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  1. Rick Ewing

    The Ten Commandments (1956) 4K UHD Coming from Paramount

    Fascinating take on all of this. I've been waiting for this release in 4K for years and thought they'd do it a while ago but I guess there's no time like the 65th anniversary. :). Extra detail for 4K is fun but I agree, the real treat will be color and contrast. Blu Ray releases typically are...
  2. Rick Ewing

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Castle in the Sky & Spirited Away – in Blu-ray

    It would be nice to see some of these released in 4K/HDR.
  3. Rick Ewing

    Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 speakers placement for music and movies

    I think there is another solution you haven't considered. This is something that helped me in a similar situation. Like you, I have a Marantz product (in my case the AV7703) which is capable of four channel height Dolby Atmos. I also have a home theater where the main listening position (MLP)...
  4. Rick Ewing

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    My situation is constrained by the layout of the room but not impossible. My current AVR is the Denon X2000 so the X5200W would be a sweet upgrade to be sure. I have a 5.1 configuration now, mainly because there are no really good places for a second set of surrounds. My couch is against the...
  5. Rick Ewing

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    The Onkyo would be a sweet upgrade. The challenge for me would be the construction project for the ceiling mounted speakers. I think it's possible to put four up home theater room has a 12 foot, barn style ceiling. In many ways I think that is easier than wall mounted surrounds...
  6. Rick Ewing

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    My 12 year old Denon is in bad need of an upgrade. Sure it works but it's woefully out of date and cannot even keep up with the Blu Ray/HDMI era much less the 4K/UHD era. I've also had great experience with two previous Onkyo receivers I've helped a friend install over the last decade. M...
  7. Rick Ewing

    50"-60" CRT RPTV w/ 720p @ ~$2000. Is it really that hard?

    It is very possible to make a CRT-based television with native 720p and 1080i scan rates. And yes, the first generation Panasonics were 720p and it certainly could be done in current products. But the odds aren't really likely. Back in 1998, scalers were frightfully expensive, so building in...
  8. Rick Ewing

    Klipsch vs. Definitive Tech (Help Me Decide!)

    Klipsch and Dev Tech speakers sound nothing like each other, so you will have to make the overall choice for yourself. This is an apple-oranges comparison, not one where the two competing brands have similar sonic signatures.
  9. Rick Ewing

    Help me buy a 35' Subwoofer Cable

    First, old speaker wire probably won't adhere to the 75 ohm rating needed for a good subwoofer connection. It'll work, but it won't work well. And putting it into a wall is a really bad idea (fire codes, dealing with insurance companies if your house burns down, etc). RG-6 coax cable is 75 ohm...
  10. Rick Ewing

    Help me buy a 35' Subwoofer Cable

    Buy a 100' foot spool of RG-6 coax cable wire that you'd usually use for cable TV. It works just as fine for subwoofer cables, and is suitable for in-wall applications. If you get pre-made cables that already have screw F-type connectors, you can get F-type to RCA adapters either at your local...
  11. Rick Ewing

    I can get an unbeatable deal on Mitsubishi - advise and opinions please

    The 65813 and the 73713 are steals at those prices. I'd jump at the chance. The 82913 "Alpha" is new LCOS technology that although does a full 1920x1080 resolution, still likely suffers from some of LCOS' shortcomings (blacks). But you could pretty much guarentee (for better or worse) that you'd...
  12. Rick Ewing

    HSU at CompUsa

    All CompUSAs are upgrading their stores for a more home theatre centric focus. The acquisition of the "Good Guys" chain allowed them to inherit distribution contracts that make this possible. One CompUSA employee told me that they really wanted to merge with Circuit City, but that didn't pan...
  13. Rick Ewing

    Quick and Initial Review on the Fluance SM938

    It's not that. For some of us, Fluance's prices are so good that they are suspect. Some believe that they are the same speakers as many "white van" scams. That view might be unfair...who knows? But it causes many of us to parse our words about Fluance very carefully...or not comment at all.
  14. Rick Ewing

    Please explain to a newbie how the HK-525 does bass mgnt for DVD-A/SACD.

    I don't have a uni-player. I do have a Sony DVD/SACD changer which has six-channel analog outputs for the SACD playback. Since the Sony has no bass management on the SACD signals, I've tried both the H/K triple crossover and an Outlaw ICBM during the audition period when I had a H/K 525 in...
  15. Rick Ewing

    Please explain to a newbie how the HK-525 does bass mgnt for DVD-A/SACD.

    First, you need to setup what crossover frequencies you're going to use in the on-screen setup (Speaker Setup menu). The H/K 525 allows you to set crossover frequencies for all inputs (GLOBAL) or if you want complete comtrol, you can set crossover frequencies settings to be different for every...
  16. Rick Ewing

    Please explain to a newbie how the HK-525 does bass mgnt for DVD-A/SACD.

