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  1. Scott McGillivray

    Thank you!

    No updates? One post total...bummer
  2. Scott McGillivray

    Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post in, but I was curious about what people thought of this on their home system. I saw it in the theatre and enjoyed it. Now seeing it again via iTunes purchase, it was also good, but found the audio mix rather quiet. It’s not bad at all, but overall...
  3. Scott McGillivray

    Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022)

    I didn’t know anything about the show before I watched it. I was really impressed with the characters and the slow pace to begin. Sadly, it just didn’t go anywhere. It might have been more impressive if this came out back in the 70s, but today it left me with such an empty feeling. I expected...
  4. Scott McGillivray

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    I am looking into buying/building two of these 21" Full Marty subwoofers. I think it will be a really fun project!
  5. Scott McGillivray

    Reacher (2022) - Season 1

    We agree to disagree. I have gone through quite a bit of acting training and study (not that it helped my acting career!) and feel that he is the definition of wooden. Just my humble opinion.
  6. Scott McGillivray

    Reacher (2022) - Season 1

    Overall, I enjoyed the series. I thought it was great to see Alan Ritchson as the lead character. However, he does lack charisma. His range is really lacking. His "intimidation looks" do not seem much different than his normal. Take Hugh Jackman, for instance, who can really manifest a great...
  7. Scott McGillivray

    The Green Knight (2021)

    I have not seen this film yet. I was, however, surprised that in the articles I have read and previews I watched, nowhere do I see any reference to it being a remake of "Sword of the Valiant" with Sean Connery. I really thought that there would be some folks mentioning that...
  8. Scott McGillivray

    What is this mystery device?

    Here is the answer:
  9. Scott McGillivray

    What is this mystery device?

    Got it figured out! I will post it as a spoiler in case people want to have fun guessing.
  10. Scott McGillivray

    What is this mystery device?

    Hi Gang! My brother-in-law recently moved into a new place. He sent out pictures of a very odd device he found mounted in the new home. I need your expert input to figure out what it is. You can see it is electric in nature. It has a motor on the top and really substantial mounting brackets...
  11. Scott McGillivray

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 to return!

    I have been a fan of the show since nearly the beginning. I stayed with the Joel to Mike transition and eventually really enjoyed that lineup. I donated to the revival of the series and was stoked to see it come back. However, the current crew just doesn't do it for me. Who can say why? Just a...
  12. Scott McGillivray

    Better Call Saul - Season 4 (AMC)

    Super excited to see the next season!
  13. Scott McGillivray

    Netflix The Witcher - Season 1

    I am a fan of the game series and was really looking forward to this. However, I didn't make it past episode 2. I found the acting to be bland (at best), the editing and pacing all over the place and the characters unlikeable. Re-watch pretty much ANY episode of Game of Thrones first few seasons...
  14. Scott McGillivray

    The Rookie (ABC - Seasons 1-4)

    Just started watching this last night. Love Fillion as an actor and was excited to check this out. I liked it for the first couple of episodes, but then the head-shaking silliness became too much. Yes, I know it is just a TV show, but come on. These cops run into more serious action in a day...
  15. Scott McGillivray

    I Am Mother (2019)

    I enjoyed it. I am still a bit baffled by the ending. Would love to chat about some spoilers if anyone else is interested.
  16. Scott McGillivray

    Netflix Series - Stranger Things 3 - July 4, 2019

    Johnny, I understand the sexism. That is not what stood out to me. It was the ham-fisted horrible acting style. It just does not fit in with the rest of the show. Same with the little sister, Erica.
  17. Scott McGillivray

    Netflix Series - Stranger Things 3 - July 4, 2019

    I enjoyed the first couple of episodes. So fun getting to see so many likeable characters again just hanging out. You know the characters are great if they can be doing "normal" stuff and it is still fun to watch. Now, that being said, I immediately had concerns with the shockingly bad...
  18. Scott McGillivray

    What annoys you?

    204 pages in and I figure it is time to add my bit. This is a new annoyance for me. People at work that leave a few seconds on the microwave timer. That means the next person has to clear that off and enter their own in. I know, it is a very minor thing, but once I noticed it, I am ready to blow...
  19. Scott McGillivray

    Charlie's Angels (2019)

    Like others have said, this has to be the most generic, bland looking "action" film trailer I have seen. It left me just utterly confused and not in a way that makes me want to know more. The leads are bland. There seems to be three different "Charlies" and zero excitement. What is funny is that...
  20. Scott McGillivray

    Midway (2019)

    Ugh. The trailer looked just awful. The CG looked so...CG! I simply do not get invested in shows where it is all computer generated. I can go play a video game and be more involved. Game of Thrones had better looking CG! I know, maybe they still have work to do on it, but if they had actually...
  21. Scott McGillivray

    Why One Streaming Device May Not Be Enough

    Very well said, Josh. I think you make a good point in asking the question of why we buy physical media. In the past, it was my passion to have a huge library of DVDs, and I wound up with over 500. Now, most everything is available via streaming or at worst I can rent via Apple. But there is...
  22. Scott McGillivray

    Why One Streaming Device May Not Be Enough

    I had to break down and buy another Apple TV for my second home. I had bought a surprisingly good TCL 50" 4K TV that had Roku built in. It runs Netflix and Amazon Prime just fine. However, it will not run Crave, which is a Canadian service we use to stream HBO and other shows. Plus, without the...
  23. Scott McGillivray

    Stephen King goes to the movies...

    Whew! Just got through reading this entire thread. Some really great observations and insights. I even watched several of the videos suggested. Like many of you, I have been a fan of Mr. King since I was a kid. "Pet Semetary" was the first novel I ever read. I went on to read a lot of the rest...
  24. Scott McGillivray

    The Highwaymen (2019)

    Watched it last night. It was somewhat interesting but seemed to drag on a bit with a 2 hour running time. It is a bold choice to not focus on Bonnie and Clyde at all. The problem is, the main 2 characters are rather dull. I guess it makes an interesting contrast to the villains since the good...
  25. Scott McGillivray

    Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)

    I thought this movie was ok. Not great. It covered the history of this monster fairly well and never delved into the real gore and nightmare he created. I had hoped it would show more of what a master manipulator he was. It did a bit, but his "skill" at lying and really becoming a different...
  26. Scott McGillivray

    Black Mirror Season 5

    Like others have said, it is pretty solid TV, but just does not measure up to the brilliance we have seen in previous seasons. They ranged from "ok" to "good" but never, "WOW!". (How is that for a rating system? Haha)
  27. Scott McGillivray

    Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3 (Netflix)

    I really hope this is good. I have had a love/hate relationship with all of the Marvel shows on Netflix. It started with the excellent first season of Daredevil. Then there were ups and downs across the other shows. Many just did not have enough story to warrant a full 8 to 10 episodes. There...
  28. Scott McGillivray

    Anyone help identify this plant?

    Never sister figured it out. No idea how, but she got it. It is called Mullein. I had never heard of it, nor seen it before. Looks like it can grow to an impressive size!
  29. Scott McGillivray

    Ford v. Ferrari (2019)

    Fantastic trailer! After seeing the excellent movie "Rush" when it came out, I am very interested in this film. Great cast and fascinating topic.
  30. Scott McGillivray

    Anyone help identify this plant?

    Glad I found this thread. I moved out to Vancouver Island and saw this interesting plant in my back yard area which borders a forest. I have been searching around, but cannot figure out what it is. Therefore, I came to seek wisdom from you sage wizards.