondering what the optimum hookups it better to connect my dvd player (via component cables) directly to the TV or is it better through my A/V receiver and then re-route again with comp. cables to TV? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!!:) Thanks!
  9. Alex J.

    Best ISF Calibraton techs in NY Area?

    thanks! I'll check him out...
  10. Alex J.

    Best ISF Calibraton techs in NY Area?

    Hello Everyone, just wondering if any of you can reccommend a really good ISF calibration tech in the NYC (Manhattan) for a good price... thanks in advance! ;)
  11. Alex J.

    Which to get: Akai CFT2790, Samsung TXL2791F, or Toshiba 27A41

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum! Just wanted to thank you all for such great advice, esp. with the black flicker on the Samsung txl2791f. I entered into service mode and made the changes according to J. Ostrow. And it fixed the problem!! You guys are great, look forward to reading and...