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  1. Chauncey_G

    Different films, Same score

    One of the most blatant that I ever noticed was with the first Die Hard in the scene where Karl shows back up at the very end and is about to shoot Bruce Willis before being shot himself. The music is a straight lift from James Horner's score for Aliens in the scene where they're flying away...
  2. Chauncey_G

    Need advice on Crown amps

    Thanks for the info, guys! Everyone else - the more, the merrier, so keep any advice coming! Jerry, I'm actually unsure about my budget. I'd started out thinking that I wouldn't upgrade anything this year, but when this friend of mine started offering deals, I couldn't just say "no" to the...
  3. Chauncey_G

    Need advice on Crown amps

    A friend of mine works at a good local guitar shop which can order and/or stocks various models of Crown rack-mounted amps. He has offered to look into getting me a good deal on some amps if I'm interested. I've asked him to look into 2-channel amps at 120W/channel and at 150W/channel. Some...
  4. Chauncey_G

    Boondock Saints....WOW

    Yeah, this was a fun film, and I think that's why I like it so much. It just felt like everyone in the film was having a great time making it. My brother introduced me to this one about 6 months ago; at Christmas he gave just about everyone the DVD! The director has a sequel planned, though...
  5. Chauncey_G

    Post Older-movie watching depression...

    Tom, I totally hear what you're saying. I had an eye-opening moment watching a film that was near-and-dear to my heart as a child as well. When I was a kid, I was absolutely blown away by Disney's The Black Hole. As far as I was concerned at the time, it was a flawless film! :) However, I was...
  6. Chauncey_G midnight Matrix reloaded showing???!!!

    Every reformatted 35mm film to the 15/70 format (the IMAX format) has been letterboxed. I can only assume that Matrix will be the same way. Admittedly, the letterboxing does not always match the OAR of the 35mm print, Episode 2 is a prime example of this, but at the very least some...
  7. Chauncey_G midnight Matrix reloaded showing???!!!

    I didn't see this already posted anywhere, so I thought I'd break the news. Sorry if it's already out there. Evidently, a few weeks after Matrix: Reloaded hits theaters, it will be hitting IMAX as well. Even better, IMO, is that Matrix: Revolution will day-and-date in IMAX theaters and...
  8. Chauncey_G

    Which studio has butchered the most of your favorite films?

    I'm still hacked at Columbia for their mistreatment of A Midnight Clear.
  9. Chauncey_G

    I think I want to live at the Egyptian...

    I attended the Egyptian's John Carpenter tribute. VERY cool theater, INCREDIBLY cool program, and UNSPEAKABLY cool that such a place even exists.
  10. Chauncey_G

    Let theaters compete !!!! I hate it when a good movie shows at a crappy theater...

    I worked for a theater company that had to deal with this very problem a couple of years back. The Dickinson SouthGlen 12 was within spitting distance of the AMC Town Center 20. The Town Center was much newer, and when it went in they worked out a deal in which they sort of swapped...
  11. Chauncey_G

    Help on finding a "Dog Soldiers"-ish movie?

    That's it! In reading the cast list, seeing that Andy Serkis was in it was enough to ring the bell. Thanks for the help!
  12. Chauncey_G

    Help on finding a "Dog Soldiers"-ish movie?

    Hi all. I just watched Dog Soldiers for the the first time the other day. Though not perfect, it was an admirable low-budget horror film. Just enough of a spin on the werewolf theme to keep it fresh, IMO. But that's not why I started this thread. I remember seeing a reply to a Dog Soldiers...
  13. Chauncey_G

    Getting ready for FP purchase..some questions for the experts

    Manny, Here's a link to my review of the Piano HE-3200. It's a great little unit for the money. However, be warned that whereas it does accept a high-def signal, it can't output high-def resolution. It will downconvert it to it's own resolution of WSVGA. If you're getting into the FPTV thing...
  14. Chauncey_G

    Underappreciated film scores...

    In no particular order: Paperhouse - Hans Zimmer & Stanley Meyers Krull (Extended Edition) - James Horner Cutthroat Island - John Debney Passion (The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ) - Peter Gabriel The Dark Crystal - Trevor Jones Dark City - Trevor Jones The Crow - Graeme Revell...
  15. Chauncey_G

    Sequels that have ruined the original..

