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  1. Scott Barnhart

    Things erotic and HT related - (mostly)

    I also recommend "Sensual Sensual" by B-Tribe.
  2. Scott Barnhart

    Me So Happy -- Comcast CBS HD

    Yay! This was the #1 reason I haven't gotten Comcast HD yet. Now I guess the time has come...
  3. Scott Barnhart

    Problems with WONDER WOMAN?

    No problems with our set either.
  4. Scott Barnhart

    Is it possible to "lock" one window on top of another?

    Here is one way to do it: Get CMDOW and then run 'cmdow [window title] /TOP' where [window title] is the text in the title bar of your DVD player. 'cmdow [window title] /NOT' will undo the change.
  5. Scott Barnhart

    Help - Info/ID needed on this (remixed) song "Owner of a Lonely Sexbomb Heart"

    Thanks for the help, Eric. I appreciate it!
  6. Scott Barnhart

    Help - Info/ID needed on this (remixed) song "Owner of a Lonely Sexbomb Heart"

    A friend of mine gave me an MP3 that he got from some nebulous chain of friends. It is named/titled simply "Green Hits - Owner of a Lonely Sexbomb Heart" and it is, unsurprisingly, a remix combining Yes's Owner of a Lonely Heart and Tom Jones' Sexbomb. I really like this song, and have...
  7. Scott Barnhart

    Need assistance with Outlook 2003

    Forgot to mention also that when you send new emails, you can choose which "Email Account" to send from, so that it sets the From: and ReplyTo: addresses correctly. When you reply to an email, it will automatically default to the email account that the original message was received on. So the...
  8. Scott Barnhart

    Need assistance with Outlook 2003

    Instead of defining multiple profiles (one for each email account), just use one profile, but for that profile, define multiple "E-mail Accounts" (Tools / Email Accounts / Add a new email account). For each email account, you can choose which Outlook Data File (or set of folders) to deliver the...
  9. Scott Barnhart

    Best free newgroup reader out there...?

    I will put in another vote for XNews. While Free Agent gets the most votes usually for best newsreader, I personally find its UI a little too "busy". So if you prefer the simpler look, XNews might be your best bet.
  10. Scott Barnhart

    Which free LD player should I choose?

    Well, I have had an S201 for 10 years, and it is still going strong. Never had any problems, and the video quality is pretty good, though not up to my D704. Didn't the MDP-600 have problems with the door mechanism sticking/jamming? Maybe that was the 500... not sure. Since repair work on...
  11. Scott Barnhart

    A wonderful BOSE fact, courtesy of CEDIA...

    Here is what the lawsuit is about. Typical stupid trademark BS...
  12. Scott Barnhart

    Quick tour of Olympic Peninsula-suggestions?

    1) Go to Dungeness Spit, the longest natural sand spit in the US, and hike out to the lighthouse. Very beautiful. 2) Drive up to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic mountains.(this is near Port Angeles). Again, really pretty. 3) Drive out to Neah Bay and the Makah Indian reservation. Most...
  13. Scott Barnhart

    living near power-lines or towers....concerns?

    Leaving aside the debate over the possible health-related side-effects, if you are buying (not renting), it will probably make a significant dent in your resale value to buy a house under a power line. Of course, you can make that up upfront because you are probably paying less for the same...
  14. Scott Barnhart

    Fixed my Windows 2000 registry, but what did I really do?

    I'm pretty sure that hive is the HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT hive. It contains the settings for the default user, so when you create any new users, all the settings in .DEFAULT are copied into the new user's HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive.
  15. Scott Barnhart

    Linking to Outlook, not Outlook Express

    Greg, If you are comfortable with Regedit.exe, run it and open up the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTmailtoshellopencommand What does it have for the "(Default)" value? If it has something relating to Outlook Express, that is most likely where the problem is. I have Outlook as my mailto: handler...
  16. Scott Barnhart

    Architect Frank Gehry's Latest Creation

    I think that MIT building looks really cool. I'm all for more interesting looking buildings in the world. It kind of reminds me of the Hundertwasserhaus in some ways.
  17. Scott Barnhart

