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  1. Josh_Hill

    Favorite Sound Effect?

    :laugh: :laugh:
  2. Josh_Hill

    Question for Star Wars Episode 1 DVD Owners

    I liked Episode One. It was good.
  3. Josh_Hill

    Anyone else excited about The Hulk?

    And the fact that Ang Lee is directing it just as me more excited. He's gonna do a fantastic job.
  4. Josh_Hill

    Dudley Moore...R.I.P.....

    Tis sad. A great comedian lost. Thanks for the laughs.
  5. Josh_Hill

    Leonor Varela. Suddenly 'BLADE II' looks VERY appealing! :)

    :eek: :eek: Who cares if she can act.....
  6. Josh_Hill

    Trees Lounge fans, beware!!

    So, is there no Widescreen version of Trees Lounge on DVD? I thought I saw one and it was widescreen, but I could be mistaken.
  7. Josh_Hill

    Favorite Sound Effect?

    What are your favorite sound effects? Mine are: Evil Dead 2- The sound that Ash's hand make when its crawling. Man, thats hilarious. Star Wars: Phantom Menace- Sebulba's podracer sound. Lightsaber sound as well.
  8. Josh_Hill

    Cost of Evil Dead: Book of the Dead edition

    I bought mine from Amazon thinking that I wouldnt find it at Wal-Mart or Sams, so I go to Sams yesterday and they have it for $25! Argh! Since, when did Sams start carrying something like Evil Dead? Oh well.
  9. Josh_Hill

    Wanted: Widescreen DVD that really emphasizes the surrounds on a 5.1 setup.

    Other good 5.1 tracks: Crossroads - BEST MOVIE EVER! Jerry McGuire Bubble Boy Sugar and Spice Scary Movie 2 And especially, anything by Woody Allen! Josh
  10. Josh_Hill

    So, which MiB should I buy?

    I would say get the Limited Edition, the packaging is neat and its just full of extras.
  11. Josh_Hill

    Anyone else excited about The Hulk?

    I think this flick is gonna be great. Heres a nice little article that really gets me excited for this film: Hulk Begins Principal Photography Posted on Wednesday, March 27 @ 17:32:24 EST by Scott A press release was issued on the start of filming of The Incredible Hulk. Universal...
  12. Josh_Hill

    What is hell?

    Shield your eyes!!! Oh wait, I can one up you: Link Removed
  13. Josh_Hill

    Poll: What DVDs are you going to buy in May?

    Duel The Others Oceans 11 Vanilla Sky Beautiful mind From Hell Legend X-Files Season 5 Gosford Park And maybe Memento:SE and Traffic:CC.
  14. Josh_Hill

    *** Official "LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING" Review Thread

    Post deleted by moderator. How can we say it any more clearly? NOTHING OTHER THAN A REVIEW IS TO BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD.
  15. Josh_Hill

    ***Official 'Fellowship of the Ring' DVD Announcement Thread

    The 5-Disc Gift set is not gonna have the Theatrical edition. So, most of you hoping to just get that one, might want to get both the 2-Disc and the 4-Disc or 5-Disc.
  16. Josh_Hill

    what movie has the most repeatable quotes

    Star Wars Any of the ViewAskew films Godfather Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  17. Josh_Hill

    crazy school rules

    I listen in schools, hell I get straight A's. I dont come here to have a friggin grammar contest with someone. Im not writing a report. So, I dont really care if I dont have an comma or something not in its correct place.
  18. Josh_Hill

    What is hell?

    Having to look at a picture of Bea Arthur...forever!
  19. Josh_Hill

    crazy school rules

    School sucks and I have got a better education from movies and the library than I ever did in school. So glad I just have one more month, then no more school!
  20. Josh_Hill

    ***Official 'Fellowship of the Ring' DVD Announcement Thread

    Can you imagine seeing this film in Pan&Scam? That would be horrendous to the eyes. This is one film that uses widescreen to its full advantage, I feel sorry for the poor SOB who buys the P&S.
  21. Josh_Hill

    Wanted: Widescreen DVD that really emphasizes the surrounds on a 5.1 setup.

    Star Wars: Phantom Menace is the best surround sound disc you'll ever listen to. Others: Air Force One Das Boot Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  22. Josh_Hill

    ***Official 'Fellowship of the Ring' DVD Announcement Thread

    This is gonna sound very stupid, but what are bookends?
  23. Josh_Hill

    High School Memories...

    This one time at band camp..........
  24. Josh_Hill

    Which is the best sport?

  25. Josh_Hill

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

    I cant wait for that 5-Disc Collectors Gift Set. Thats gonna be my crown jewel, right next to TPM. Thank you New Line, thank you Peter Jackson, thank you to the whole cast, crew, everyone for making these films a reality! THANK YOU!
  26. Josh_Hill

    How can I grab screenshots?

    I have a windows XP and I use WinDVD. So, where is this capture button at?