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  1. Will Pomeroy

    I confess...I'm sick of beer. I hate it.

    I would, but there is just one problem, Carleton is for losers. :D
  2. Will Pomeroy

    I confess...I'm sick of beer. I hate it.

    So do you go to Carleton, or University of Ottawa? I'm at U of O right now. Personally, i'm not the biggest fan of the taste of beer, but the effects can be fun, as long as you're around the right people.
  3. Will Pomeroy

    Mind blowing statistics...

    There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  4. Will Pomeroy


    This is a good explanation from another forum: "The video clip shows a three phase air disconnect switch attempting to open the high voltage supply to a large three phase 33 Million Volt Ampere Reactive (MVAR) shunt line reactor. The reactor is the huge transformer-like object behind the...
  5. Will Pomeroy

    Do gun silencers really sound like they do in the movies?

    Yes I've seen some videos of people shooting real silenced guns, and they're still pretty loud. I don't think its really as quiet as they make it seem in the movies.
  6. Will Pomeroy

    Need math help!! Simple problem!

    If you're going to ask people to DYFHW, you could at least be polite... Its already in its simplest form. You might want to double check the question.
  7. Will Pomeroy

    I have a hole in my skull...

    I had my four impacted teeth come out about 4 months ago. The first night was the worst, they gave me so much gause that I couldn't talk, drink, or do anything. I'm glad I had season 1 of the sopranos and my girlfriend's breasts to keep me entertained. The second day I was fine, barely any...
  8. Will Pomeroy

    Need advice from some handyman

    Yeah, definitely the GFIs... if the reset doesn't work, you may want to dismantle it and check to see if there is a silica buildup.
  9. Will Pomeroy

    Friction Formula

    Thats just because of the differences in surface textures. There is no formula that would accomadate all different types and variations of every kind of surface. The formula you gave does accomadate changes in surface area because when there is more area, there is less pressure, and vise versa...
  10. Will Pomeroy

    The new 2004 Hyundai Tiburon Hardtop *CONVERTIBLE*!!!

    I learned to drive in an '86 pony. It had 72 hp, reardrive, and "speed blocks" holding the front seats from falling through the rusted out holes in the floor. I think hyundai has come a long way, they are some really nice looking cars. Hopefully they will be able to overcome their past reputaion!
  11. Will Pomeroy

    How do I tell if I have 32 or 64 bit XP

    Its very simple, just open up your computer case, and count the pieces.... If there are 32 bits of computer stuff, then you are running 32 bit windows... 64 bit is similar, but with twice as many pieces. :D
  12. Will Pomeroy

    Proper English question...

    Don't forget that if you're only speaking it, and your doing the 'half-assed French accent' thing that everybody does when trying to speak French, it won't even matter because the 's' is always silent when pluralizing a French word. It would still read "He won five toor-duh-frahnse"
  13. Will Pomeroy

    Any VW Golf owners here?

    Its funny that you mention that, just 2 months ago my father was trying to make the same decision. We ended up choosing the golf, but then we found a good deal on a 2001 jetta TDI, so we got that instead. So far, we absolutely love the car. I've been doing quite a lot of reading at...
  14. Will Pomeroy

    Ford Escape vs. Toyota RAV 4

    For 25000 get a Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI. If you don't go off road, then it won't matter that its not an SUV. The VW probably has more cargo capacity than both of them, and it gets about 55mpg because its a diesel. I drive one (sedan) and its great. I can get about 700miles on a tank. At least...
  15. Will Pomeroy

    This kind of senseless death really bothers me.

    I went to school last year at the University of Ottawa, and I've been down that highway many a' times... The bus drivers in the area are known to be somewhat aggressive, and its possible that he thought the car was driving in "his lane", possibly to get around slower traffic in the main lanes...
  16. Will Pomeroy

    Making Hamburgers

    Stupid University. All I have right now is a couple a hotdogs, and a toaster oven; its going to have to do, but I could really go for a burger instead of studying... I go home in three days, where I can finally use the BBQ. I don't think I can live any longer without a BBQ. So do you guys...
  17. Will Pomeroy

    Who here is the youngest?

    I'm 19, and currently making out with a (hot) highschool chick. (Well not RIGHT NOW, but you get the idea)
  18. Will Pomeroy

    500 posts!!!

    So if they removed the post count, how do you really know how many post you have?
  19. Will Pomeroy

    How can people not wash their hands?

    I opened the thread, and read the 1st reply, "Time saver" and I chuckled a little bit, until I realized that I was the one that posted it almost a year ago... The thing that really gets me is pubic hair on the rim of the toilet/urinal, that's just nasty... What are people doing in the...
  20. Will Pomeroy

    National Guardsman changes name to "Optimus Prime"

    HA HA HA HA.... As silly as that is, Optimus Prime has got to be one of the coolest "wacky" names...
  21. Will Pomeroy

    att broadband

    Yeah, i'm in Ottawa, and I pay CDN$ 40 as well, and its quite fast. Good ole' Canada...