    Toyota 4-Runner vs Dodge Durango

    Granted this is only on year of data, but the last Consumer Reports Car issue said that the 03/04 V6 4Runner had average-to-poor reliability, and the V8 had great reliability. I don't know if that is due to differences in the engines, or if they are built in different plants, so take that info...
  18. Scott Barnhart

    Spa (Hot tub) thread

    We just got a Sundance Optima about 6 months ago, and we really love it. When we were looking, I did checking on the net, and it seemed that Hot Springs and Sundance were among the most reliable brands. Then my family wet-tested both of those, and they liked the Sundance the best (I didn't...
  19. Scott Barnhart

    Would PAL work on NTSC receivers?

    It works for me. I switch a PAL VCR and a PAL DVD player through the video section of my receiver (Denon AVR-3600), and it works perfectly - never had any trouble. As far as the "Television Format: NTSC" thing, that probably just means that the receiver's own onscreen menu is output as NTSC...
  20. Scott Barnhart

    Opinions of my collection

    I'm a huge Michael Manring fan - seen him live once or twice (playing with Michael Hedges - now THAT is a guitar duo), and have most (all?) of his CD's. To answer the original poster's question - wow, I don't think we could be more musically different! :) The only overlapping CD's we have are...
  21. Scott Barnhart

    How good are built-in PAL converters?

    Here is one source of Multisystem TV's that you can buy in the US. I have never bought a TV from them, but did buy a multisystem VCR and PAL/NTSC convertor from them and was very happy with my experience.
  22. Scott Barnhart

    Help with a Anniversary gift of sorts. Connectivity of a VCR to a Hilton TV?

    RichardK, Do you have any details or a website on the special tool you referred to? I like to travel with a portable DVD player and RF modulator, but I have noticed more and more hotels putting on those locks to disallow hooking to the TV's coax input. I would really love to get one I can add...
  23. Scott Barnhart

    Hooking a laptop to a cell phone....

    Here are some interesting and helpful looking links: Link 1 Link 2 Google Groups Info It looks like the main key is the Sanyo USB cable and the drivers.
  24. Scott Barnhart

    Help finding a car adapter for a Panasonic LV-75 portable dvd player?...

    If you can't find what you need, you can always buy a power inverter, which plugs into the cigarette lighter on one end, and has a normal 110 AC plugin on the other. That is what I got for my portable DVD player, since I figured it would be useful for other things too.
  25. Scott Barnhart

    Differences Between Dells

    I'm pretty sure you also have to pay sales tax no matter what state you are from, if you buy from Small Business. If you buy from Home, then sales tax is only collected from the state where Dell has a "presence".
  26. Scott Barnhart

    PAL to NTSC Video Converters

    May I ask what sources you are converting that are using component output? The only video sources I can think of are VCR's (VHS, Beta, etc), Laserdisc, DVD, and video cameras. For DVD, a PAL->NTSC converting DVD player will be much cheaper and stomp the quality of practically any
  27. Scott Barnhart

    Sprint wireless?

    My wife has had Sprint PCS for 5 years now, and we have been very happy with it also. I currently have AT&T for myself (TDMA phone), and I don't find much difference in quality between them (maybe a bit better for Sprint). We got Sprint because of the Nationwide coverage w/o roaming charges...
  28. Scott Barnhart

    Home Fax Machines

    The best way to hook up a fax machine to a phone line and have it all work correctly is to get "Distinctive Ring" from your phone provider (and a fax machine that supports it, which probably all modern ones do). The phone co. gives you another phone number which rings on your main line, but...
  29. Scott Barnhart

    Walgreens Digital Photo Printing - :-(

    Aaron, I had exactly the same experience last weekend. My wife and kids have been bugging me for years to get a color printer, so Saturday I broke down and got a Canon i900D and some PhotoPro Paper also. Took a JPG from my Canon S100 ELPH, sent it to the printer using their default settings...
  30. Scott Barnhart

    Can You Help Me Fix My Sound Problem?

    Apologies in advance for being *too* obvious, but did you open the Volume Control dialog and see if somehow the balance and/or fade got set such that all the sound goes to the left?