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  1. John Sturge

    Abel Ferrara's R'Xmas

    Straight to video. Not even endowed with a wide release that spanned into more than two cities. R'Xmas Abel Ferrera's latest film about a middle class drug dealing family was unfortunately stuck with a failing company. With the company for sale, the company has had a rocky time. Well, it's...
  2. John Sturge

    Is "High Noon" the Greatest Western ever made?

    My Top Westerns: The Wild Bunch Stagecoach Little Big Man Yojimbo(a western in my general opinion) The Searchers Giù la testa Barquero Unforgiven Red River The Big Trail Django Dead Man As for High Noon, I just don't like it.
  3. John Sturge

    Major Problems With Battlefield 1942

    Has anyone had these problems with Battlefield 1942? -Inability to see the in-game and menu text -Inability to start a mulitplayer game(it loads then it errors out). It was okay before, now it just won't do anything... Some help would be appreciated.
  4. John Sturge

    just one of the funniest thing ever!

    I'll pup a cep in yuoor ess!
  5. John Sturge

    Weekly Advice From Nick Nolte

    This Weeks Advice: Commit Yourself To Constant Self Improvement
  6. John Sturge

    *** Official "JACKASS: THE MOVIE" Discussion Thread

    Jackass The Movie has got to be the funniest movie I have seen in a while. Nothing has made me continually laugh, or held my laughter that long. I was laughing so hard during the roller disco segment, that I couldn't breathe.
  7. John Sturge

    Solid State or Tubes: what do you have?

    I have mostly tubes now, but I'm still running solid state in my home theater setup. However, with the upcoming purchase of new tube amplifiers I hope to phase solid state amplifiers out of my setup. I love tubes.
  8. John Sturge

    A Remake of Straw Dogs?

    Could you handle a remake of Straw Dogs? Link Removed
  9. John Sturge

    "Knockaround Guys" - Looks promising

    It looks rather pointless to me, and the fact that it has been shelved for a while steers me away completely. I'm also not a fan of Vin Diesel. So, I don't find Knockaround Guys very appealing.
  10. John Sturge

    Conan O'Brien

    Whenever I'm watching, it's the Daily Show With John Stewart first then maybe Leno or Letterman(I hate both, but sometimes I watch for interviews with stars I like and try to mute the annoying host). And if I want more, Conan for the skits, and Kilborn for the interviews...
  11. John Sturge

    The Amazon Gold Box

    My offers... 1. Logitech 904357-0403 Cordless Trackman FX Optical Trackball 2. Garmin GPS V 3. Black Hawk Down for $16.78 (Oddly enough, I got this for $14 the last time it came around... Why would want it again for a higher price?) 4. Canon Sure Shot 85 Platinum Zoom Date 35mm Camera...
  12. John Sturge

    "Boy is my face red!" Name your worst thread disasters.

    My thread bashing the Italian movie "Salo", everytime I look at that thread I think " What the hell was I on? " "In before the lock?" You have to be kidding.
  13. John Sturge

    Everyday RIP-OFFS

    Cigars... A good set of Cubans can really set me back. Oh, and $40 jeans that cost the manufacturer $1.00 to make.
  14. John Sturge

    MPAA Snooping?

    MPAA Snooping For Pirates For anyone that cares or missed it, an article about MPAA going after pirates.
  15. John Sturge

    J.Lo's Enough DVD: Cover Art (Front & Back), Date, SRP, & MAP

    Since there is a JLO music video on the disc, it's definetly worth my purchase. :rolleyes I agree with Jasen, puns are just bad David...
  16. John Sturge

    Directors Your Biggest Pet Peeve

    Work Related 1. People who don't know how to tip 2. "In before the lock" General Peeves 1.People who drop change at the pick up window and have to go out and look for it. 2.People that eat Snowcaps in theaters( and shake them everytime they eat them :angry: ) 3.People that talk in...
  17. John Sturge

    Your Favorite Chinese & Japanese films?

    1.Sonatine 2.Fists Of Fury 3.Hard Boiled 4.Yojimbo 5.Ran 6.Boling Point 7.Violent Cop 8.The Killer 9. Seven Samurai 10.Brother
  18. John Sturge

    Mouse Won't Work

    Well, the mouse was dead. I just got a new mouse from Dell, and everything works great. Why the mouse died is still a mystery.
  19. John Sturge

    Mouse Won't Work

    Problem solved
  20. John Sturge

    Going to Amsterdam - what to do?

    I'll test the waters, and re-edited my post.
  21. John Sturge Top 250: Disappointing At Times

    Spider Man rated higher than Spartacus,Brazil,Once Upon A Time In America,Amores Perros or even 8 1/2 ?!?!? Sorry for the rant.
  22. John Sturge

    Axioms VS Swans Divias

    Yes, I agree that the Diva 6.1 can easily compete with Revel's Performa series, I was thinking or Revel's higher end speakers.
  23. John Sturge

    Peter Pan got dumped!

    Whoa!!! I wouldn't like to meet the person that messed him up... :D
  24. John Sturge

    Where Can I Get Manila Calling?

    I'll bump this again... for my sake. There's gotta be someone out there where I can get even a lousy videotape of this....
  25. John Sturge

    Psycho (Hitchcock): Blah...

    I personally prefer a similar film about a psycho released around the time of Psycho. Peeping Tom.
  26. John Sturge

    Are cigarette butts biodegradable?

    I recall that, Plastic biodegrades naturally after an infinite amount of time. Glass biodegrades naturally after a million years. However, I think a mixture of tobacco and other minor chemicals wrapped in paper, would biodegrade after about maybe 100 years? Correct me if i'm wrong...
  27. John Sturge

    What's the most bored you've ever been at work.

    Hey Larry, figure this out for me. How many years would it take for the characters of Gilligan's Island to get off the island. Be sure to include the following factors. Stupidity, weather, tides, luck, boats or planes, rescue efforts, the "we can build a coconut radio, but were too...