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  1. Scott Sweeney

    Need help placing NSP-1 Surround Speakers

    thanks for all your help....i'll be setting them up tonight so i am glad that i have some recomendations to go with....i didn't know they made white's too bad i already have a 50 ft spool of the reg stuff.... my wife is pretty clumsy and i could just see her tripping all over the...
  2. Scott Sweeney

    What is the best MP3/DVD player out now?

    I'm looking for a quality DVD player (progressive-scan not needed) with the best MP3 CD-R features (random play, on-screen song display, etc). I was all set to get the pioneer 440 but it looks like it's getting phased out. Crutchfield lists a new pioneer that has essentially the same feature set...
  3. Scott Sweeney

    Need help placing NSP-1 Surround Speakers

    I need some help finding a good spot to place the surrounds on my newly acquired JBL NSP-1 speaker set. My goal is to find the best placement "soundwise" while at the same time limiting the presence of speaker wire. Since it's a rented apt, I won't be able to put the wires underneath the carpet...
  4. Scott Sweeney

    What's the difference between pioneers dv-440 and the dv-353k?

    i'm interested in this dvd player as well and I don't see a difference either.....can anyone shed some light?
  5. Scott Sweeney

    Onkyo TX-SR600: First Impressions [and Comparison to the 595]

    Norman L or ChadLB, If possible, could I also get a fax or emailed scan of that reciept? Thanks for your help! 310-363-2002 [email protected] I apologize for not PMing Norman only....i am new to the board and didn't know that I was able to do so...please excuse a newbie's...