    This is not correct. The H/K 525 employs a digital crossover circuit that is optional on the analog inputs. What that means is that the input from the analog inputs from DVD-A or SACD recordings is "redigitized", and then the appropiate frequencies are sent to the proper outputs. You have the...
  17. Rick Ewing

    Who's Got Rocket RS750

    I have the "classic" 750s (4 of 'em, front and rear) and I've been operating without a subwoofer for the first nine months of ownership (I only recently took delivery of a Rocket UFW-10 sub). One of the 750s best features is its ability to properly express midbass with authority. The specs are...
  18. Rick Ewing

    Loudspeaker Under $2,000

    You might read this thread on AV123's web site that details a shootout between Rockets, Divas and two different B&W speaker types. The writeup was done by a Diva owner. The Diva's were 6.1s, not the updated 6.2s.
  19. Rick Ewing

    Info about Bose

    Recently at a local Tweeter, I was asking one of the reps I know how many people buy the Bose Lifestyle system. Rep: We don't sell the Bose system. Me: What? You've got one right in the front of the store?!? Rep: Oh, I meant we carry the product, but none of us reps actually try to sell...
  20. Rick Ewing

    ***Official Digital Video Essentials Discussion Thread***

    Would another workaround for this issue be to calibrate from the DTS tones instead of DD (assuming a DTS bass calibration tone exists on this disc)?
  21. Rick Ewing

    JVC RX 8030 VBK DD EX DTS ES Rcvr?

    Bill, You're right, he does have the 8020, but the 8030 is only good for 6 amplified channels, not 7.
  22. Rick Ewing

    JVC RX 8030 VBK DD EX DTS ES Rcvr?

    The JVC RX-DP20VBK sounds nice on paper but isn't in the same price class as the 8030 VBK ($2500 MSRP vs. $450). The biggest problem about the RX-DP20VBK is finding one to audition. None of my local B&M stores or any of the popular internet vendors stock this item (or any high-end JVC audio...
  23. Rick Ewing

    JVC RX 8030 VBK DD EX DTS ES Rcvr?

    My stepfather owns the JVC RX-8030VBK, having upgraded from an older JVC receiver. If you've owned other JVC midrange receivers, then you should be familiar with this product. I set it up for him and it does it's job pretty well in a 15'x25'x8' room driving some unremarkable Infinity mains with...
  24. Rick Ewing

    How low do DVD movie soundtracks go???

    Indeed. My stepfather has a Infinity BU-150 which I recently got out the ol' Rat Shack meter and tested it. Its wimpy amp and 12 inch driver only managed 35 hz before it rolled off like a cliff. Well hell, my Rocket 750s will do that with no subwoofer help and the rollout is more gradual. The...
  25. Rick Ewing

    subwoofer just made a big pop and started burning and smoking....

    Amplifiers have parts that wear out over time, sometimes spectacularly. George is right, a capacitor could have easily worn out and blown. When that happens, you often hear a "pop" of the casing of the capacitor coming apart, followed by smoke and the smell of burnt electronics. There are...
  26. Rick Ewing

    Dolby ProLogic IIx unveiled

    It is important for a very good reason: accessibility. Since Logic7 isn't licensed to anyone else, this is the going to being 7.1 derived processing to a greater marketplace. Also, DPL IIx will derive information from 2 channel, DPL/DPL II and Dolby Digital & EX softwsre (even DTS is possible)...
  27. Rick Ewing

    Firewire port, should there be 2?

    Firewire/i.Link/IEEE-1394 is a transmission standard that uses a bus topology for communications. Think of it as like Ethernet, except a lot more intelligent. For example, Firewire devices identify themselves on the network when attached and can specifically ask for a certain amount of bandwidth...
  28. Rick Ewing

    Hey the White van guys tried to sell speakers to me. Ha, ha, ha

    I've been looking at the whole Fluance thing with some interest. At first, it could be easy to accuse these guys of getting their speakers from the "white van" company in China. Fluance sells speakers at cut rate prices, even in comparison to other internet-sales companies. I also think their...
  29. Rick Ewing

    Opinions on my new system

    A lot has been written on the hypothesis "Does Bose suck" or "Is Bose worth the money". To answer the first question, if you compare the typical Bose Acoustimass speaker sound to a typical TV speaker or even some of the cheapy speakers that come with some inexpensive bookshelf systems or HTIB...
  30. Rick Ewing

    Opinions on my new system

    William, Try not to get concerned about the fact that people might not have ever heard of Paradigm or any of the other speakers you have auditioned. The loudspeaker market is interesting in the fact that it has a few very large manufacturers (Bose, Harmon International who makes JBL and...