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  1. Dan*L

    Samsung SIR-T351 HDTV Receiver

    Left message on your voice mail. Dan
  2. Dan*L

    it all must go!!!

  3. Dan*L

    WTB: Sub for $200-$300!

  4. Dan*L

    WTB: Sub for $200-$300!

    I am looking for a sub for my hometheater in the price range of $200-$300 in the Los Angeles area. I am also looking for Plate Amp below $150. CASH payment. PM me. Thanks Dan
  5. Dan*L

    Axiom M60Ti Towers

    YGPM & Mail!
  6. Dan*L

    FS: Misc PC stuff

    Second on the 9600! YGPM!
  7. Dan*L

    Home Theatre Calibration and Setup disks worth it?

    Get the Radio Shack Analog SPL meter (Cat no. 33-2050) for $34.99 plus tax if you can find one because they were discontinued. I brought one last week and calibrated my surround system and believe you me it made a huge difference. Note: if you are going to radio shack be sure to give them...
  8. Dan*L

    FS: Axiom Speakers & BPT Balanced Power Conditioner

    YGPM on the Axiom VP150!
  9. Dan*L

    FS: Boston Acoustics VR-970 Speakers