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  1. Gui A

    Ipod Video plus Vista 64?!

    Winamp works as well
  2. Gui A

    Batman Animated Series (1992) continuity

    For The Win. (Unless you're watching wrestling)
  3. Gui A

    Weekly RoundUp 10-10-2006

    Dang. The in-store FYE prices are about $2-4 more than the website..
  4. Gui A

    Weekly RoundUp 10-10-2006

    Hey guys, My sister went on a shopping trip down to Manhattan for the weekend. I gave her a laundry list of older dvds to buy while she was down there. She was able to find most of them at For Your Entertainment... How much more expensive is that compared to the stores in this list? Thanks
  5. Gui A

    Survivor: Cook Islands

    Did they reveal the buff colours as well?
  6. Gui A

    Simpsons Movie Finally Under way

    Flash (youtube) version Edit: Dead link.
  7. Gui A

    My Name is Earl

    Wow. I'm really surprised they used Queen.
  8. Gui A

    lol, howard stern may get bleeped

    Nope. That's Jack Thompson.
  9. Gui A

    A reminder to Canadians: Today is voting day!

    They want sovereignty from Canada.
  10. Gui A

    My Name is Earl

    POOPYTRIM! It's the same thing Ethan Suplee said in Mallrats. Here's Kevin Smith explaining it... And it's not the first time he's said it on Earl:
  11. Gui A

    My Name is Earl

    ...and that poopytrim bit is another reference from Mallrats. See
  12. Gui A

    My Name is Earl

    ...with that smart frog from Return of the Jedi on my back... Poopytrim!
  13. Gui A

    Michael Jackson could lose Beatles catalog rights!! YES!!!!!

    So... anything new on this? Did MJ lose the rights?
  14. Gui A

    Sony sued over copy-protected CDs

    After this little incident, it's official: I am no longer buyign copy protected CDs. That is all.
  15. Gui A

    ATTN ALL: King Kong Box Set With Collector's Tin, Son Of Kong, & Mighty Joe Young!!!

    Is this set available at Canadian Best Buys? I checked the store closest to me, and I want to know if it's worth the drive to other locations to see if they have it. Thanks!
  16. Gui A

    The WWE™

    They were speculating on The Law that it might have been a brain aneurysm from a stiff chairshot on smackdown that did it...
  17. Gui A

    Cable choices in Toronto suburbs

    TV wise, I think Bell also offers ExpressVU through the phone line. but that may be for condos only. There's also look TV ( but I'm not really sure how they work. Rogers cable internet isnt that bad, but they do have a 60 gig limit per month...
  18. Gui A

    Lawrence Of Arabia On Big Screen

    I saw this when it was played as the last movie in Toronto's York theater. ... The screen wasnt that big, so the image looked extra sharp. :emoji_thumbsup:
  19. Gui A

    Any 'Real' Ghostbusters here?

    Hey James, what are some good places to do this around Toronto? Have you ever experienced anything? Thanks
  20. Gui A

    Sony's BROWN BUNNY DVD - Why Superbit?

    The Japanese commentary makes a few references to the censorship, so it really wouldnt make much sense with an uncensored viewing. But otherwise, he explains the film in detail, and isnt that bad of a track.
  21. Gui A

    How much is a used PS2 worth?

    EB quoted me $90cdn for a later model, non-slim version.
  22. Gui A

    "Simpsons" Mexican dub actors' labor dispute

    Ay!! No es bueno!
  23. Gui A

    Need to do some keystroke logging/screen capture
  24. Gui A

    Spike TV's Future in Jeporardy in Canada

    AFAIK, it sounds like SpikeTV in its current form, was never approved by the CRTC. The CRTC approved The Nashville Network and that type of programming. They also approved MenTV, and even though they don't share the same programming, it's the same theme. they both claim to be the first network...
  25. Gui A

    12 Monkeys Collector's Edition Discontinued?

    I dont think Universal releaseed this with a bilingual cover. The copy I have is 100% eng. There was also a rumoured
  26. Gui A

    The WWE™

    Better than a Nicole Bass tape.
  27. Gui A

    The WWE™

    There's a video of the Angle/Puder match on
  28. Gui A

    Were Japanese Laserdiscs superior to their US counterparts?

    I thought LDs had no region encoding?
  29. Gui A

    The WWE™

    Boourns. I can't believe they fired Former WCW Champion Chuck Palumbo!
  30. Gui A

    Bi-lingual cover?

    The French packaging has saved me a lot of money. If the cover is bilingual, I order the US version online. Simple as that. But sometimes I forget to buy the title. and that saves me money!!