    I have to chime in with a second to The Crow 2. That was just terrible. Batman and Robin was as horrific. I never saw Jaws in the theater, but I stayed away from it for years on video because of the quality of it's sequels; I assumed that it was just as bad. Imagine my suprise when I finally...
  16. Chauncey_G

    Who controls theater volumes

    Jason, I'm not sure how THX would have fixed this problem. I've worked in a couple of THX houses, and the THX-specific equipment didn't have anything to do with volume setting. It was mostly cross-overs, EQ's, speaker type and placement, etc. There are a lot of reasons for different volume...
  17. Chauncey_G

    Who controls theater volumes

    Bob, the manager of that theater is feeding you a line. No studio is going to pull prints if their film is shown at 5 instead of 7. Either she was totally clueless (which is VERY possible) or she's got this line that she hands out anytime someone complains about the volume. The studios do...
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    yadda yadda yadda!
  19. Chauncey_G

    RPTV, FPTV, Plasma - Which way to go?

    I'm baaaack! :) It's taken me a little longer to get the photos up than I thought, but I finally posted pictures of my HT room and how I've got my screen set up. The link is in my Plus Avanti review thread (the link is in the 9th post down) so head on over and take a look!
  20. Chauncey_G

    I finally took the plunge! Plus Piano HE-3200 in the HOUSE!

    Greetings, all... Sorry it's taken me so damned long to do this, but I've finally got some pictures of my HT room's set-up to post. No actual image shots yet, but hopefully those will come in time. Here's the link to the photos.
  21. Chauncey_G

    Fox Properties NOT Discussed in 12/02 Chat

    I'd love to see a remastered, anamorphic edition of Boondock Saints come out. I know there's a sequel planned for the film, so I guess I'm hoping that might prompt a better version. Mr. Staddon has addressed this title on the forum before, saying something about how the studio they got the...
  22. Chauncey_G

    RPTV, FPTV, Plasma - Which way to go?

    Doug, Yeah, this compromise of mine is working out fairly well, actually. My storage plans haven't worked out as easily, unfortunately. I had hoped that I could just swing the whole frame up so that the screen was parallel against the ceiling, but I didn't have enough room to clear a ceiling...
  23. Chauncey_G

    RPTV, FPTV, Plasma - Which way to go?

    Gordon, I got a Stewart Firehawk 82" 16:9 wall-mount screen for around $900. From what I understand, the pull-down screens can be much more than that. I sort of cheated on mine. I bought a wall-mount screen, but I hang it from my ceiling. Is it a super slick and professional looking...
  24. Chauncey_G

    RPTV, FPTV, Plasma - Which way to go?

    Gordon, WOW! A 65" RPTV and a FPTV as well! NICE way to one-up me, buddy! :) That sounds like quite a plan. We're all invited over once it's done, right? :D As I'm sure you discovered in my Piano Avanti review, I'm thrilled with my projector and if you went with it I'm sure you'd be happy...
  25. Chauncey_G

    RPTV, FPTV, Plasma - Which way to go?

    Gordon, A quick suggestion just in case you think you might want to keep FPTV in the running. I recently made the leap from a regular, everyday 27" TV to a FPTV shooting to an 82" screen. I still keep the regular TV, though, for routine viewing: morning news during breakfast, episodes of 24...
  26. Chauncey_G

    Absolute nonsense from the MPAA!!!!

    The sad fact of the matter is that, from what I understand, the MPAA operates under a totally subjective viewpoint. What I mean is that I don't believe that they have a set criteria which equals "PG" or "R", or any other classification. They just go with what they feel like at the time. While I...
  27. Chauncey_G

    TV Shows screaming for DVD

    Mark, Thanks for the link, but PAL discs are out of my jurisdiction. Good info, though...I didn't know they were out on anything but VHS. Here's hoping for a nice R1 DVD set!
  28. Chauncey_G

    TV Shows screaming for DVD

    There was a BBC series set in WWII called Danger UXB that I absolutely loved. It was historical fiction, based on the poor guys that had to go out and disarm the unexploded bombs (UXB = UneXploded Bomb) after each night of German bombing during the Blitzkrieg. An excellent series that I have on...
  29. Chauncey_G

    Give Me Good 80's Horror Recommendations

    Here's a couple of grade-B faves: The Toxic Avenger C.H.U.D. :)