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  1. Larry Bevil

    What Warner DVD sets would YOU like to see?

    Would like to see a Rock Hudson set that includes A Gathering of Eagles. I know this is a Universal film, but have noted it is shown on TCM. So, maybe Warner has its rights - I dunno.
  2. Larry Bevil


    Seen A Gathering of Eagles Three stars
  3. Larry Bevil

    A Gathering of Eagles (1963)?

    I would like to have a copy of this film on dvd as well. It was used as a management training film where I worked. I wish Universal would get off their butt and release this fine film.
  4. Larry Bevil

    Beware-Warners Defective Triple feature discs-Randolph Scott

    I've watched all six of the films with no problems. I am very pleased with the quality of these releases. I am hopeful that Warners will release some more of these Randolph Scott westerns in the future. There are several more that are not on dvd as yet.
  5. Larry Bevil

    FOX: Need more Tyrone Power films on DVD.

    There are some good films that were made by Tyrone Power that have not yet made their way to dvd. Any chance these films will see the light of dvd? Diplomatic Courier King of the Khyber Rifles American Guerilla in the Philipines Prince of Foxes Captain From Castile The Luck of the Irish
  6. Larry Bevil

    20th Century Fox's 'Film Noir Classics' DVD Series

    Another film that should fit nicely into the Fox Noir series would be The Diplomatic Courier with Tyrone Power. I saw it recently on the Fox Movie Channel and thought it was quite good. It is not currently on video anywhere.
  7. Larry Bevil

    A few words about Narnia...

    I haven't yet seen the current version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But having seen the 1988 version on the BBC video series, I have ordered the new version. I thought the movie was quite enjoyable. So, am looking forward to the dvd.
  8. Larry Bevil

    Any new news on "The Quiet Man" yet?

    I assume you are talking about The Quiet Man with John Wayne. It was released back in 2002 on dvd but it appears to be unavailable right now.
  9. Larry Bevil

    Will you be rushing into the new Hi-Def formats in 2006?

    I am normally an early adopter. I jumped on the dvd bandwagon in 1997 when they first came out, dropping my laserdiscs. But for now, I can't get excited about HD-DVD. I do not have an HD TV set, although mine is HD Ready. The presentation of most dvd's in their current format more than satisfy...
  10. Larry Bevil

    What was your very first DVD?

    My first dvd title was "In The Line Of Fire" in May 1997.
  11. Larry Bevil

    Zulu Dawn fullscreen, what a joke!!

    Just watched the Tango dvd Zulu Dawn on my 42" 16:9 TV. I would agree that its aspect ratio in its current configuration is about 1.85:1. It's definitely not "full screen", but since the original aspect ratio of the title was 2.35:1, there must be some level of P&S involved. There is quite a bit...
  12. Larry Bevil

    Zulu Dawn fullscreen, what a joke!!

    Okay, I've not heard of that before. Just from my own untrained eye, it certainly looked wider that 1.85:1 I've had it on an old Beta tape for some time so this dvd will definitely be an improvement on that. If it should ever come out at the proper aspect ratio, I'd jump on it.
  13. Larry Bevil

    Zulu Dawn fullscreen, what a joke!!

    I just got my R1 copy of Zulu Dawn. I placed it in my DVDRom and determined that it is widescreen. Not sure if it is 2.20:1 or 2.35:1. It is not anamorphic. Can't vouch for the video quality just yet. (Just checked IMDB and they call for an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. So, I'll go with that)
  14. Larry Bevil

    THE CHASE (1994) - Sept release, pan/scan only?

    According to the DVD cover, one side is anamorphic 1.85:1 and the other side is fool screen. I haven't watched it yet.
  15. Larry Bevil

    Columbia/Sony releasing several Classic Westerns on 4/5/05

    I'm really glad to see Glenn Ford get better representation on DVD. He is definitely one of my favorite actors. I will purchase all of these releases.;)
  16. Larry Bevil

    Possible Release of Disney's "Song of the South"?

    So? - why should this have any bearing on whether the film is released to dvd today?
  17. Larry Bevil

    Warners Doris Day Collection - April 26

    I'm looking forward to this box set. I like most of the movies included. Now if Warner will only release a box set of Esther Williams.
  18. Larry Bevil

    Paramount catalog output about to increase?

    I just viewed the movie "The Heiress" (1949) on TCM. This was a great movie. In the credits, it was noted to be a Paramount film. Would love to see it on DVD.
  19. Larry Bevil

    20th Century Fox DVD requests

    I'd like to see these westerns on dvd: Broken Arrow Broken Lance Western Union Also, Man on a Tightrope
  20. Larry Bevil

    Paramount DVD wants for 2005

    It's hard to keep up with which studio has what films these days. I saw Midnight for the first time a few days ago on TCM. Really enjoyed the movie.
  21. Larry Bevil

    Paramount DVD wants for 2005

    I'd like to add a neat comedy "Midnight" (1939) to the list of requested releases by Paramount.
  22. Larry Bevil

    Possible Release of Disney's "Song of the South"?

    I heartily agree
  23. Larry Bevil

    A X-mas wish for 2003 WB.......May I please have "A Christmas Carole" 1938 version.

    Just for info, this version of A Christmas Carol is scheduled to be shown on Turner Classic Movies on December 23rd.
  24. Larry Bevil

    Fox: Let's Try Again - More Films by Kazan

    There are far too few films released to video that were directed by Elia Kazan. One of my favorites is Man on a Tightrope. To my knowledge, this has never been released to video in any form. Boomerang and Wild River are two others. C'mon Fox, give us some good releases of these films on dvd.
  25. Larry Bevil

    A X-mas wish for 2003 WB.......May I please have "A Christmas Carole" 1938 version.

    Just double-checked my laserdisc and noted the credits do not show Jackie Cooper as being in the movie A Christmas Carol, 1938. I also do not recall seeing Jackie Cooper in the film.
  26. Larry Bevil

    Return to Snowy River on DVD. Any region with a widescreen presentation?

    Better yet, there is a 2 pack of Man From Snowy River and Man From Snowy River II. They both have DTS soundtracks and anamorphic widescreen. Just finished watching them and they are very good.
  27. Larry Bevil

    Columbia - The Violent Men

    Crawdaddy: I'm with you on those titles. All would be an instant buy for me.
  28. Larry Bevil

    Columbia - The Violent Men

    Thanks, Crawdaddy, I'll see if I can get them to remind me so that I can record it, since Warner seems in no hurry to release it on DVD.
  29. Larry Bevil

    Columbia: Jubal

    I just saw Jubal with Glenn Ford and Ernest Borgnine on the Westerns channel. That is certainly one of the better westerns I have seen in a long time. The story and the cast were outstanding - rings circles around most present day movies. How about a dvd of this in its proper aspect ratio of...
  30. Larry Bevil

    Columbia - The Violent Men

    How about it, Columbia, release "The Violent Men" (1955) on dvd in its proper aspect ratio? I saw it recently on the Westerns Channel and it started off in widescreen and then went to pan and scam. In my opinion, this is a gem of a movie starring Glenn Ford, Edward G. Robinson, and Barbara Stanwyck.