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    How to rip Blu-ray and UHD on a Mac?

    Hello, Looking to purchase my first ever Zappiti NEO, however before I do that. Can you please let me know the items below will get me going? I can not afford Zappiti NAS. Also, working with a Apple MacBook Pro
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    Anthem AV Help - MRX 1140

    All, Would really appreciate any help you could give. Please see the YouTube link on the sound issue I am having with this the new AnthemAV Mrx 1140. It happens with the following 1). DirecTV - Switching from one channel to another 2). Switching from Xbox series X to DirecTV. I have...
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    Mini Theater and Cave

    Home Cinema Devices Receiver: Anthem MRX 1140 6 Ceiling Speakers (Dolby Atmos) 2 Rear Speakers (Dolby Atmos) 3 Episode ES-700-IWLCR-5 In-Wall Dual woofer Speakers (Front under Screen) 2 SVS PB-1000 SUBs Projector: Sony VPL-VW295ES Rack – Watt Box WB-400-8 Sony UBP-X800 4k Player Playstation 5...