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  1. Ray Tsui

    Comfortable Headphones around $100?

    I like my Shure E3C's a lot and they are *great* when travelling, but I'm always aware of them when they are inserted in my ear. I got used to the feeling, but not everybody may feel the same. For the original poster, I take back my recommendations for the D66, SR60 *if* you are travelling...
  2. Ray Tsui

    Comfortable Headphones around $100?

    I have the HD497 and with my big head, they do get a bit uncomfy after a while(about a hour). If I were to recommend now, I'd look at the Grado SR-60. They are also open type and leak sound (let in sound), so they are less suitable in a noisy environment. Ideally you should get closed...
  3. Ray Tsui

    Hsu Ventriloquist vs. Mirage Nanosat vs. Orb

    More... Based on what I heard, the VT-12 isn't bad, they did sound a bit thin to me. Dialogue clarity was pretty good, but I think the sats let them down overall. They did play pretty loud and I suppose you could do worse, and you do get their awesome sub in the package. For the original...
  4. Ray Tsui

    Hsu Ventriloquist vs. Mirage Nanosat vs. Orb

    My friend bought the VTF-2 and picked up VT-12 set at the same time, and I heard them briefly in his own home. I have heard the Take 5 and Take 5.2, Nanosats, but never heard the Orbs. I do like the Omnisats, and I am considering picking them up for my rear channels. I do recommend the...
  5. Ray Tsui

    Hsu Ventriloquist vs. Mirage Nanosat vs. Orb

    That's funny, I've heard the VT-12 also, and thought that the Energy Take 5.2's were better sounding. They sounded smoother and clearer to me. So.....who's right? No one. Only your own ears can tell. Energy has a new series of Take speakers which are supposedly even better. Definitely...
  6. Ray Tsui

    Hsu Ventriloquist vs. Mirage Nanosat vs. Orb

    You should be able to do better than that for the Nanosats in term of price. I would go with front firing satellites over the Nanosats. How small do you really need? Have you consider the Energy Take series?
  7. Ray Tsui

    Monitor Silver Series / Paradigm Studio Series???

    Well, I heard them and positive thought they were mediocre. And that's an honest answer. I have no personal vendenta of any sort except for the fact that I heard them side by side with some normally highly respected retail brands and they were positively lacking. While I won't generalize that...
  8. Ray Tsui

    Looking for extremely small speakers <$1500

    Energy Encores typically go for $1000 for the whole set. I've heard of them going on sale for as little as $600. Great speakers, one of the best small satellites for their size.
  9. Ray Tsui

    Screen Cleaning - Newbie goof!

    I've used the mr clean eraser on things that had scuff marks that didn't come off with anything else.
  10. Ray Tsui

    How do you like your Dahlquist speakers

    Thought I would pop in here and mention how great those Dahlquist speakers are. I listened to them over the summer, and they were very impressive. Really full, pleasant, and very smooth sounding, but still with lots of prescence. Marc is DA MAN to deal certainly will get a nice...
  11. Ray Tsui

    Internet-only vs. retail speakers

    I think Internet direct is an excellent way to go, For the same price as a B&M speaker, you can get a internet-direct speaker that is larger for the same amount of money. But as always, it's the expertise of the company that matters in the end. For example, I see a lot of people praising...
  12. Ray Tsui

    Did my friend make a good choice? (Energy Connoisseur)

    And excuse me for saying this; (Teasing on) where have you been living...under a rock (Teasing off) Energy makes solid products. There are very few brands I would unhesitatingly recommend, but they are one of them. Showing my age a bit, and since I live in Canada, I have liked Energy...
  13. Ray Tsui

    Energy Connoisseurs, warm or bright sounding?

    I like the C-3 and the C-7's the most in the Connoisseur line. The C-3 is one seriously good sounding bookshelf, and the C-7 is great value. I don't think the extra cost of the C-9 really buys you better sound. I don't think the C series would ever be considered warm unless you really have a...
  14. Ray Tsui

    Did my friend make a good choice? (Energy Connoisseur)

    Your friend did well. I am a big fan of Energy C series now. Energy has been one of the top brand names in the world of loudspeakers. They offer very budget oriented speakers to high value audiophile speakers costing thousands. They've been around for at least 20 years. Excellent performance...
  15. Ray Tsui

    Decisions, Decisions.....Which speaker system to choose Boston Vr or Energy C7?

