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  1. Anthony Cohen

    Has anyone done a price match on the 50H81 at Sears?

    Sears pricematched a 50H81 for me. $1889 no problem.
  2. Anthony Cohen

    Sony DVP S7000

    I had the same symptom with my 530. Took it into the shop and they told me that a connection had to be resoldered. It ended up costing me $180 to fix. I also have a 7000 and I use it as my main DVD player. It's great. I hope that helped you.
  3. Anthony Cohen

    Sony 530D DVD player giving me fits

    Hello to everyone I am new to this forum been lurking for awhile lots of good information. Time for me to give back. Mine did the same thing earlier this year the tech told me it was the solder joints. It ended up costing me $180 to get it fixed because they had to re-solder. looking back I...