    A vote for the Energy's here The Boston VR series are very good speaker, but it almost seemed too lively sounding. It was fun to listen to but it just didn't seem as accurate. I was very impressed than I thought I would be though, I wouldn't stop anybody from buying these. The Energy seems...
  16. Ray Tsui

    HDMI Cable Quality Concerns

    I am having problems with my setup, and people are telling me it's a cable issue. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would never have guessed that a digital signal can degrade. I am running a Panasonic S97 to a Sanyo Z2. I used the freebie HDMI cable and bought a Monster HDMI-DVI adapter...
  17. Ray Tsui

    Should I even bother with LCD rear projection

    Stretch modes :thumbsdown:
  18. Ray Tsui

    Connecting a front projector to multiple sources?

    I went with a new receiver when I got a new projector. Gave me a chance to get caught up in the surround standards game. The Yamaha HT-R5790, RX-V1400 or RXV2400 has a nifty video upconversion feature which converts all video upwards all the way to component video. It works this way: -...
  19. Ray Tsui

    Best reciever to be had at the $350 price range?

    Another vote for Yamaha, they sound excellent. I was weened on nice sounding NAD/Rotel components for the last 10 yers and recent Yamahas are surprisingly good.
  20. Ray Tsui

    Yamaha HTR-5790 bass management

    If you set a channel to LARGE, then the bass for that one channel is sent *only* to that surround, AND as well, any bass destined for the LFE is sent to your sub. So your speakers handle their own specific bass signal, and the sub handles it's own channel. The crossover point won't (shouldn't)...
  21. Ray Tsui

    Should I even bother with LCD rear projection

    The only thing about CRT's is that uneven burn-in can be an issue if you watch a lot of 4:3 material. DLP's and LCD's don't have that problem. Personally I don't like the look of a huge entertainment shelving unit, getting a thin TV frees one up from the "humungous home entertainment center"...
  22. Ray Tsui

    Is 6.1 worth it for me?????

    I have in-wall speakers for my rears and I find it works reasonably well, and with the grill on, they blend in very nicely with my plain whiteish ceiling. If I were doing again, I would go full 7.1, then you can take full advantage of Prologic IIx.
  23. Ray Tsui

    Do any of you remember Sony's APM speakers?

    I had a set on a micro-chassis stereo (whole system of half sized separates and speakers that locks together) I always thought of it as a gimmick though. At the time, in Sony's catalog, they had standalonee APM speakers and they were actually very expensive, part of Sony's ES line. They...
  24. Ray Tsui

    center channel speaker

    All speakers should have the exact same volume. You would have a sound level meter to do so. It's very hard to get a good adjustment by ear
  25. Ray Tsui

    wiring rear center in a 6.1 setup

    you would basically wire both speakers to the same terminals, but that's going to be a very tough load for your receiver since it's going to drop the impedance in half. I wouldn't recommend doing it at all, you would be placing undue strain on the receiver because it's not designed to have...
  26. Ray Tsui

    From Paradigm Studios to PSB Stratus, a lateral move?

    Yah, definitely check out the PSB Stratus, a mellower sound overall. The PSB's tend to have very good definition in the midrange thus giving them a nice smooth overall sound.
  27. Ray Tsui

    Noise cancelling headphones for air travel...?

    Another vote for the Sennheisers, great sound, good isolation, and comfortable. The other alternative is to get passive earplugs type which block out a lot of sound as well....something like the Shure E3C or Etymotics brand which are anywhere from $100-$300 typically. The sound of those type are...
  28. Ray Tsui

    Need some new headphones

    Sennheiser PXC-250 is a good set with active noise cancellation. If you want noise isolating ones and don't mind the earplug styles, check out models like the Shure E3C ($180 or so), or Etymolic Etymotic ER-4P ($220 or so) Both will provide excellent sound quality and...
  29. Ray Tsui

    Boston Acoustics, a good brand?

    Boston Acoustics has a solid rep for decent sounding stuff. I'd definitely check them out as a contender for everything else. The only problem is that the dealers don't always have the means to demo them properly.
  30. Ray Tsui

    How to get bugs(leggy kind) out of NAD 1equipment

    Vacumm cleaner?